Saturday, December 1, 2018

December 2018

Welcome back to the monthly update. We have some stuff to cover so let's break it down for you all.

First off, Apocalypse Gates (Author's Cut) Book 3: Gearing up is now out.

The continued adventures of Alvin and Gothy, some of you have been chomping at the bit for the continuation of the series. As for audio, that is being worked on, and I'll throw up an update if its done before Janurary, but I would expect Janurary.

Also on the audio front, Alpha World 6: Path to Peace is ready for preorder and slated for Dec 11th release. If you've been waiting on it, go jump on the preorder wagon.

The fan page on Facebook had a couple of contests last month. I liked the Madlib one that was just done recently. I'm going to see about doing random contests periodically. Also the Live chats are going to be held once a month regardless of if we hit 100 new fans or not. I want to keep giving back to the fans. They will be held around the middle of the month on different days and times to try and get as many people as possible included. This months will be on the 14th @ 12pm PST.
On that same note, I'm holding one last spoiler live chat on the 8th. It will be my last spoiler live chat as the attendance for them is always much lower.

I recently had a radio interview with NPR's affiliate in Nevada. If you want to give the 10 minute interview a listen here is the link.

The editing side of things is in flux again, hopefully that will stabilize itself by the end of the month. If it does we might be able to go from every 2 months to 6 weeks, but that's still a wait and see.

Editors are working on Binding Words 2 right now. Alpha World 7 is waiting on them once they finish that. Before they finish BW2, I should have finished AG4 and handed that off to them as well.

AG4 is what I'm currently writing, and when you finish book 3 you'll know where they are and what is likely happening in book 4. I'm trying to conclude that whole arc into book 4, so it's a nice self contained story arc for the series, but we'll have to see. I'm pushing 80k on it at the moment and I still have a ways to go before I can get it to the end point I want.

Binding Words 2 current release date is looking like February 1st. If I hit that then Alpha World 7 should hit April Fools Day. Which would lead Apocalypse Gates 4 to be June 1st. But there is always hope things will move just a bit quicker.

Thanks for stopping by for the month, and I'll be back again in the New Year.
Daniel Schinhofen

Thursday, November 1, 2018

November 2018

Well it's November and the year is speeding along, I swear time has been flying every since I stepped away from the daily grind of a normal job. I would swear that October had just started and yet here I am doing the blog for November. Oh well, let's jump into news shall we.

Firstly; Morrigan's Bidding the 1st book of Binding Words is out on audio.

I hope the links help.

Secondly; I did a thing...I'm taking the risk of going back into KU. I've been there for two days and page reads are climbing fast. I hope not too fast otherwise Amazon is going to punk me. There were a couple of reasons for this move. Firstly; the difference in income has been larger then 50%, that was a big part of the reasoning. The second part was that a number of fans have expressed disappointment as they are on tight budgets and can only do KU. Thirdly; KU is still the fastest way to grow an audience for an author. Even being bent over the barrel and hammered by Amazon at times the gains against the potential negatives is hard to ignore.

Okay let's talk books shall we.
AG3: Gearing Up, is slowly working its way through edits. I hope to get it to Beta readers before midmonth so I can get it out by December 1st at the latest. I had hoped for six weeks, but that just isn't happening it looks like.

BW2: Title still waiting for the editors to finish AG3. They should be starting on it when AG3 goes to beta readers. AW7: Title written and queued up behind BW2 for the editors.

With all that going on I've started in on AG4: Title pending... I had to start it twice as the first start just didn't feel Alvin-ish enough. I've got a number of major patch notes for AG4 that are going to help stabilize the system, I'm looking forward to how it all shakes out.

Let's see, what else is going on that should be talked about? The Fan page on Facebook just hit 1,100+ people, and I'm considering just shifting to a once a month live chat instead of every 100 as that will be much more consistent later.
The website is going strong still, not certain I'm ever going to get a store set up for it. I'm in the process of seeing about physical copies of books, but even that is taking time. If I ever do I might shift signed copies of books off to Patreon as a tier reward, to make that easier to make sure I'm getting things to people correctly.
Speaking of Patreon I'm very happy with my fans that are supporting me there. I'm considering a special event I can do for them, to show my thanks. Maybe I'll live stream me writing a section of book on Twitch... but that is still up in the air.

