Monday, December 4, 2017

December 2017

Wow, is it that time again already?

Okay let's see what we have to talk about this month.

First: Did you know I had a new book out? I'm sure you did, right? It's a LITRPG/GAMELIT series, this one starts off with Zombies but starts to add in new things before the end of the book. The series will be open for a lot of stuff and I don't plan for it to end quickly. It even has a form of Settlement building. If you're interested let me help you find it, as it comes in two flavors. Vanilla or Dark Chocolate Carmel Swirl. Okay seriously it comes in a PG-16 edition which has the sex bits fade to black. Or, you can have it in the Author's Cut edition which is Graphically inclined.

This is the PG-16 edition.

This is the Author's Cut Edition.

I hope you enjoy the book, either way you want to have it. If you enjoy it please remember to drop a review on Amazon. Us small indie authors need all the good press we can get.

Secondly: Did you hear that AW3 audio edition is up for pre-order? Sure you did, because you love me. However, just in case the fast approaching Holiday drove it from your mind, let me help ya out.

That is the big, big news for the month out of the way. So for the smaller news, did you miss out on the free book promotions I ran at the end of November? I blasted about it on Twitter and on my Facebook Fan page. AW1 and Last Horizon: Beta were both up for 5 days, absolutely free. I also ran a small contest to give away 3 copies of my latest book. 20 people was the entire pool for that even on the Facebook page, if you had entered your chance to win would have been damn good. I try to run a small giveaway each time a new book is coming out, so maybe stop on by and keep tabs on my page.

What else do i have to talk about? What's next, you ask? Well I am in talks with Podium and Tantor about who gets the audio rights to my new series. While I'm also considering going it alone. I'll figure it out by the end of the month.

AW4 is off to the editor, they work a little slow but they do right by me. So at the moment tentatively I have a March release for AW4. Following that should be AW5 around June-ish. Then I should follow up with Apocalypse Gates 2.

Okay that about rounds me out for the month. Just one small thing, not even worth mentioning. I'm taking a small road trip in a few days. Driving the road from Green River, Utah to Beatty, Nevada. I need a good look at the road and the terrain along the way. Why? Well you probably know if you've read Apocalypse Gates. If not, maybe you'll figure it out when you do.

Peace out,
Daniel Schinhofen

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Novemeber 2017 Update

So update post for the month. the reason why this time, my next book is up for preorder on Amazon.

Apocalypse Gates Book 1: Rapture comes in PG-16 and NSFW versions.

The (NSFW) Author's Cut edition has descriptive sex scenes. So please be aware of which one your buying. I have attached different covers to them to make it obvious which one you are looking at.

So without any more delays here are the links:


Author's Cut (NSFW):

I hope you enjoy.

Daniel Schinhofen

Monday, November 6, 2017

November 2017

Welcome back folks.

Not much on the plate this month. AW3 is being handled by Podium for Audio, they are working on it. When they get more info I will of course share it with you'll.

AW3 was strong out of the gate, which is thanks to all of you and others who aren't reading this. I was amazed to be able to hit#1 in three categories all at once. Even if it was but briefly it was pretty amazing, but again that is all due to you guys.

In new news, wow that seems like a bad sentence, Apocalypse Gates: Rapture should be out of editing in a week or so. Then its 2 days in my hands for another once over. After that it gets thrown up for pre-order and goes out to my beta readers. Really hoping to hit the beginning of December as a release date.

Currently still planning on releasing the toned down version with as little sexual commentary as possible. Which will be the altered version, the other version is going to be known as the Author's Cut, as in Director's Cut. The reason is that is the way the story was originally written, it is what I wrote for you.

The reason for dual books on PG-16 and the other NSFW, is so I can see if the demand is more for the adult side of things or not. There have been a number of threads over on Facebook, that have touched on sex vs no sex. It seems really split, so let's see what people think the good old fashion way, give them a choice.

If you ask for my opinion on which version will be better, definitely the Author's Cut, which will have the better artwork. If you don't like sex I would just suggest skipping over the few pages where it gets descriptive. Yes it is descriptive, explicit, and graphic. I want you all warned on this ahead of time, even though I know people will still bash the hell out of the NSFW version for having sex, Meh.

For those of you who love audio books, I am currently in talks with Tantor, and Podium as both have expressed interest in the series. I am also weighing the idea of not going with either and going through ACX to find a narrator myself. I found one I would love to read the work, and if I do put out audio it is likely to be the Author's Cut.

