Thursday, July 1, 2021

July 2021

 The year is past the midway point, and summer is in full swing. Let's dive into the news.

Okay starting with what just came out. Luck's Voice 3: Breaking the Bank came out early in June. It's done well, I'm glad you have enjoyed it. Doc and his growing relationships have been a lot of fun to write. Andie finished recording Luck's Voice 1, and it's in proofing stages now. Another day or two and it'll be in ACX's hands. That's when the up to 45 business day wait begins. So if we're lucky audio for LV1 will be out in late July, or early August. I'll of course update my normal places, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook.

Where does that leave us now? Well, I've finished writing Binding Words 7: Noble Solutions. It's with the proofer, and then it'll go to my compiler. So good news we aren't looking at August release but a late July release instead. No exact date right now, but like above I'll be spreading word in the normal places when it does go out, as well as via the mailing list, which I didn't add above.

Which means I'm currently working on Aether's Revival 4: TBD. The title is still a work in progress, so to be determined still. I'm well stuck in at this point 30k-40k words so far. I've been having a lot of fun with it so far, and I've got some interesting things planned for it.

When I wrap AR4, I'll be moving onto DW2. Dungeon Walkers is going to be different as I plot out and then navigate the dungeons for the crew. Since the book was well received, I've also been working on the challenge coin and shirt for the series. I might have more information on these next month.

And now for those who've been waiting, patiently or impatiently, Apocalypse Gates is moving forward again. I have my research trip all planned out for September. I'll be going to the places I want to see, and also start writing the book at the same time. Writing while traveling is difficult for me, but I'll at least get all my notes in order and get it ready to go. Likely a late 2021 or early 2022 release for AG8. And yes this will be the soft stopping point for the series, it should wrap the North American/USA arc that I had planned for the series. One day, many years from now when I don't have to worry abotu bills as much, I might come back to it after this book, but that is as I said years down the road.

Let's see what else should I talk about?

I think Andie will be working on Luck's Voice 2 as my next book, but we might shuffle things around again. She's currently working on a book for Will, then has a publisher book to get to before she does mine. There's also that little thing about her moving as well, which will undoubtedly also cause some uncertainty. So just be patient. Andie is the best, and while it might take a bit of time, at least you know you are getting quality when she does them.

Other minor news. I am going to DragonCon this year since its back on. That helped spur me into just pushing on to the research trip. My research trip comes on the heels of DragonCon. So if you are going to be in Atlanta that weekend, the first weekend of September, you'll have the chance to find me. I will have small items to give out to people.

That's it. Thanks for stopping in and getting caught up with me. Below will be some links to various places to stay up to date during the month. Stay safe out there.

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