Thursday, March 2, 2023

March 2023

 Wow already March-ing on...yes it's a bad pun. We'll get to the news now, heh.

Not a lot in February to talk about, but let's hit what we have.
Andrea recorded AR6 and AL1. So she' is now caught up on everything I've written to this point. She's cleared the backlog. For those waiting for those audio books, I'd look to late March or April before Audible releases them. As for where they are in the process I'll be audio proofing AR6 in a day or two, and she just finished recording AL1 and that is off to her audio editor.
In other February news Antecedents' did good with book 1. Not great not terrible but a good solid performance. With DW4 ending that series this month, Antecedents' Legacy is taking over that slot in the rotation.

Speaking of Dungeon Walkers, it's out. It's slated for a March 1st release. I held the blog back to make sure I could post the link for it. This soft ends the series, much like Apocalypse Gates got a soft ending. It was one of the places I saw as an early out if it was needed. Sadly, it was needed as sales dropped precipitously through the first three books. One day like AG I might be able to pick it up again, but that would be a decade or more away likely. Dungeon Walkers 4 eBook : Schinhofen, Daniel

Stephanie Savanah through Mountain Dale publishing will be handling the audio book. The how and when of that is all up to them as they've been given the file already. I'm happy Stephanie stepped in to pick the series up for me. She'll stay on my short list of narrators for is Andie ever can't do one of my series.

Random news is me taking a vacation with one of my girlfriends to Colorado this month. We'll be hitting some of the train tours, so I get a better feel for early rail. We'll end up in Denver for two days, where I hope to meet up with some fellow authors whose books I enjoy: Joe Kuster and William Arand. Should be fun.

With DW4 done, we shift onto LV6, which I just finished writing and it's with the editors as of now. Patreon will be seeing preview chapters of Emerita Boxing Day starting on the 2nd of March. I had a lot of fun with this book, and it's different from what most will probably expect considering Doc's previous troubles. Really hope you all like it.

Which does leave me with having just started BW10. I'm fairly certain BW10 or BW11 will end the series. I give myself the leeway of saying that as it'll all come down to what happens with Truestrike in this book. Being the after-action reporter not a plotter means I end up surprised as often as you do. I will say we should see resolution with Truestrike in this book that is my goal, but we will see. After BW10 I'll move onto AR7. I'm going to be looking forward to that, but for now it's all in on BW10.

That wraps us up for news this month. Hope to have you all come back for the next month's update.

Stay safe,
Daniel Schinhofen