Saturday, February 1, 2020

February 2020

Holy fucking hell it's February already?
God time is zipping by, might be because of some personal problems though. Ah well that's not what you're here for, so let's get to book news.

First off Binding Words 4: Forged Bonds came out a couple of weeks ago. It was well received, makes me happy that everyone is still digging on the slow slice of life that I'm writing. If you haven't seen the book yet, let me drop you a link to Amazon, but also give you the link to sign up for the mailing list so you get told quicker.

Some of you are all ready asking where the audio book is. The short answer is Andie is working on it this month. Head on over to her discord to hear her narrate live.
Since she's recording it in February, you should consider it a 60 day window, at least, until it's out for you. Which gives us an early May possibility.

In more Audio news, NPC Lives 1 came out on Audible at the end of last month.

That's not all though, AG5: Downtime and Death is with ACX and should be out mid February, hopefully. We have no control over when they okay things, they normally just tell us up to 15 business days, and it's been a week so far.

And one more audio news, RQ1: Greenways Goblins, which is being done by podium with Travis Baldree Narrating is slated for early March. I can't wait to hear his talented voice giving life to this group of gamers who ended up in another world.

Okay so that was old news and audio...Oh right what's up next.

The next book to be released is going to be Aether's Blessing book 1 of Aether's Revival. This is my magic academy/cultivation series. The MC is going to be OP, but he's going to have to work up for it. The first book is not Harem, but I'm not saying the story isn't going that way. It might take a long time like AG did, or it might not. It should be out in early March. Early chapters are up on Patreon now though.

I'm almost done writing AG6, and man it's been so much fun, so much to see and do in this book. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am writing it.

I'll be starting on RQ2 as soon as I finish with AG6, then I'll be on to BW5. That's what my current writing schedule looks like. I'll of course update if things change. I have a dozen other series I want to get to, and yes that includes more Bananas and Delta World. With only 4 slots to hit twice a year though, it's going to be a while before some of them see the light of day.

Oh and one last bit of news before we end. The next live chat on Facebook is going to be Feb 15th, I'm thinking around 10 AM PST. That should give people a good chance to attend.

Until next month, may the sun smile upon you.
Daniel Schinhofen