Well that about sums it up for me this month, next month will be interesting to see how things fall. I am going to ask which version are you most interested in, PG-16 or NSFW. I'll see about setting up a poll over on my fan page on Facebook. Stop by and voice your opinion.

Until next month have fun, and enjoy all the good books coming out. I know I have a backlog of books waiting for me to tackle them.

Amazed at how wonderful you all are,
Daniel Schinhofen

Monday, October 2, 2017

October 2017

Welcome back everyone,

Okay what do I have to talk to you about this month....

1st off: Alpha World 3: Alpha Company, is out and being read by peoples. So far reviews seem good to the continuation of the story. I ask that if you read it and enjoyed it please drop by Amazon and leave a review. Every review helps.

Secondly: AW2 audio is slated for 10-3-17 according to podium, who has the rights to the audio for the series. No idea why is never had a pre-order, but it is what it is now. Having listened to the story myself I enjoyed it.

Nextly: Progress continues on my next book which is going to be Apocalypse Gates 1: Rapture. It is still undergoing editing, but it is trucking right along. I am slating for a December release hopefully.

Fourth: AW4 is being written and it is coming along nicely. If you've read AW3, then you should know what AW4 is going to be about. yes book 4 is all about that quest, the journey and the actual event at the end.

I ran a promotion on my fan page for free books for AW3. I am considering doing this again for Apocalypse Gates, when it goes out. So if you haven't stopped by yet, you might want to do so as free swag shows up at times it seems.

I was pretty stoked at the number of people who seemed ready to read book 3. You guys did something amazing that I'm still stoked about.

I hit #1 in three categories, if only briefly. as well as making it into the top 10 as an author in more categories. Which was only possible due to you, so thank you.

I have a new cover for AG as well, I'll show that off next month. As it is I'm still trying to figure out if Amazon will let me produce two versions of the same book. I want to publish a PG-13 and a NSFW version of AG. I just can't get a solid answer from them on how different the books need to be, for them to allow it.

Well that about sums up this month's blog. Thanks for stopping by and reading, feel free to join us on Facebook. I even get around to responding to messages when I can, so if there is something you just have to tell me, feel free.

Peace out,
Daniel Schinhofen

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Spetmeber 2017 mark 2

Just a quick blurb, AW3 has gone out to the beta readers. It has also been put up for preorder, with the release date of 9-30-17.

Also if you visit my facebook page, you have the chance to win a copy once the book goes live. All you have to do is take part of a specific thread.

So come on over and join in on the fun.

Monday, September 4, 2017

September 2017

Welcome back again to my rambling posts about what the hell is going on with my writing this month. Not a whole lot to cover but I want to make sure I hit them all, so let's go.

To start with, Last Horizon: Live went live a few days later then I was told initially. it is now however ready for your listening enjoyment. So that series is now complete on Kindle and Audible formats.

Next let's go with the updates about where you can keep in touch with me as a writer. I have an Author Page on Facebook and a Fan Page on Facebook. I will update the Author page when books go live or hit important updates like editing, or beta readers getting them. The Fan Page is so all of you can talk and discuss your favorite theories or moments. I do keep my eyes on both pages, checking in every day or so. Here are the links:
Facebook Author page for Daniel Schinhofen
Fan group on Facebook for Daniel Schinhofen

Coming along swiftly on the heels of that we have Book news, AW3 is almost out of editing. As soon as it is I will be kicking it out to my beta readers. I am debating putting it up for a pre-order when I send it to them or if I just want to wait then kick it live once it's ready instead. We shall see when I finally get it from the Editor.

As soon as AW3 gets out of editing, Apocalypse Gates will be going in. AG is going to be a test run of something for me. I am going to put out two versions of the first book. One is going to be as sanitized of Adultish content as I can make it without screwing up the storyline.  The second one will be NSFW, it will have graphic scenes in it. I will clearly mark the Adult version of the book so I get less complaints about the Adult content.

I want to see how the waters are for a book with Adult content vs as little as I can write compare. I took a huge gut punch for the little that is in Alpha World as it is. I've had a few ask for extended scenes for AW, consider this a test to see if an Adult version of AW would be worth the time and effort to produce.

On September 7th there will be a 20 Questions from me up on The site is run by George Fisher who is a big fan of the Genre. He already has a few interviews up, so go check it out.

I have a tentative release for AW2 Audible version from Podium of early October. I will of course update you once I have a firm date from them.

Currently I am writing AW4, which is very heavy on character issues. It is taking me a slight bit longer to write as I am trying to balance reveal against over-reveal. It is coming along nicely though. 

