Sunday, May 1, 2022

May 2022

 Five months into the year, and still pushing along.

Let's jump right in with a brief recap of what just passed. AG8 audio was pushed out a week ago. The last installment of the series wraps up in audio format, and I'm really looking forward to hearing Tess voice them all, including the new members of the family. Link here for you if you haven't grabbed it yet.

We also have Aether's Revival 4 audio that is out, talk about hot off the press for it too. I hope you all enjoy this installment of a much beloved series. Andie once again brings her talented voice to the fore, giving life to the cast.

Okay, now onto new business. Most of you are likely looking forward to Aether's Revival 5: Mages of Buldoun. It was originally slated for June 1st, but I can update that now. We're now tentative for May 21st and might possibly bring it even closer to the start of the month. The editing and proofing need to wrap before I can give a better date, but pay attention to Discord and Facebook as the FAQs on both will be updated.

I'm currently hard at work on writing Dungeon Walkers 3. Picking back up the story of Stern and crew as they advance north again, with open spots in their roster for new members. I really hope you all enjoy the story, I really love writing this most softer take on my standard stories.

May also brings us an anniversary for Patreon. May 10th marks my fifth year on the platform. It's been a ride, with some changes of tiers and offerings over that time span. I am humbled and happy to have so many of you go above and beyond with the extra support. The sad news for Patreon supports is that a lot of my extra artists have stepped away. That means the extra art won't be every week like it has been. I understand if that means some of you step away. Thank you for being here for however long you were. I'm currently trying out other artists to see if I can find people who mesh with me.

May also happens to be the month i started writing fulltime. May 21st to be honest. I'll be having a contest on Facebook and Discord for challenge coins and possibly redshirt-cameo appearances. So check out the channel, I'll likely be posting them around the 14th, a week before the anniversary, with winners picked on the 21st.

I also want to touch on an amazing meet and greet right near DragonCon. On September 1st in Atlanta, at the Medieval Times, there is a special event. Arranged originally by me and joined by a couple of other authors we are holding a Meet & Greet Dinner and Show. I'll be posting how to attend on Discord and Facebook. If interested in coming to this private event, stay turned to those forums to hear how to be involved.

And as for the monthly live chat, Twitch has been working out well, so we'll be staying on that platform. May's live chat will be on the 15th at 12pm Pacific time, 3pm Eastern, and like 7pm GMT. So if you want the chance to win even more things, I'll see you there.

That about wraps up this month's blog, those contests will be hopping. Hope to see you all enter.

Daniel Schinhofen