Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 2017 post 2

Just a quick note in case you missed it on the other places I post.

The pre-order for the audio of Alpha World book 1: Gamer for Life is now up. Live date is 7-25-17.


Monday, July 3, 2017

July 2017

Hello again brave adventurers, have your prepared yourselves for a death-defying journey?
You have, good. Please see bill one door down and have a good day.

Okay seriously on with it.

Thank you to my crazed fans who helped make my first week of Alpha World 2 a success in my eyes. It is always nice to see the positive reviews, not so much the negative ones, but the good with the bad.

I had mistakenly thought my first book for my next series would be out next. Not so much now, I found it was broken and needs a major rework during editing. Which means Alpha World 3: Alpha Company, will be my next book up.

Writing on it is coming along swiftly, I would think I'll have it done being written by the end of July. If that holds true, one it will be longer then the other 2 books in the series, and two it will take me some time to edit it. I'm thinking September release at the moment, but that is still very vague. I will keep you updated here and via twitter.

Twitter you ask, well my twitter dealer finally conned me into giving it a go... Yeah I'm looking at you Felicity#11414. I'm easy to find there DJSchinhofen, is the handle, here is the link,  https://twitter.com/DJSchinhofen

The audio for Last Horizon: Beta went live on the same day as Alpha World 2. I won't know how that is doing for a quarter though as that is when Tantor will share with me the numbers. I am hoping it does well, if you already have the ebook the audio book is much cheaper to buy outright instead of spending your credit on it.

For those waiting for my next series Apocalypse Gates, I will be reworking it once AW3 goes out for edit. It should have a slightly faster turn around, hopefully.

If you want another small fix of AW goodness, my Patreon page has a fifty page short currently. It is the last adventure of Alistern's group which is alluded to in AW2. It was supposed to be part of an anthology that fell through, so I am releasing the text on my page and only there. Podium who has the rights to AW tells me they are going to audio the short, when they do I will let you all know where to find it.

Tentative release date for audio of Alpha World 1 is 7-25-17. Tenative release date for Last Horizon: Live is 8-23-17. I will Twit when I have more solid info and also drop a short note here on my blog.

Thanks for coming along to read my ramble.

A crazed GM with delusions of writer.