I think that's it for the month, thank you for coming to read my ramble and for being a fan.

Until the next time, may life be good to you all,
Daniel Schinhofen

Monday, October 1, 2018

October 2018

It's October already, damn time is flying for me.

We have some news, and some olds, so let's jump right in.

First the big news, Alpha World book 6: The Path to Peace is out for preorder, its a short preorder only a few days, as the book is live on 10-5-18.



Here are some of the links depending on where you live.

Editors are already hard at work on AG3: Gearing Up. They also have BW2 waiting for them, title on that is still to be determined. More editor news is that my previous shorts on Patreon are being given a little love by another editor to try and clean them up. If I can get that done I'm considering putting them out as an anthology collection. That is down the road though.

Patreon has been a boon, everyone who supports me there, thank you. This month's short is about the Demon Lord Armor set. The backer has already said he is interested in November as well and I've started on that short.

The last chapter for AW6 to be posted on Patreon will be on the 4th. Starting on the 8th I will be starting the chapters for AG3, the first few are likely to not be edited as much as my normal chapters, so be aware.

What's next... the website. I have a website, though it is still lacking a store for now. It links to the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, and also has a mailing list subscription area. The mailing list, if you sign up will get you an exclusive short made just for those who sign up, it will not be published anywhere else.
The mailing list will only be used by me to tell you when the next book or audio book are being released. I will not be using it to pimp out other authors, so you will only get an email very rarely from me, as I hate Spam as much as you do.
The link for the website is:

In audio book news, Andrea should be wrapping up Binding Words 1: Morrigan's Bidding in the first few days of October. Which means it should be to you all by the end of October at the latest I hope.
Podium has been handed the manuscript for AW6, it has taken them 2-3 months for turn around so maybe late December or into Janurary for it to hit audio, but that is just me spit balling they haven't told me for certain.

I'm currently writing AW7: title pending. From where I am currently the series is looking like it might stretch to 8 books instead of 7. So good news for all of you fans of Alpha World.

Also I'm holding the 100 fan live chat on the Facebook page this coming Saturday 10-6-18. For 1000 fans I'm doing 3 live chats one at 1 PM PST for those overseas, one at 5 PM PST for the east coasters, and one at 8 PM PST for the west coaster. Lots of gifts will be given away in appreciation of all of the fans.

I think that about wraps it all up. I'll chat at you next month.

Daniel Schinhofen

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Update September 2018

Just one thing that has to be updated. The website is finally up and running, minus the store. Here it is, enjoy.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September 2018

I'm late, sorry about that, but Dragoncon is a hell of a ride, more so for a first con.
The panels, vendors, seeing other authors, meeting editors and more, so much to do. Highlights for me, spending a couple of hours talking with Michael Chatfield, and seeing Andrea Parsneau in Gothy cosplay. Okay all the time I spent talking to Andrea was very enjoyable even when she wasn't in cosplay, she is a very sweet person to talk to.
Okay that's enough about Dragoncon for the blog, I'll be talking more about it during the Live Chat on the Facebook Fan page tomorrow 9-6-18 @4pm PST, it is for 900 fans on the page.

September is not going to be exciting, we've put Morrigan's Bidding out a few weeks ago, and without KU it did really good. Andrea Parsneau will be doing the audio for it starting this coming Monday 9-10-18, she does recording live on her Discord channel. Find her on Twitter as @Mouthymaven, she links the discord there.

The editors will be handing back AW6 in a week, and then I'll be handing it off to the beta readers for 2 weeks. After they tear through it, it goes off to the proofer for last touches. So if things go well I should be publishing it near the beginning of October, which is a full month ahead of my original publishing date.

Once the editors finish AW6 they'll be starting in on AG3. With AW6 coming in October, I'm hoping to get AG3 out in December, instead of Janurary as I had originally thought. Binding Words 2 will follow AG3 two months later.
Though it all depends on the editors, if they get through them faster I can get them out faster. We might be able to sustain a 6 week publishing cycle, or at least that is my hope.

Now that the Con is over I'm finishing up a short story, and I'll be off to write AW7. I don't know if it will end the series or just set up the last book, but the end of Alpha World is coming soon. I might just write to the end of the series and then split the words into 2 books it will all depend on how many words it takes to finish up the series. As I'm currently 2 books up on the editors I should be bale to do this without it impacting the publishing schedule.

