Wednesday, December 1, 2021

December 2021

 Th end of the year...thank you for being here. Glad to have made it, now to hope 2022 is better.

Let's jump in, we'll hit previous news first:

Aether's Revival 3: Magi's Path is out on audio. It's a chunker over 20 hours long, so enjoy the audio goodness. Andie really brings the stories to life and she does her amazing work her for us. Also, the bloopers...heh...I loved them.

Speaking of Andie and audio...She just finished recording Luck's Voice 2: Cashing In. That's with her editor, and should get to me early this month. Once I audio proof it, she'll hit the corrections and we'll flip it off to ACX. If there is a nice person working there, we might see it out before Christmas...I'm not holding my breath though, because ACX.

And to finish off Andie news for December. She'll probably get to Binding Words 7: Noble Solutions before the end of the year. She has other books to record before she gets to it, but she should finish recording it before the end of the year, which might mean January if everything goes right. Fingers crossed folks.

As for ebook related news, Apocalypse Gates 8: One Nation, Under... will be out this month. I still have it slated for December 28th, but I'm hoping to get it out before then. It is my second longest book, right behind AR3. It clocks in around 160,000 words. It's a chunky book. But it does get us a nice wrap up so I can set the series down. I hope to pick it back up in the distant future, but time will tell. If I never do this should still give you a satisfied ending.

At this moment I'm working on Luck's Voice 4: Title not yet determined. I'm hoping this wraps up the Deep Gluch arc, but time will tell. Doc still has a lot of trouble to deal with there; McIan the preacher, Grange the sheriff, and Suez the enigma. But so far, it's been chugging right along, and things are already looking like they might get...interesting. I don't want to give spoilers so I won't.

After LV4 is done, I'll move onto BW8, and then onto AR5. That will be my rotation for the near future; DW, LV, BW, AR. If I keep to my usual pattern, you should see a book every 6-8 weeks, or about 1 every 2 months. I am aiming for about 2 books per series per year, this way no one ever has to wait over long for a specific itch to be scratched. I know people ask when the next book of X is coming out, and the answer is 6-8 months after the last book of that series. This one got delayed a bit because I finished out AG. But now we'll be back on rotation.

I think that's about it. Live chat will be on the 15th at 3pm PDT. I'm also going to be doing a Q&A, moderated by Nick Khuns on the night of January 1st, check Facebook and Discord in December to find out more about this. But we will be giving out prizes for this as well as the live chat.

Here's to hoping 2022 is better than the last two years have been.
Daniel Schinhofen

Monday, November 1, 2021

November 2021

 Holy shit, it's November already. The year crawls by and yet vanishes when I turn my back. Okay let's get to the reason you're all here.

Things of note, first Dungeon Walkers 2, went out mid October. The continued journey of Stern, Cyra, Trish, and of course Pawly, as they run dungeons and try to find more crew mates. I enjoyed fleshing out the characters more, adding in a bit more world lore, and brining new friends into the mix. For those who haven't grabbed it yet, here is a link.
Dungeon Walkers 2 - Kindle edition by Schinhofen, Daniel. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Funnily enough Travis had a spot open up in his schedule right as I handed the book off to Mountain Dale Press. Which let him jump on recording it. Between his speed and MDP's in with ACX/Audible, well it's already out in audio too.

That covers what has come previously, let's jump into the now and future news.

Andie finished recording Aether's Revival 3: Magi's Path. I've finished proofing it, and given it back to her for corrections. Which means ACX/Audible will have it in a couple of days. If they don't faff about too much you might have it before the end of the month.

She has other books, for Will, and another author or two to still get through, but the next book of mine she gets to will be LV2. Mine in order for her will be LV2, BW7, AR4, LV3. I'm hoping she can crunch them all before Janurary, but we will see.

As for me, I'm hard at work on Apocalypse Gates 8: One Nation, Under... The cover art is done, and I'm well into the book already. Still slated for a December release, and Patreon is already getting preview chapters. This will be the soft end for AG, Alvin and his wives will get to a good place for the story to pause. It's the end of the America arc that I had in mind when I planned out the series. I hope you all love it.

When I finish with AG8, I'll be sliding into LV4. That will get me back to my 4 book rotation; LV, BW, AR, DW. And I am eager to give you more of each series. The stories for each are just waiting to get put down onto paper, as it were.