On a side note the Patreon page is doing really well, my thanks to the backers, 

Every month is a chapter from a book that is currently being worked on. In addition to that I have a really intense backer who has commissioned short stories. Last month was Lilith, this month is Bob, and next month is Stewart. You might enjoy the glimpse into some of the NPCs of Alpha World.

Well thanks for reading down this far. This about covers everything that I currently have to tell you. I have been tinkering with the idea of re-editing Last Horizon and putting out an Omnibus for that story. Also toying with the idea of doing paperback versions of my books, time will tell.

Peace out, until the next time.
Daniel Schinhofen

Monday, August 7, 2017

August 2017 part 2

Well that didn't take long did it.

Just a quick note that Soundbooth Theater Live is doing requests. They will read snippets of stories voted on by the followers of the page. My next series Apocalypse Gates is on the list to be voted on, so please stop by and add your vote. this way everyone can enjoy Jeff Hayes', rendition of the first chapter.

Another note that I started a Facebook page for my author persona. I will update there more regularly then the once a month here. So feel free to come on by.

August 2017

Here we are again, a new month, with a new blog post.

Sadly this time there isn't a lot of action for me to fill you in on. 😔

First up Alpha World 3: Alpha Company is being edited. About half way through at the moment. Should hopefully get it to beta readers in early September. If that happens should have a late September release date.

Next we have Apocalypse Gates: Rapture, it is queued behind AW3 to be edited. I got the issue with it fixed and it will be released after AW3. I had a few people alpha read it for me, before the edit to make sure the story stayed on track this time. So a thank you to the three people who did so, Eden Redd another author who writes good books of an adult nature. Gabe Patton, another LITRPG author who has written the Office Wars series. Last but maybe not least Felicity my twitter dealer. Thank you, you three for your help.

Podium recorded my short 50 page story and has it up on a third party site to listen to. You do need to register to use the site, but it is there. here is the link:

The short was posted as an text to my Patreon page, incase you don't want to sign up to the audio site and listen to it. Speaking of Patreon, my big support there has paid for the short story of Lilith's background. It will be posted up on the Patreon page for my supports on the 15th of August. He has requested a short for Bob next month, which I am finishing up today. Once the month is over he will get it then it should post to Patreon next month.

Next up we have the expected release date for Last Horizon: Live up on Audiable on 8-25-17. Which means it should be up for pre-order next week or so. I will post an update once I know it's there for you all.

Once I finish off the short for Bob the Mighty, I will be diving into AW4. AW4 is going to start off with an epic adventure. Don't want to give anything away since it gets mentioned in book 3. I will say though that all those friends Alburet has made will be tapped in book 4 to help him out.

Podium has the text for book 2 and should be recording it as I type. Once I get a date from them I will of course update you here.

That about wraps up the update for the month. Patreon has two chapters out this month, the first chapter of AW3, and the first chapter of Apocalypse Gates. I doubled up this month as a thank you to all the awesome people who are supporting me.

Peace out,
DJ Schinhofen

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 2017 post 2

Just a quick note in case you missed it on the other places I post.

The pre-order for the audio of Alpha World book 1: Gamer for Life is now up. Live date is 7-25-17.

Monday, July 3, 2017

July 2017

Hello again brave adventurers, have your prepared yourselves for a death-defying journey?
You have, good. Please see bill one door down and have a good day.

Okay seriously on with it.

Thank you to my crazed fans who helped make my first week of Alpha World 2 a success in my eyes. It is always nice to see the positive reviews, not so much the negative ones, but the good with the bad.

I had mistakenly thought my first book for my next series would be out next. Not so much now, I found it was broken and needs a major rework during editing. Which means Alpha World 3: Alpha Company, will be my next book up.

Writing on it is coming along swiftly, I would think I'll have it done being written by the end of July. If that holds true, one it will be longer then the other 2 books in the series, and two it will take me some time to edit it. I'm thinking September release at the moment, but that is still very vague. I will keep you updated here and via twitter.

Twitter you ask, well my twitter dealer finally conned me into giving it a go... Yeah I'm looking at you Felicity#11414. I'm easy to find there DJSchinhofen, is the handle, here is the link,

The audio for Last Horizon: Beta went live on the same day as Alpha World 2. I won't know how that is doing for a quarter though as that is when Tantor will share with me the numbers. I am hoping it does well, if you already have the ebook the audio book is much cheaper to buy outright instead of spending your credit on it.

For those waiting for my next series Apocalypse Gates, I will be reworking it once AW3 goes out for edit. It should have a slightly faster turn around, hopefully.