For those who only catch info here AG2 audio is live, as is AW5.

Patreon has been good, the supporters there have already been getting AW6 chapters, and in the higher tiers artwork. I still currently have the top tier filled, so another short story will be out this month, Marian's Short.

Still considering bundling al the shorts and making them a book. I might when I finish the series.

I think that's everything for the month, thank you all for stopping in to catch up with me.

Daniel Schinhofen

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August 2018 quick update

Just a quick update, Morrigan's Bidding is live.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August 2018

Welcome back everyone, this month is going to be a busy one.

Dragoncon is at the end of this month, I've already made airlines and hotel reservations, as well as having my ticket. So come August 30th I'll be in Atlanta for the event. I have no planned meet ups or anything yet, and I need to look into anew phone so I can twitter and such so those attending have a chance of finding me. I'll have a handful of shirts on hand to give out, not many with a slim selection of sizes but I'll give them out to people here or there if they can answer a question or three of mine.

Remember that AW5 audio is coming out in a few days.
Here is the US Link:

It's up for preorder for those of you that want to make sure you have it ready to go on launch day.

Speaking of audio, I'm proofing through AG2 right now. It will take me a day or two to get it done, then I'll hand it back to Andrea for a few small tweaks, which will be a bit delayed as she is on a much deserved vacation. Once she gets it back to me I'll be handing it over to ACX and they take 10 days or so to finally hand it to Audible for sale. My best guess is late August, or early September on when it becomes available.

I've also talked with Andrea about doing the audio for Binding Words, she thinks she can start on it after Dragoncon, which would be amazing.

Binding Words is my newest series, the first book is Morrigan's Bidding and should be out around the middle of August. It features a portal/reincarnation story, with an overpowered main character and a harem which is clearly started by the end of book 1. It will have graphic imagery in it, but not as much as Apocalypse Gates.

I'm currently writing Bing Words 2 right now. AW6 is in edit and AG3 is waiting for the editors to finish AW6. So I have things lining up to get them out to you all, just bare with me. I'm still on pace for a book every 2 months. If things keep going well I'll be able to turn them out every 6 weeks, I hope.

The Fan page over the last month on Facebook has exploded, we're rapidly approaching 800 people. If you haven't already joined you should. I do Fan chats every 100 people and a week or so after a release, though this one might be cutting close to Dragoncon. Here is the link to join us:

Patreon has been slightly restructured, I added in an art tier for those who want to see the art before anyone else. On top of increasing chapter releases to twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays. I'm considering making it 3 times a week, but haven't decided yet. I'll be asking my Patreons their opinions in the next few weeks. Here is the link for that page as you can't search for it at all.

As my last mid-month post explained, I'm no longer in Kindle Unlimited. Amazon has been a bit vague and heavy-handed with their suspensions and bans, as such I decided the risk wasn't worth losing my ability to sell with them. My books are still for sell on Amazon, and I'll be getting them up to the other booksellers when I can but it will probably be after Dragoncon before I do.

On the website front, it is moving forward. The store is going to be part of it and I have ordered t-shirts to sell to all of you. As soon as I have the address and its stable, I'll do a post and get you all the information.

That about wraps up everything going on with me and my works. Thank you again for your support and taking the time to read this post.

See you at the Con,
Daniel Schinhofen

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Quick update July 2018

A small update for you all,

Kindle Unlimited is being volatile again. As such I'm going to be pulling my books from the program. This is hard for me as I've always been a supporter of it, but I can't risk them suspending or terminating my account. If they did I wouldn't be able to put my books onto Amazon at all.

I'm deeply sorry to those of you that have used KU to read my books, but I hope you understand. As a fulltime writer now, if I can't sell to Amazon who owns 70%+ of market share then I'm not able to be a writer.

At the moment it is just the automatic renewal that is unclicked, but I have contacted KDP and asked for the books to be removed early. I'm currently waiting on their reply.

Thank you all for your support, and again if you've only been reading my books through KU, I'm deeply sorry for taking this step.

Daniel Schinhofen

Thursday, July 5, 2018

July 2018

A little late getting this out, I suck. I'll be switching back to the 1st of the month, instead of the first Thursday starting in August. With that said, let's jump right into the madness shall we?