On an unrelated note, I have paid a couple of people to put work into the wiki for me. This should mean it'll start to become friendlier and more useful in the coming months. For those who've asked me for a place for character information, it's being worked on. I'll also remind those who use kindle, that I try to always use the X-ray feature in my books, well the last years books, so you can tap a name and get a small blurb about who they are. The wiki will be there for audio listeners, or anyone who has a 2nd device handy.

For the few of you who like to attend the live chats I'll be aiming for November 14th this month, at 2pm PST. I'll post the links as normal in Discord and Twitter on the day of. So if you want the chance at one of the Challenge coins, stop by, hang out, and ask me questions.

That about wraps it up for me. I hope you all have a safe and good month, see you in December.

Daniel Schinhofen.

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Saturday, October 2, 2021

October 2021

 Sorry about the day late post, time ran away from me yesterday.

Let's get to the news shall we?

We'll start with the recently done. Aether's Revival 4: Aether's Apprentices came out at the start of September and you guys liked it. I'm happy to see you're all enjoying the story of Gregory. It's going to be a long road, and I hope you all stay with me as we slowly peel back his story.

It was also in September that I was finally able to make my research trip for Apocalypse Gates. I had it tacked on to the end of DragonCon, and managed to see all the places I needed to. I have started in on writing the book already clipping along with it. Funnily enough the start of the book didn't take me where I researched but off in a different direction, but now I'm pushing toward my researched locations. But that's not until December.

This month we'll be seeing Dungeon Walkers 2 come out. Stern, Trish, and Cyra will be starting their journey as a crew, and as a triad relationship. As with most things I do it's written in a slow style, but has action during travel and dungeons, with character development added between them. I really hope you all enjoy it. And yes Travis will be recording it.

Speaking of recording, Andie is about to record AR3. She's finishing off the book before it this week or next. So if you want to hear her recording AR3, pay attention to her discord, I'll of course make a announcement on my pages as well.

On the topic of audio, Andie is going to be pushing to clear out as much of her backlog as she can. Which means you'll likely get another book, perhaps two of mine recorded by her before the year ends. That's her goal and I fully endorse her in her attempt at it. But do not pester her, she is doing all she can.

Other big news...this is the anniversary of my publication date. FIVE YEARS published as of the 3rd of October. Wow...damn...five years since Last Horizon:Beta was sent out into the wilds of Amazon. It's six years from when I finished writing it, we had a long...editing...period. Me and my girlfriend trying to make it better, and well, we tried...

That anniversary though has contests that were running on Discord, Facebook, and Patreon. I really hoped you all had the chance to jump in because they ended on the morning of the 3rd. For the winners, congratulations, for everyone else, thank you for entering, and remember I do this every year on October 3rd.

For those wondering what will come next year, I'll give you the rundown on my writing cycle, and what you are likely to see in what order; LV4, BW8, AR5, DW3, LV5, BW9, AR6, and possibly DW4. That's the rotation, and I'll be trying my best to get all of those out in 2022, but might fall short by a book or two.

Anyway thanks for putting up with my tardiness, and with my rambling. See you all next month.

Daniel Schinhofen

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

September 2021

 It's September.

Let's start off with news. Aether's Revival 4: Aether's Apprentices is out. It was just published, so here is the link.

We pick back up with the growth of the clan. The novices; Daciana, Nessa, and Victoria, have just joined as have a couple of friendly apprentices; Clover and Ling. The winter solstice is fast approaching as well as the Empire's Gambit tournament.

I was typing up this post when BW6 hit the shelf, talk about good timing for once. They actually turned this book around in about a week. Thank yuo, for once, ACX and Audible.

As for current project well I'm still writing DW2. I'll have my laptop with me so I can sneak in some writing while at the con, and beyond. Beyond you ask? Yes beyond, the day the con ends I'll be taking my long delayed research trip for AG8. It's all booked and planned out so I'll be touring the places I want to hit for the book. If I'm really lucky I'll finish DW2 while doing that and can launch straight into AG8. But time will tell.

That's basically everything for this month. The live chat will be an odd one as I'll be traveling, not sure how I'm going to swing that yet, so stay tuned to the social media to hear more. 