If you want another small fix of AW goodness, my Patreon page has a fifty page short currently. It is the last adventure of Alistern's group which is alluded to in AW2. It was supposed to be part of an anthology that fell through, so I am releasing the text on my page and only there. Podium who has the rights to AW tells me they are going to audio the short, when they do I will let you all know where to find it.

Tentative release date for audio of Alpha World 1 is 7-25-17. Tenative release date for Last Horizon: Live is 8-23-17. I will Twit when I have more solid info and also drop a short note here on my blog.

Thanks for coming along to read my ramble.

A crazed GM with delusions of writer.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Last Horizon:Beta Audio Book

So Tantor didn't warn me about it ahead of time, So here is the surprise I found last night before I went to work.

Last Horizon: Beta the audio book, is up for pre-order on amazon.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

June 2017 mark 2- The Pre-order is live

Okay here it is book 2 available for preorder.


It is up and now I can share it with you. I hope you all enjoy it.

Monday, June 5, 2017

June 2017

Hello darkness my old friend....

Oops, I mean hello again all. First Monday of the month so it's time for the blog, we have a bit to cover today as well.

First off, Alpha World Book 2 Forming the Company was handed off to my beats readers last week. I have most of the feedback for that back already and those edits are going in now. After I get news back from my all of my beta readers then I will give it one more look. Long story short... to late... I should have a finished manuscript in a week or so I hope.

What does that mean for you'll who are eager for a fix of Alpha World? I am going to be putting it up for preorder in a week , two at the latest. I want to make sure I have my edits done first. Preorder, I hear you all cry out. Yes, I want to see how a preorder does for me, as this will be the first time I do that. The book itself will be slated for release on June 27th, 2017. Yes 22 days from the posting of this blog.

Next up, June 26th I'll be doing an author interview with Ramon Mejia. He does the LITRPG News Podcast, which I can highly recommend. After some talking he has slated that interview for release on June 27th, the same day as the book release. Trying for a little tie in to the interview and vise-versa.

Thirdly, my Patreon has had a few subscribers, thank you to those of you here who have done so. It has the first two chapters of AW2 up for those who support me. More over a short story I wrote for an anthology which seems to have fallen apart is slated to be July's reward. It tells a story about Alistern, Stewart, Grimgar, Lilith, Almira and Flora. You should know those names as key NPC's from Alpha World. You won't miss anything by not reading it, as it gets explained in AW2. If you want to read a fifty page word doc on an adventure that group had then July is it on Patreon.

Okay now the next bit of news that might upset some of you. My next book after AW2 isn't going to be AW3. I took a small break to write a whole other book 1 for a new series, name still not finalized. It is a post apocalypse LITRPG, it deals with zombies in the first book but the series is slated to be big and include so much more. No hints right now as I want to see how people react to the first book. I'm about to wrap it up, as soon as I do I'll be on to AW3.

Okay I think that covers them all for now. I will throw up a quick post when the preorder goes live, so look for another post in June in a week or two for that. Thanks for stopping by and supporting me.

Peace, Love, and much sex,
DJ Schinhofen.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Patreon anyone?

I know a 3rd blog post in the month, crazy stuff. However this is just a quick blurb to inform those who are following along that I created a Patreon page.

The reason is simple, I want to see if there is enough support to help push me to a full time writer, along with helping getting my books professionally edited.

Each month I will be putting up Chapters of books that are either due out soon, or chapter of different stories I am working on to see how people like them.

It is up to ya'll from here.

My thanks to those who follow the blog, and if you go on to support Patreon, again my thanks.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

May 2017 part 2

Okay, news here. Just a quick update, but still I know some of you have been chomping at the bit for news.

Alpha World Book 2, Forming the Company. Is done being written, woohoo.

Sadly it now goes to editing, which is the most time intensive part for me. I would say late June to early July as a tentative release date.

So there you have it an update, next month I will have a much better idea as to actual date of release.

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 2017

Okay another month has passed on by and bad news on the book front. I missed my self-imposed deadline of finishing the book by the end of April. Good news it will be done this coming week, woot woot. Okay bad news again, then it goes to editing. Once the first edit is done, I will go over it again then get it out to my couple of beta readers/ proof readers.

So long story short.... too late... Late June or early July is likely to see Alpha World Book 2, Forming the Company.

Onto other news Podium told me who was doing the audio for Alpha World Book 1 Gamer for Life. The narrator is Peter Berkrot, unless they change things on me. After listening to some of his work I am excited by this.

More audio book news Tantor told me who would be doing the audio for Last Horizon. The narrator for that is Johnathan Yen, who did the Way of the Shaman Series. So that is pretty awesome.