Okay first things first, Audio update. Alpha World 4 is out on Audio, has been since June 19th, here is the US link;

Secondly about audio, Andrea is signed on for AG2, and is recording it this month, hopefully I'll have it out in late August for you all.
Thirdly for audio, I'm in talks with Andrea to do the narration of my next series, but if we do that she'll be running behind as she is booked until the end of the year. Popular narrators have busy schedules. We're firming up on her being the one for it, and she has already set aside time for AG3.

Okay now onto books:
Apocalypse Gates 2 (Author's Cut): Valley of Death is out, here are links.

It is doing well, not as well as Alpha World, but still okay. Please leave reviews once you've read it. And yes there is only the Author's Cut, the PG-16 edition is in violation of Amazon's ToS, so only Adult content going forward.

Next for books, the next one out is going to be Binding Words book 1: Morrigan's Bidding. It's the first of a new series that is part portal/part reincarnation. The world is ruled by the two queens Summer and Winter. it is slated for September, but I'll be at Dragon con so maybe it will come out before.

On that note, Let's talk conventions.
I'll be at Dragon Con this year. This is fucking huge, I'm not a people person, so this is a major step for me. I'll bring some shirts to give out to people. And will gladly talk to any fan who wants to chat at me, but please be aware if I'm distant it's not you, its me. I hope to see some of you there at least, and I'll be there for the entire con.

What else do we have, oh the website... yes I'm getting one made finally.  Which means there might be a store with things you can all buy. I still need to make physical copies of books, its something I need to look into still, but they are coming closer too.

The fan page on Facebook is going to be having a live chat the week after a book launch that will contain spoilers of the last book released, so if you've read it and have questions come on by. This one is July 7th at 1PM PST.

It looks like a book every two months is going to be doable. The editors haven't started a revolt yet, so it looks like a go. I'm still looking at the idea of every six weeks, but that isn't a thing, yet at least.

And on that bombshell, I hope you all have a good month, and I look forward to telling you more next month.


Almost forgot, the Patreon page has a super subscriber currently which means short stories are coming. One coming July 15th for supporters, and maybe for the next month or two if someone continues to fund the top tier.

And this time I mean it, see you in August.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

June 2018

Welcome back folks, not sure how much we have to talk about but let's dive in, shall we.

Firstly Apocalypse Gates 2: Valley of Death is with the beta readers right now. Looks like a July 1st release on that, barring unexpected issues happen. The beta readers have been enjoying the book, so it makes me think you all will enjoy it as well. A side note, there is only going to be the Author's Cut edition going forward. The PG-16 version did abysmally and it comes really close to breaking ToS with Amazon, so I have to discontinue it.

Secondly is Audio. Podium tells me AW4 is June 19th but I don't have a preorder link to share yet. AG2 audio will start recording right around the time of release, Andrea Parsneau has agreed to come back aboard for continuing the narration, which I'm super excited about.

The editors are currently picking apart Binding Words, Morrigan's Bidding. The 1st book at least is decidedly shorted the my other books, at a little over 80k words opposed to the normal 100k+, but I think it got to a very nice stopping point and let it end there.

AW6 has been finished and is now under first revision pass by me. That normally takes 2 days, and then I will be moving on to the next project.

The next big project will be AG3, I'm super excited to continue this story and show you guys more of the world, and maybe even beyond it. So many things lined up for it. Can't wait to jump into it.

Before I dive into that though, I have a Patreon fan who is funding the big reward again, which means more short stories to come again. In talks with them now to find out which series and topic they would like, but if the pledge holds through the month then middle of next month should bring a nice short story for you all if you are a Patreon supporter.

I've also been trying to pin down artists for book covers and maybe some extra artwork. I've worked with some amazing artists, but getting scheduled in to get a cover out on time can be decidedly tricky. I'm going to be getting at least one artist to do covers for one series at least which will be done on time and exactly the way I want. The artwork might not be the highest of quality but I'm taking the trade off.

As I'm sure most of you know I'm full-time now for writing, which means I should be able to get a book out every 2 months, which is a step up from every 3+ months as it had been previously.

Live Chats on Facebook are going to happen with near every book release and with every 100 fans. The number of prizes will be reduced but as the Live Chats will happen regularly it means a good chance people will win things, so stop by during the streams, undecided still if it will be the week before with no spoilers, or the week following with spoilers, but I'll have to figure that out soon.