For those wondering about Patron, when this is published on the 1st the chapters for AR4 will have been yanked already. But that means on the 2nd the preview chapters for DW2 will be starting up. So if it's that Pawly action you've been looking forward to, it'll be here shortly.

If you are at DragonCon, and want to meet up, the easiest way to do that is to use Twitter, Facebook messenger, or discord messenger to tag me. I'll do my best to meet up with people who want to meet. I'll be busy at times, but more than willing to try to arrange things.

Until next month, stay safe.

Daniel Schinhofen

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Sunday, August 1, 2021

August 2021

 Hello you brave few who come here to read my monthly updates. We've made it to August, amazingly enough, now let's dig in because July was busy.

Let's start with book news first. Binding Words 7: Noble Solutions came out last month. It was mostly loved by those of you who have kept up with the series. The few complaints that I saw was that the harem is getting to big and unwieldy. I can see where this might be the case for those who read copiously. The harem does have a finite number, and i hope you'll be okay with where it is and goes. I do put XRAY on the book when I can which let's you tap a name to get a small description of who they are. I hope that helps some.

Now some of you will wonder since BW7 came out where that leaves me now. Well, I just put the finishing touches on Aether's Revival 4: Initiate's Gambit. It's off to the editors, and then will get some beta love, and then proofing and so on. It's still slated for September though so don't get too excited. Though for Patreon that does mean you get a good slice of the book for August, and into September.

All of that means that I have just started on Dungeon Walkers 2. Been looking forward to some more dungeon fun, I hope you are too. I've listened to Travis narrating, and read through DW1, so I can dive back in character for DW2. I hope you're all ready for some bigger, better dungeons, and more perks.

Okay now let's touch on audio, as I know you're all wondering what you have to look forward to. Well first let's talk about recent audio. Luck's Voice 1: Suited for Luck came out last month. Andie did her normal amazing job. Some of her voices are favorites of mine; Posy, Sigmund, and Rosa. Here's the audible link in case you missed it.

Now more audio news, Bidning Words 6: Lost Bonds. Andie has finished recording it, which is amazing. I should be getting the audio files back in a bit to go over it to catch any errors. Then she'll get it back to fix, then we send it off to ACX. Then we have the unknown wait before they give it to you all. Possibly August, but more likely September before Audible gets it. But it's coming, soon™.

In future news, Andie will be working on Aether's Revival 3: Magi's Path for my next book. I had her switch things up, and we'll be going for a rotation going forward for my books; BW, AR, LV. Hopefully this stops us from getting too far behind on any one series. Of course she is booked for August, as she has another TWI to do, and those eat the hell out of her since they are big chonky books. Be nice and polite, she is getting to them as fast as she can, while still giving her amazing performances.

I think that about wraps it all up...oh, I guess I should reinterate after DW2, I'll be moving on to AG8. My research trip is slated for early September, and I'll be wrapping up DW2, and ready to dig straight into AG8 at that point. So for those who've endured the wait for the next Apocalypse Gates... the wait is coming to an end soon. September is filled with DragonCon in the first week, then research trip for the two weeks following that. Which might slow down my writing a little, but it will immensely help me when I write AG8.

That's all for this month. I'll have something ready for posting for September as I won't be here on the 1st to kick things over myself, I might have to publish it on the last day of August just to be sure. See you then.

Daniel Schinhofen

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Thursday, July 1, 2021

July 2021

 The year is past the midway point, and summer is in full swing. Let's dive into the news.

Okay starting with what just came out. Luck's Voice 3: Breaking the Bank came out early in June. It's done well, I'm glad you have enjoyed it. Doc and his growing relationships have been a lot of fun to write. Andie finished recording Luck's Voice 1, and it's in proofing stages now. Another day or two and it'll be in ACX's hands. That's when the up to 45 business day wait begins. So if we're lucky audio for LV1 will be out in late July, or early August. I'll of course update my normal places, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook.

Where does that leave us now? Well, I've finished writing Binding Words 7: Noble Solutions. It's with the proofer, and then it'll go to my compiler. So good news we aren't looking at August release but a late July release instead. No exact date right now, but like above I'll be spreading word in the normal places when it does go out, as well as via the mailing list, which I didn't add above.

