Monday, December 4, 2017

December 2017

Wow, is it that time again already?

Okay let's see what we have to talk about this month.

First: Did you know I had a new book out? I'm sure you did, right? It's a LITRPG/GAMELIT series, this one starts off with Zombies but starts to add in new things before the end of the book. The series will be open for a lot of stuff and I don't plan for it to end quickly. It even has a form of Settlement building. If you're interested let me help you find it, as it comes in two flavors. Vanilla or Dark Chocolate Carmel Swirl. Okay seriously it comes in a PG-16 edition which has the sex bits fade to black. Or, you can have it in the Author's Cut edition which is Graphically inclined.

This is the PG-16 edition.

This is the Author's Cut Edition.

I hope you enjoy the book, either way you want to have it. If you enjoy it please remember to drop a review on Amazon. Us small indie authors need all the good press we can get.

Secondly: Did you hear that AW3 audio edition is up for pre-order? Sure you did, because you love me. However, just in case the fast approaching Holiday drove it from your mind, let me help ya out.

That is the big, big news for the month out of the way. So for the smaller news, did you miss out on the free book promotions I ran at the end of November? I blasted about it on Twitter and on my Facebook Fan page. AW1 and Last Horizon: Beta were both up for 5 days, absolutely free. I also ran a small contest to give away 3 copies of my latest book. 20 people was the entire pool for that even on the Facebook page, if you had entered your chance to win would have been damn good. I try to run a small giveaway each time a new book is coming out, so maybe stop on by and keep tabs on my page.

What else do i have to talk about? What's next, you ask? Well I am in talks with Podium and Tantor about who gets the audio rights to my new series. While I'm also considering going it alone. I'll figure it out by the end of the month.

AW4 is off to the editor, they work a little slow but they do right by me. So at the moment tentatively I have a March release for AW4. Following that should be AW5 around June-ish. Then I should follow up with Apocalypse Gates 2.

Okay that about rounds me out for the month. Just one small thing, not even worth mentioning. I'm taking a small road trip in a few days. Driving the road from Green River, Utah to Beatty, Nevada. I need a good look at the road and the terrain along the way. Why? Well you probably know if you've read Apocalypse Gates. If not, maybe you'll figure it out when you do.

Peace out,
Daniel Schinhofen