I think that about covers it all folks. Things are going to be busy, and I should be getting you books with a regular release schedule so you can all be looking forward to them.

P.S. Dragoncon later this year is a go, I have rooms and plane tickets all lined up already. So if your in the Atlanta area that weekend, you'll have a good chance of catching me to say hello.

And on the bombshell,
Until the next time.
Daniel Schinhofen

Thursday, May 3, 2018

May 2018

Holy crap is it May already?

Wow, time flies. Between working the night job and writing I am surprised to find it already into the 5th month. However this month does bring us plenty of news so lets dive in, shall we.

Alpha World 5: Fractured Spirit is live, it went out on the 1st of May.

If you search for the title in your region you'll find it. I don't think Amazon's linked it to the series yet. It takes them awhile sometimes. I got it out almost a whole month faster then i had thought I would. The reason why, I'm trying to streamline the editing and beta reader process. If it works the way I hope I should be able to get you a book every other month. The next couple of books will tell me if its really possible or not.

Speaking of Alpha World, Podium has given me the date of June 19th for AW4 to hit Audible. If you've been waiting it's going to be a bit longer. They have the manuscript for AW5 so hopefully they can turn that one around sooner. They will have time to catch up though as AW6 is currently being written and I have two other books ahead of it in editing right now.

The next book out will be Apocalypse Gates 2: Valley of Death. I'm hoping for a July release but we shall see how the new process goes. I know a number of you have been waiting for more Alvin and Gothy. I just hope you like where they take the story.

Following that will be the first of a new series that I wanted to test the waters with. I'm still working on the series name but the first book is Morrigan's Behest. It is a reincarnation/portal fantasy book with an Overpowered Main Character. Depending on how well its received I hope to have it run for a bit as Alpha World is slowly coming to a close.

I'm currently writing AW6, it will have more hunting in it then the last couple of books as most of the deep character storylines are wrapping up in AW5. It won't change the tone much, but it does mean more action for those who enjoy that.

I hope to have some great news next month, but I need to wait and see how AW5 does first. I really hope you all enjoy it as much as you have the others. If it does really well... well, let's just say things can change for the better of everyone who likes my writing.

Just a few days back i did a 2-hour live stream on Facebook. it's over on the fan page if you want to check it out. I'm considering doing them for every 100 members, so another one will be coming at 600 fans. I give away prizes during the stream, tshirts, beta reader spots, audio codes, even a few cameo appearances where people die horribly in a book. Maybe you want to come join up if you haven't already.

Well, that should about wrap it up for the month. I'm seriously excited and hope to share more with you all in the coming month. If not for you, my fans, I wouldn't be able to even contemplate what might be. So, from the bottom of by being, THANK YOU!

Until next month, I hope you have a good time reading and living.
Daniel Schinhofen

Thursday, April 5, 2018

April 2018

It's that time again folks, and I see you came to check out the blog.

Not a lot to talk about this month. AW5: Fractured Spirit is with the second editor now. It's still on track for a June release, it might get kicked out a bit head of that but I wouldn't expect much ahead of that.

AG2 is done being written and has gone off to the first editor. If you don't like sexy times in your books, you will want to stay away from AG2 it is going to follow the same style as AG1. I won't be making a pg-16 edition of AG2, due to the books having to be 20% different from each other if I was going to. Amazon frowns on multiple copies of the same book that don't have that 20% separation and as Amazon is how I get all of my books to you, it makes me have to follow their rules.

I did already let you guys know that AG1 is up for audio in my quick update last month. If you want to see the wonderful tones of Andrea Parsneau tell you the tale, it is well worth it. She did a fantastic job with the book, especially those lewd moments.

I'm currently in the middle of writing the 1st book of a new series, it doesn't have a real name yet just a working title; MC OP YO. Which does indicate the MC is going to be Overpowered. It is a reincarnation/transported to another world style of book. Like all of my books it is a bit slow, the first book especially as he is trying to learn about the world he finds himself in and what he can do.

The facebook fan page is doing amazing, we are rapidly closing in on 500 people. I'm thinking of holding a Facebook Live Chat and giving away prizes. It seems the prize most people are interested in is a cameo appearance in the book, (most likely to be brutally killed), which was a little surprising to me.

I'm getting closer to going fulltime as a writer, which is entirely due to you all. Your continued support is making me believe I can do it and not end up one of the starving artists of the world. I'll of course let you all know when that day comes.