Which means I'm currently working on Aether's Revival 4: TBD. The title is still a work in progress, so to be determined still. I'm well stuck in at this point 30k-40k words so far. I've been having a lot of fun with it so far, and I've got some interesting things planned for it.

When I wrap AR4, I'll be moving onto DW2. Dungeon Walkers is going to be different as I plot out and then navigate the dungeons for the crew. Since the book was well received, I've also been working on the challenge coin and shirt for the series. I might have more information on these next month.

And now for those who've been waiting, patiently or impatiently, Apocalypse Gates is moving forward again. I have my research trip all planned out for September. I'll be going to the places I want to see, and also start writing the book at the same time. Writing while traveling is difficult for me, but I'll at least get all my notes in order and get it ready to go. Likely a late 2021 or early 2022 release for AG8. And yes this will be the soft stopping point for the series, it should wrap the North American/USA arc that I had planned for the series. One day, many years from now when I don't have to worry abotu bills as much, I might come back to it after this book, but that is as I said years down the road.

Let's see what else should I talk about?

I think Andie will be working on Luck's Voice 2 as my next book, but we might shuffle things around again. She's currently working on a book for Will, then has a publisher book to get to before she does mine. There's also that little thing about her moving as well, which will undoubtedly also cause some uncertainty. So just be patient. Andie is the best, and while it might take a bit of time, at least you know you are getting quality when she does them.

Other minor news. I am going to DragonCon this year since its back on. That helped spur me into just pushing on to the research trip. My research trip comes on the heels of DragonCon. So if you are going to be in Atlanta that weekend, the first weekend of September, you'll have the chance to find me. I will have small items to give out to people.

That's it. Thanks for stopping in and getting caught up with me. Below will be some links to various places to stay up to date during the month. Stay safe out there.

Daniel Schinhofen

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

June 2021

 Wow, May is over with already, and it's now Summer with June kicking the heat off.

Let's cover books news first then we'll touch a few other topics.

Dungeon Walkers 1 came out late last month, thank you to everyone who read the story. I have a lot in mind for the continued adventures of Stern, Pawly, and Company. I started with news of this series because the audio book just came out.

No, seriously, it's already out. Mountain Dale Press used their twisted eldritch magic to get it before Travis Baldree in record time. Travis of course is a well known and loved narrator, whose done Cradle and other well known series. MDP didn't stop there though, no they summoned elder gods and got ACX and Audible to bend to their whims, and got it published in record time too.

Here is the Audible link for those who would like a quick path to it:

Going to continue on the audio front with the next bit.

Andie is going to be recording Luck's Voice 1-3 in the next few weeks. That's right she is going to record them back-to-back-to-back. So the books will drop in rapid succession as well. So rejoice for that.

As for BW6 and AR3 audio they are on her slate along with a lot of other books so they will come in time. Being as amazing as she is her slate is solidly booked. She is going to get to them though so just be patient, her work is amazing, and it'll be worth the wait.

You are probably asking about LV3 as it's not even out as an ebook yet. Well I have it currently slated for release on June 15th, a whole half month ahead of my previous estimate. Now to make that even better I hope to have it out even before that. It's with the proofer and compiler right now, so hopefully soon™...

As for what I'm working on right now, well that's Binding Words 7. I think this book will wrap up the Hearthglen arc that started with Book 3. Time will tell but I'm fairly certain it is going to. Current projected release will be August 15th, with of course me aiming to get it out sooner than that.

Following BW7 will of course be AR4. I'm really looking forward to diving back into that series and pushing Gregory through the end of the second year. I have so many things lined up that it should be an amazing ride for you all.

Now onto other news. I just got back from a long weekend away. Yeah, it ended up a business trip instead of a vacation, and LV will see bits of that research in the coming books. My trip took me to a hot springs in Colorado. The trip also helped me see how things were in general. It gives me hope that my research trip for AG can happen before the end of the year, woot woot. Some locations I want to visit are still closed, but I hope they will reopen soon. As soon as they do I'll be taking my trip. No, I'm not going to tell you were, that'd ruin the surprises.

