Saturday, August 1, 2020

August 2020

It's August already, year is flying by while simultaneously taking forever. Time's funny that way.

What do we have to talk about this month? Well firstly Binding Words 5: Flame of War went live last month on the 8th. It's been a mixed bag in the way of reviews. Overall people seem to have enjoyed the book, but a very vocal crowd has come out with hatred for the ending of it. Frankly, I thought it was equal to the ending of book 3, but many don't agree. If you need the link, here it is:

I know you're wondering what is next now that BW5 is out in the wild. Well next up will be Aether's Revival 2: Aether's Guard. It's looking like a September 15th release due to the length of the book. The raw text was close to 150,000 words, though my edits will trim that down. Patreon has been seeing the preview chapters of it, and people seem to be enjoying it.

Speaking of Aether's Revival, I'm audio proofing AR1. I'll finish today and flip it back to Andie for corrections. Which she'll get done quickly and than it'll get handed off to ACX. With any luck we'll be looking at a September release for that as well. I'd hope for August but honestly ACX isn't known for their speed.

Now some of you are wondering if AR2 is next, and with the editors, what is he working on right now. The answer to that is AG7. I had considered skipping it this go around and starting the once a year release for it, but my primary editor suggested since I'm planning two more books before reaching a place for it to pause, that I should keep it in rotation until I finish those two books. So that is what I'm doing, AG will be in the rotation as normal for 2 books. After that...we'll see how those two books go, but honestly it'll likely mean the series is put aside for awhile.

What will come after AG7? Well it's going to be Luck's Voice 2. Been really looking forward to getting back to that series and exploring that world some more. The first book was well received which helped ease my mind on if my books had lost their luster for you all.

Now a quick word about audio other than AR1 which is close-ish. Audio for BW5 and LV1 are both going to be done by Andie. Andie is swamped with stuff, if you have heard you you know why, because she is awesome sauce incarnate. That means the books will be coming but at a pause. I ask you to not bother Andie, she is doing the best she can. I will always give Andie the first right of refusal for a series as I know the hard work, dedication, and love she puts into ever single thing she does, and that is worth a wait in my book. Just know that when the audio comes out it'll shine the a gem, thanks to her breathing more life into them.

Is there anything else?
Not that I can really think of. The next Facebook live chat is going to be on August 15th at 10am PDT. That's a Saturday, for everyone who isn't near a calander right now. I hope to see you all there.

Until next time, stay safe out there, as 2020 has been a fucking rollercoaster of shyte.
Daniel Schinhofen