Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August 2018 quick update

Just a quick update, Morrigan's Bidding is live.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August 2018

Welcome back everyone, this month is going to be a busy one.

Dragoncon is at the end of this month, I've already made airlines and hotel reservations, as well as having my ticket. So come August 30th I'll be in Atlanta for the event. I have no planned meet ups or anything yet, and I need to look into anew phone so I can twitter and such so those attending have a chance of finding me. I'll have a handful of shirts on hand to give out, not many with a slim selection of sizes but I'll give them out to people here or there if they can answer a question or three of mine.

Remember that AW5 audio is coming out in a few days.
Here is the US Link:

It's up for preorder for those of you that want to make sure you have it ready to go on launch day.

Speaking of audio, I'm proofing through AG2 right now. It will take me a day or two to get it done, then I'll hand it back to Andrea for a few small tweaks, which will be a bit delayed as she is on a much deserved vacation. Once she gets it back to me I'll be handing it over to ACX and they take 10 days or so to finally hand it to Audible for sale. My best guess is late August, or early September on when it becomes available.

I've also talked with Andrea about doing the audio for Binding Words, she thinks she can start on it after Dragoncon, which would be amazing.

Binding Words is my newest series, the first book is Morrigan's Bidding and should be out around the middle of August. It features a portal/reincarnation story, with an overpowered main character and a harem which is clearly started by the end of book 1. It will have graphic imagery in it, but not as much as Apocalypse Gates.

I'm currently writing Bing Words 2 right now. AW6 is in edit and AG3 is waiting for the editors to finish AW6. So I have things lining up to get them out to you all, just bare with me. I'm still on pace for a book every 2 months. If things keep going well I'll be able to turn them out every 6 weeks, I hope.

The Fan page over the last month on Facebook has exploded, we're rapidly approaching 800 people. If you haven't already joined you should. I do Fan chats every 100 people and a week or so after a release, though this one might be cutting close to Dragoncon. Here is the link to join us:

Patreon has been slightly restructured, I added in an art tier for those who want to see the art before anyone else. On top of increasing chapter releases to twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays. I'm considering making it 3 times a week, but haven't decided yet. I'll be asking my Patreons their opinions in the next few weeks. Here is the link for that page as you can't search for it at all.

As my last mid-month post explained, I'm no longer in Kindle Unlimited. Amazon has been a bit vague and heavy-handed with their suspensions and bans, as such I decided the risk wasn't worth losing my ability to sell with them. My books are still for sell on Amazon, and I'll be getting them up to the other booksellers when I can but it will probably be after Dragoncon before I do.

On the website front, it is moving forward. The store is going to be part of it and I have ordered t-shirts to sell to all of you. As soon as I have the address and its stable, I'll do a post and get you all the information.

That about wraps up everything going on with me and my works. Thank you again for your support and taking the time to read this post.

See you at the Con,
Daniel Schinhofen