One last bit of note: I had a 1 day ban from Facebook. Why? Because some posted a meme about Writer's Block being when your imaginary friends refuse to talk with you. I replied that you just kill a few of them to prove the point to the others. Well that trip the algorithm and I got banned. The really bad news is that the ban included a 30 day ban on Live chats...thanks Facebook. I'm looking at other options for June's live chat. Probably going to be on the discord. Time will be 8 am PST. Here is the discord link:

That wraps up the news for June, damn that was a lot. I will see you all again for July's blog.

Daniel Schinhofen

Saturday, May 1, 2021

May 2021

 Five months into 2021, maybe, just maybe, things are improving?

Let's jump in feet first to the real reason you're reading this. Updates:

Biggest update right out the gate, has to be Dungeon Walkers 1. Dungeon Walkers 1 - Kindle edition by Schinhofen, Daniel. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ The book came out on the 21st of last month. It's doing okay, not Mindblown good but still good. It's a different book as it does a few things different than my normal style.

The biggest might be the Fade-to-Black instead of explicit. I wanted to see how it went, there still a bit of lead up, but even the foreplay is not explicit. I've gotten some mixed comments on it, but the series will stay FtB.

The next biggest change was I tried my best to hint at things instead of info dumping. Not that I'm bad at info dumps, but I wanted to try slowly dripping the world knowledge into the book. This wasn't as accepted. I had thought I'd given enough hints to fill in the blanks, but it appears I didn't. A lot of people felt that more was needed. I've taken that one to heart, I'll be filling in more of the blanks in book 2 to help people out, and shift back to more of a mild info dump style.

I have high hopes for the series and while the reviews come in, overall it looks good. The trolls have come out of course, and some stalwarts didn't care for it as much, but we'll see if we can't at least help shore up the problems with the next in the series. I know a lot of people enjoyed the ending, and I hope you will too, no spoilers.

Okay onto other news:

AG7: Unexpected Dev-elopments came out on the 6th of April. I hope you who like the series have enjoyed the addition.

Right now your asking about AG8 probably, and I'm still waiting on making my research trip. I hope to get to it later this year, fingers crossed. If worse comes to worst, I'll be making the trip next year which will delay the book much longer than I ever wanted, it already has been honestly. But book 8 will be written, and I apologize for the delay.

Luck's Voice 3: Dangerous Gamble is the next book to be published. I'm looking at a June release, current projected date is the end of June, but I hope to get it out before that. For those who want a fix of LV3 early, Patreon is getting chapters now, and the 1st chapter is open to the public, so you don't even have to be a backer to get it. I've been ripping through it, and enjoying every moment. I hope you guys enjoy the story too. I'm most of the way through it. Big things coming for this book, but not all the things.

After LV3, I'll be stepping back into Binding Words. Man this coming book is going to be something. I'm really looking forward to what is to come, as I'm sure a lot of you are as well. And after BW we'll step back into Aether's Revival. Again I'm so looking forward to getting back to that series, some things are just going to be so much fun.

That's mostly it, May is my anniversary for Patreon and for being a full-time author, 4 years and 3 years respectively. It feels so much longer to me, and yet also as if it just started. Because of you, I'm able to focus on writing, and not listening to another boss. Though my current boss is an asshole, he demands I write everyday, or as close to it as I can get. But considering I love writing, it's not really a hardship.

So with one more big THANK YOU, to you. I hope you pop back in next month, and we can see what else might have come up since you read this.

A truly grateful author,

Daniel Schinhofen

P.S. Links for those who need them:

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Thursday, April 1, 2021

April 2021

 Looks like we got to a new month. I'd start with something to commemorate the day of fools, but let's be honest we all deal with enough fools every day that not having one thrust at you is probably better.

