Thursday, April 5, 2018

April 2018

It's that time again folks, and I see you came to check out the blog.

Not a lot to talk about this month. AW5: Fractured Spirit is with the second editor now. It's still on track for a June release, it might get kicked out a bit head of that but I wouldn't expect much ahead of that.

AG2 is done being written and has gone off to the first editor. If you don't like sexy times in your books, you will want to stay away from AG2 it is going to follow the same style as AG1. I won't be making a pg-16 edition of AG2, due to the books having to be 20% different from each other if I was going to. Amazon frowns on multiple copies of the same book that don't have that 20% separation and as Amazon is how I get all of my books to you, it makes me have to follow their rules.

I did already let you guys know that AG1 is up for audio in my quick update last month. If you want to see the wonderful tones of Andrea Parsneau tell you the tale, it is well worth it. She did a fantastic job with the book, especially those lewd moments.

I'm currently in the middle of writing the 1st book of a new series, it doesn't have a real name yet just a working title; MC OP YO. Which does indicate the MC is going to be Overpowered. It is a reincarnation/transported to another world style of book. Like all of my books it is a bit slow, the first book especially as he is trying to learn about the world he finds himself in and what he can do.

The facebook fan page is doing amazing, we are rapidly closing in on 500 people. I'm thinking of holding a Facebook Live Chat and giving away prizes. It seems the prize most people are interested in is a cameo appearance in the book, (most likely to be brutally killed), which was a little surprising to me.

I'm getting closer to going fulltime as a writer, which is entirely due to you all. Your continued support is making me believe I can do it and not end up one of the starving artists of the world. I'll of course let you all know when that day comes.

I also should thank everyone for the shocking March sales. AW4 sold very well, even without the preorder. The fact there was no preorder helped me get into the top 100 of amazon and stay there for a week. That was because all of you buying it and reading it. Truly I'm humbled that so many of you enjoy my work.

I'm still waiting on the cover for AW5, the artist has been busy and it is a fairly involved cover that I asked for. I can't wait to show it to you all, and as soon as he gets it back to me I will be of course showing it off in the Facebook group.

Well that looks to be about it for this post. If you haven't come by the fan page please do, you'll find a number of others who enjoy the books that will gladly chat with you.

Until next month, have a good one,
Daniel Schinhofen