Not a whole lot else to update you all on. I am going to be changing the chapter titles to just chapter #, instead of names. This is to help with the whisper synch when the books go audio, as well as to not spoil what is coming in the chapter.

Okay I didn't get a whole lot of response last week, sad panda here. This week we will try again. I have two/three other books clamoring to be written. So once Book 2 is done I have a choice to make, do I go for book 3. Do I write the Dungeon book I have wanting to be heard. Or I could write the multi-game book where the MC has the option of playing multiple games from Zombie, to Fantasy, to Cyberpunk ect... or again I could write a more real LITRPG, one where skills go up slowly, magic has to be taught to you, abilities have to be trained ect...

It really is a hard one to decide, so if you have an opinion and everyone does, please leave a comment.

Until next month when I hopefully have news about when the book is ready to be published at least in a tighter window, I wish you all the best and thanks for your support.

Monday, April 3, 2017

April 2017

I realized that I never said when my blog was going to update last time. Oops my bad ya all, I will do the minimum update on the first Monday or Tuesday of each month. If I do any other updates it will be random.

So onto the news ya all might want to know about. Old stuff first, Tantor Media has the rights to do the audio books for Last Horizon Beta and Last Horizon Live. No idea where they are in the process but they have the rights to it.

Next up Podium Publishing has the rights to the Alpha World series. So they are working on the first book right now, but for those who love audio books they have the rights to the entire series, which will be at least four books but probably more. 

As to where book 2 for Alpha World is, well that is where the bad news comes in. First off I still don’t have a working title yet. Secondly, I won’t be writing short stories while in the middle of a book. Doing so really threw me off my stride. Thirdly, I ended up not writing for close to two weeks, the reason why, a death in the family. My grandmother, father’s mom, passed away the loss of her followed by having to jump states for the funeral put me off writing for a bit.

Okay that is enough Daniel Downer, the good news is I started writing again this week. I have easily gotten back into my groove with well over thirty pages written in the last week. So the story is back on the way. I am thinking late June or earlish July for the release of the next book.
I am curious to get feedback from those who follow this blog though, if you would be so kind to drop a comment below. Do you like the couple word names I give my chapters or would you rather just have the Chapter #, instead.

Well that is it for now, but thank you for stopping by and reading my blog again. Over on Goodreads you can drop me any questions you might have. Or even on Facebook, word to the wise though I won’t be giving out spoilers.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

First Blog

Hmm, okay then first blog post.

What to say really, I guess I should start with the basics.

I'm an indie author with a few books to my name so far. If you are reading this you probably already know that though.

I was recently asked by a couple of other authors if I had a newsletter, blog or some other things. As I didn't it got me think that maybe I should at least have a blog. This way I can keep my readers in a slightly tighter loop about how I am progressing on my works.

So here we are with the first blog, let's kick it off with the old news first shall we. Last Horizons: Beta & Live are still kicking along alright. Alpha World Book 1, Gamer for Life has rocketed out of the gate compared to the other two.

For those who haven't read any of my works or for those puzzled by my writing style. I try to write what I feel is closest to life. With the genre I right in being LITRPG, that means it should feel more life like then a high fantasy book.

I've read a ton of the other writers in the same genre, the good, the bad, and the oh my god what did I just read, aka the ugly. It was when I was reading one of the ones that is well known that advanced the plot at a breakneck speed that I thought about how I would write a similar story.

For me it is all about relationships and the journey. It is awesome if the MC has a huge quest and all but I want to see the journey. I want it to take time, I want to see how he grows by himself/herself and with the friends around them.

As such I have been told before my books are slow, or that they meander. This is true to a point, however life is never easy or straight forward. yes I know we read to escape the grind that is life but at the same time I read to connect to the MC to empathize with them. As such I write as if the book is real, if that was you in there how would the average person respond? With that question in mind is how I write my story. Love it, hate it, or indifferent that is how I write.

Anyway, I will do my best to make this a monthly blog to a biweekly blog, minimum of 1 a month but maybe more. Most of my posts will be an update about where my current book is during the writing editing process.

So for those who want to know I am about halfway through book 2 of Alpha world currently. however a well known author asked me to chip in on an anthology. As such I have had to set that aside for a bit to churn out a short story to add to the anthology. I'm not far from wrapping that up though so it will soon be back to the wheel.

Thank you for stopping by to read my ramblings. I hope to be able to connect with those people who have enjoyed my work. if you hate my work that is fine as well, but keep it civil please. For those who are firmly in the middle of those opposites I hope you will stop by from time to time as well.