Okay let's start with the big news. AG3: Magi's Path came out last month. The 2nd school year for Gregory started with his new wife Yukiko. It was a monster of a book, my longest book published to date. It's been well received, minus the people who obviously don't know my writing style who hate it. If you've left a review thank you, if you haven't yet, please consider it. Here is the link for you: Magi's Path (Aether's Revival Book 3) eBook: Schinhofen, Daniel: Kindle Store

Other big news I've been working on my dungeon story. Patreon has had a good number of chapters for it already. It's not a dungeon core story, I mean i could have done that, but meh. Dungeon cores always seem to have a core adventuring group that you see over and over. I decided to focus mine on a person who delves into dungeons. Dungeon Walker, is the story of Stern, a Walker who wants to delve into all of the dungeons. Here is patreon link, where you can read the 1st chapter for free. Daniel Schinhofen is creating E-Books | Patreon

Let's see what new news on audio, be patient guys it'll be coming. I guess the only news for audio will be the fact I'll be using a different person for Dungeon Walker. Andie is booked solid, and has already informed me she can't take on a new series at this time. Sucks for me, as I want her to voice all of my books, but alas. So I'm currently looking at my options for audio of the new series. Since it's not Andie, I'm likely going to hand it off to a publisher. I'm talking to a couple of them currently. News will follow in the future.

Hmm, is that everything? I think it is. After I finish with Dungeon Walker 1, I'll be moving onto Luck's Voice 3, and then onto Binding Words 7, and Aether's Revival 4 in that order. I'm hoping that in the summer I'll be able to make my research trip so I can get to AG8, but that is still up in the air. Dragoncon, if it happens will see me there, but again that is currently up in the air.

Okay folks that's all I will be back next month with more news. Thanks for taking the time to read though this.

Daniel Schinhofen

Monday, March 1, 2021

March 2021

 It's March. February wasn't bad, thankfully. Let's hope the rest of the year continues to improve. Now let's start in on the things to talk about.

Okay first news; Aether's Revival 3: Magi's Path will be out on March 3rd. Faster then the projected release date that had been the 25th of March. The editors and beta readers pushed hard to help get the book out. They have my thanks for doing so much, and hopefully your thanks as well for helping get the book to you sooner.

Andie will be handling the audio of course. When you ask, well to steal the normal answer of Will Arand, Eventually. This does lead into the questions of other audio. The answer remains the same though. She will be recording LV when it comes up in her schedule. BW6 is the same.

As for audio for AG7, its with Podium. I believe Tess has recorded it already, or is recording it. I still don't have a release date from Podium though. When I do have that information I will of course pass it along.

Since we are talking Aether's Revival, mostly anyway, a small note for those who really love the series. There are shirts, limited supply, but shirts none the less. Here is the link for those who want a shirt: Aethers Revival T-Shirt – Schinhofenbooks (

Now onto more news: AG8 is still waiting for me to make my research trip. It's unlikely to happen until the summer at the earliest, which delays me writing the book.

The good news though is that in it's rotation slot there is a new book coming up, it is hopefully going to be the series that will fill that slot when AG gets set aside. I've teased and hinted at 2 different series that could take up this slot. Are you just waiting for me to tell you? Maybe not, but I'll tell you anyway.

Dungeon Walker is the series, I posted the rough first chapter on Patreon not that long ago. I've tweaked it since then of course getting things where I like them. The premise is as the series name says, it will be a dungeon series, but not a core story. It will be a story about going into dungeons. That's all I'm going to give away here. Though patreon will be seeing chapters after AR3 gets published.

Here is patreon information for those who want it: Daniel Schinhofen is creating E-Books | Patreon

I think that covers the big news. Lesser news the monthly live chat on Facebook will be at 6 PM PST on the 15th. Another couple of months and I'll be celebrating my 3rd year anniversary as a fulltime writer, and it'll also be my 4th year on Patreon. That pretty much covers everything, for those who have been enjoying Battletech the monthly live game will be on the 14th around 5PM PST.

Think is everything I can think of. Hope you all come back next month. Until next month, stay safe.

Daniel Schinhofen

Monday, February 1, 2021

February 2021

 Here we are again, but it's February of 2021 now. We have a few things to cover so let's get to it.

Firstly BW6 came out last month and you all seemed to enjoy it. I'm really glad that you forgave me for how BW5 ended. I've seen more love for how BW6 ended, and that makes me really happy.

Speaking of BW5 though, the audio book came out just a few days ago. And to ruin a surprise for you all, there is a small preview of BW6 tacked onto the end, enough that the cliffhanger should be vastly reduced. Here is the link:

Now that we've talked Binding Words, let's move onto Aether's Revival. I'm still working on AR3, and man it's going to be another thick one. Not done yet and already close to 130k words written. That longer than the longest BW, and by the time I finish it will easily be the second longest, or longest book I've written. Now that does come with a major drawback, it'll take longer to push through editing, beta reading, proofing, and publishing. This is why I'm unlikely to change the current projected release date, which is currently March 25th. Hang on now, if and this is a big if, if things sail smoothly I might be able to get it out earlier, but I would doubt it'll be more than a week or two earlier. So don't get your hopes up for it.

