Friday, March 1, 2019

March 2019

Well here we are again, a new month, and a new blog post.

Let's get things rolling. Andrea finished recording Binding Words 2 audio. Now it is going to her proofer. Once they finish it she'll put it up for me to proof it. Once I sign off it will go to ACX to hand it over to Audible. If everything goes as it should we are looking at late March release of it for you all to grab.

Revisiting my post from last month about AG becoming a once a year series. I've heard a lot from you guys that you really enjoy the series and would like it to continue as it is. I'm currently reconsidering due to the outpouring on this front, and on Facebook. I'm on the fence right now about which way to go, especially with AW wrapping up.

Speaking of Alpha World, book 7 should be ready for the April 1st release. The news that a lot of you don't want to hear though is book 8 is going to be the last of the series following Alburet/Seamus in Alpha World. I'm wrapping up the tale with book 8.

What does that mean for Alburet? Still not 100% certain, I've heard the outcry that people want Delta World. It's not 100% certain he'll complete the quest he was given by Victoria, if he doesn't then well Delta World wouldn't be a fun series at all. If I immediately follow AW with DW, that wouldn't let me explore any other series that I have been bouncing around, without sacrificing AG or BW.

So I'm sure you can all see the conundrum I'm in with what to do here. The next series I want to write is the more tabletop-esque, with a slower level growth but with definite abilities that are granted at each level.

What else do I need to cover this month...maybe the long awaited store?
Yeah, you heard me right, I finally have the beginnings of a store. It's starting small but will likely grow with more items offered once we see what you think. Where is this mythical store you ask? It can be found via my website, or by taking this handy link:

I understand that not everyone can throw cash at things, and as such I'll still be giving away things during the Live Chats on the fan page. The next one will be held on March 13th, 2019 @1200 PM PST. So, if you would like a chance at a shirt, ebook, or audio, make sure to show up and join in on the fun.

Which brings me to another question I'd like to hear back on from you guys. Would you like a Live Chat the day before the books go live to let you know and maybe have the chance at winning a free ebook for the one coming out. It would be held on the fan page over on Facebook. Leave me your comments on a yea or nay.

Until next month, keep on grinding that XP, the next level isn't far away.
Daniel Schinhofen