I also should thank everyone for the shocking March sales. AW4 sold very well, even without the preorder. The fact there was no preorder helped me get into the top 100 of amazon and stay there for a week. That was because all of you buying it and reading it. Truly I'm humbled that so many of you enjoy my work.

I'm still waiting on the cover for AW5, the artist has been busy and it is a fairly involved cover that I asked for. I can't wait to show it to you all, and as soon as he gets it back to me I will be of course showing it off in the Facebook group.

Well that looks to be about it for this post. If you haven't come by the fan page please do, you'll find a number of others who enjoy the books that will gladly chat with you.

Until next month, have a good one,
Daniel Schinhofen

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Quick Update March 2018

Just a quick update for you all.

Apocalypse Gates Author's Cut book 1: Rapture is now out on audio via Audible.

Here is the link:

I hope you enjoy it as the wonderful and talented Andrea Parsneau is the narrator.

Until my next regular update, stay frosty.
Daniel Schinhofen

Thursday, March 1, 2018

March 2018

I know some of you are probably a bit busy right now, it being just into the 1st of March and AW4 having just hit Amazon a couple of hours ago. But that's no reason to not get my blog done for the month. Let's begin shall we?

Welcome back everyone it's going to start off with a bang this month. Alpha World 4: Playing For Keeps is now live, here are the links for it:

Those aren't all the areas its sold in just the ones that see the most sales, there are over 12 regions its sold in.

Podium has been handed the manuscript, so audio is all up to them at this point. I'll of course update you on that as they update me.

Last month was busy for the Facebook fan page as well. We did a contest, gave away shirts, ebooks, and even did a Q&A with the LITRPG PODCAST. If you haven't join the fan page you really should, as another contest is just a dozen or so people away from happening as of today. here is the link for any of you who haven't joined yet.

What else do I have to talk about this month? Alpha World book 5 is currently being edited, tentative release date is the beginning of June. I'm also still writing AG2 at this time as well, but it's about to hit the last arc of that book, then it will go off to the editor, hopefully by the end of March, so i can get it out in September.

I'm still working a full-time job, if this years sales look as strong as last years though I will be strongly considering taking the plunge to full time writer. My Patreon page is still doing well, I've changed the format to send out a chapter every week, or close to every week. The drawback to that is that I need to pull those chapters down a week or so before the next book is published to be in compliance with Amazon's KU rules.

If you haven't heard yet, Last Horizon was bundled into an Omnibus edition after being given another editing pass. So if you haven't gotten to the first 2 books I've written now is not a bad time to do so. 

Almost forgot, the audio for Apocalypse Gates (authors cut): Rapture should be done being recorded early this month. I'll be taking the time to audit the files and get corrections done as needed from the narrator, not that I expect many since Andrea Parsneau very talented. If everything goes well I might get it out by the end of the month, if not early April hopefully.

That's all I got for this month. Just remember to drop reviews on Amazon please, it really means a lot for indie authors like me.

Until next month, peace out,
Daniel Schinhofen

Monday, February 5, 2018

February 2018

Hello all and welcome back again.

Okay so lots of little things to cover, I wonder how many I'll forget. So the big news was I had t-shirts printed up to resemble the ones given away by Gerald and Marysue in AW3. You have a chance to win them over on my Facebook Fan Page

Okay now the bad news about that tidbit. The company kind of screwed up my shirts. How I found out about this, my friend who I was giving a shirt to pointed it out to me. Originally the back of the shirt was supposed to read:
Alpha Company
Recruit First Wave

They forgot the 'Alpha Company' entirely, which was aggravating but I could overlook it. My friend pointed out though that the shirt doesn't say 'Recruit', nope it says, "Recuit'.
Which leaves me waiting for the company to respond to an email from me to see what steps we can take to fix this major issue.

Moving on past that, what else do i have to talk about? I launched an Omnibus version of Last Horizon. I'll be pulling the 2 separate books from KU and leaving just the omnibus up for that service. The original two will stay up as they are tied to the audio books. Further more, the Omnibus was given another editing pass, so its a lot cleaner.