There is one bright spot to the delay, and that is that the audio for AR2 has a good chance of being out before I publish. Andie finished recording it, and we've handed it off to ACX. Now they never give us a projected release date, but if things go good it might, maybe be before the end of the month. Keep an eye on Discord, Facebook, or Twitter as I'll drop links on them as soon as it does go live.

Oh and before I forget Patreon is currently getting preview chapters of AR3.

Those are the big news items. The lesser item I need to talk about is projected release schedule. I've been waffling on what will come after AR2, and I still am a little, but at this point it's safe to bet on me going for a new book. I'm not going to be able to make the trip I want to make for AG, and I don't want to push LV forward right away. So I'll be starting on the new project once AR finishes. I know you're all wondering what it'll be, but I'm still waffling on that.

Right at this moment, and this isn't set ins tone, I'm considering the dungeon series. I've given it some thought and I have a nice framework on what I think will work for it. Won't be positive until I get words down, but it is edging the mecha story a little bit.

Not a lot else to talk about for February. Live chat on Facebook is going to be the 16th at 10 am PST. Going early this time to give people across the Atlantic a good chance to show up. I'm sure others will as well, but I want to do an early one this time, which means I'll probably do a late one next month. So I hope to see those of you who can make it.

That's all I got. I'll do the obligatory postings here for website and such for those who wonder about them. Links:

Schinhofen Books | Schinhofen Books

DJ Schinhofen (@DJSchinhofen) / Twitter

Author Schinhofen | Facebook

Daniel Schinhofen is creating E-Books | Patreon

Thanks again, it's because of fans like you I can devote myself to fulltime writing.

Until next time, stay safe.

Daniel Schinhofen

Friday, January 1, 2021

January 2021

 Okay, we made it... I'm not going to look around too hard though, I don't want to find anything else waiting for me. Let's get to the news, shall we.

Okay old news first; LV2 did good, I'm glad that people are enjoying the weird western gamelit harem story...damn that's a lot of tags. I've been real happy with it, and it appears you guys are as well. Can't wait to write the next book in the series.

I'm currently writing AR3. It's going to be another long one it seems as I'm already over 50k and nowhere near where I want to be. It's been a fun one to write so far though, and I'm looking forward to where the third book goes.

As for what is after that, I'm still uncertain. It'll either be LV3, or something new. It should be AG, but I still want to make an east coast trip before I write it. Maybe this year things will ease up and travel won't be so much a crapshoot.

Audio is in full swing at the moment. Podium has AG7 and has Tess scheduled to record it this month. Hopefully it'll be along in the next few months. Andie recorded BW5 and it's been waiting with ACX for weeks now, so maybe this month, or next month for it, we can never tell once we hand it off. And to top off the audio news Andie is currently recording AR2, which is good news.

For those wondering about audio for LV, Andie is going to do them, but I imposed on her to switch LV1 with AR2. When she gets to LV, I think she might do them back to back, which would be amazing, but time will tell.

In other news we all have to admit 2021, now read that out loud, and then groan. We're all hoping this year gets better than last, and let's be honest that's not a high bar to clear. Time will tell.

For personal news, Things continue as they have been for me. Allergy shots are still in progress, and hopefully one day I won't have the sinus problems I do from my allergies.  I know there was some other news to talk about...

Oh yeah, BW6 ebook will be out on the 6th of this month instead of the 25th. I did my best to get it as close to the start of the year as I could. I hope this helps everyone start the year on a good note. Oh but mind the onion cutting ninjas. My beta readers said they were out in force when they were reading.

And the very last thing to mention, Live Chat on Facebook will be on the 15th at 3 pm PST. That's 6 Eastern, and like 11 GMT. I hope to see people there while I answer  questions, ramble about stupid things, and then give away some of the challenge coins for those who helped me keep going.

Until next month, let's keep our heads down and hope that things are improving.

Daniel Schinhofen