Thursday, April 1, 2021

April 2021

 Looks like we got to a new month. I'd start with something to commemorate the day of fools, but let's be honest we all deal with enough fools every day that not having one thrust at you is probably better.

Okay let's start with the big news. AG3: Magi's Path came out last month. The 2nd school year for Gregory started with his new wife Yukiko. It was a monster of a book, my longest book published to date. It's been well received, minus the people who obviously don't know my writing style who hate it. If you've left a review thank you, if you haven't yet, please consider it. Here is the link for you: Magi's Path (Aether's Revival Book 3) eBook: Schinhofen, Daniel: Kindle Store

Other big news I've been working on my dungeon story. Patreon has had a good number of chapters for it already. It's not a dungeon core story, I mean i could have done that, but meh. Dungeon cores always seem to have a core adventuring group that you see over and over. I decided to focus mine on a person who delves into dungeons. Dungeon Walker, is the story of Stern, a Walker who wants to delve into all of the dungeons. Here is patreon link, where you can read the 1st chapter for free. Daniel Schinhofen is creating E-Books | Patreon

Let's see what new news on audio, be patient guys it'll be coming. I guess the only news for audio will be the fact I'll be using a different person for Dungeon Walker. Andie is booked solid, and has already informed me she can't take on a new series at this time. Sucks for me, as I want her to voice all of my books, but alas. So I'm currently looking at my options for audio of the new series. Since it's not Andie, I'm likely going to hand it off to a publisher. I'm talking to a couple of them currently. News will follow in the future.

Hmm, is that everything? I think it is. After I finish with Dungeon Walker 1, I'll be moving onto Luck's Voice 3, and then onto Binding Words 7, and Aether's Revival 4 in that order. I'm hoping that in the summer I'll be able to make my research trip so I can get to AG8, but that is still up in the air. Dragoncon, if it happens will see me there, but again that is currently up in the air.

Okay folks that's all I will be back next month with more news. Thanks for taking the time to read though this.

Daniel Schinhofen