Next let's talk about Facebook again, my Fan Page hit 300 members, which is amazing, thanks to all of you who are there. I'm running contest every 100 people who join. The 300 contest which is now ongoing, has prizes of shirts, which can change depending on above statements about the shirts, a free copy of AW4 when i publish it in March, or being part of the beta reading team. So if you aren't on the Facebook page and you would like one of those prizes go sign up today.
On top of that I'm looking into holding a Q&A for my fans and have a question post up on the Page as well. Once i settle on where to hold the Q&A I'll be letting twitter and Facebook know.

Big news is that beta reading for AW4 will be starting soon™. I plan to publish it in March, hopefully early March. Following AW4 should be AW5 and then AG2, with probably 3 months between each book.

I'm about halfway through writing AG2 right now. it's coming along and I'm trying to flesh out the MC and Gothy more during the early part of the book.

Let's hit Patreon next. I'm changing the way I handle Patreon, instead of 1 post a month, I'm going to 1 post a week. The downside to this is, that i will be pulling those posts before i publish the book they are attached to. I have to do that per Amazon's rules about content being published, if it's going to be in KU, and I want all my Books to be in KU for you all to be able to read without needing to buy.

I think that's all I have to go over this month, besides one more small tidbit. I'll be changing my monthly posts from the first Monday to the first Thursday of the month. This is due to my job changing my hours and days off. Until I go full time I'm still at the whim of my stable job.

Well, that's it folks, thanks for stopping by again and I'll see you next time.

Daniel Schinhofen

Monday, January 1, 2018

January 2018

Holy fuck balls batman!
The New Year sure snuck up fast, or at least it seemed that way with me.

Welcome back to the blog, I know there are at least handful of you out there. I don't think there's a terrible lot to cover this month but let's get to it.

December came to an end with Alpha Company the 3rd book of Alpha World being released via audio. Which is pretty snazzy, and can be found here:

December had also brought us Rapture the 1st book of Apocalypse Gates in both the uncensored and PG-16 editions. For those who are wondering, 40 to 1 was the ratio, heavily favoring the NSFW version. If you haven't read it yet, you should take a look, here is the NSFW link:

Let's see what else do I have to tell you all, Alpha World 4 is still with the editor. The deadline for them to get it back to me is 1-24-17, they fell a bit behind but have assured me it will be back to me when it by deadline. Which will give me a week to go over it again before getting to my beta readers come February, with the tentative release date being in March. I'll have more on that next month.

Speaking of beta readers, I will be looking for a new reader or three when AW4 is ready. If you haven't joined the Facebook fan page, you might want to do so. I will be posting for beta readers there and will be selecting people to fill the gaps. Join the page via this link:

Also be aware I will be requesting beta reader can work via Google Docs, this way all of you can see what the others are finding. I will also be taking a page from fellow author William Arand and breaking the beta reading into sections. To get the next section you will need to show your willingness to improve the book in the previous section. I've had a few too many people 'beta read' but in reality just want to read the book for free and before it is published, hence why the change.

In other news, AW5 is finished with the first draft. It took me about 2 weeks longer then I wanted, but I got there. Also it has shown me that AW will stretch to 7 books as there were too many loose threads by the end of 5. The editor will be getting AW5 from me when I get AW4 back from them. Tentatively looking at June for its release. Before any of that though the next few days will be the first edit by me to catch all the big issues with it.

I also might be starting on a super secret project with a fellow author as my next book. I will hopefully be chatting with them today and getting things lined up. Once things are in place if possible I will do a mid month update and fill you all in on the surprise if it happens.

One last thing before I turn you all loose, Apocalypse Gates is slated for an audio version, it will be the NSFW version of it. Andrea Parsneau will be the narrator, and I hope i spelled that right, she did the narration for Wild Wastes by Randi Darren. She is a talented narrator and I'm happy to be working with her. I almost went with podium to handle the series like I did with Alpha World, but I wasn't able to guarantee a female narrator from them. As such i went out and found a narrator I wanted to work with. It's no slight on Podium, they have been wonderful to work with, but if I'm listening to sex be described I'd rather have a sexy female voice tell me about it then a guy.

With all of that said, i guess there was more to talk about than I had thought, heh. This concludes the Schinhofen Blog for the first month of 2018. I hope this year is better for you all than the last year was. I'll do my best to bring you even better books.

Love and Kisses,
Zaphod Beeb...

I mean... Until next month or a mid-month update, peace and good times,
Daniel Schinhofen