Wednesday, December 1, 2021

December 2021

 Th end of the year...thank you for being here. Glad to have made it, now to hope 2022 is better.

Let's jump in, we'll hit previous news first:

Aether's Revival 3: Magi's Path is out on audio. It's a chunker over 20 hours long, so enjoy the audio goodness. Andie really brings the stories to life and she does her amazing work her for us. Also, the bloopers...heh...I loved them.

Speaking of Andie and audio...She just finished recording Luck's Voice 2: Cashing In. That's with her editor, and should get to me early this month. Once I audio proof it, she'll hit the corrections and we'll flip it off to ACX. If there is a nice person working there, we might see it out before Christmas...I'm not holding my breath though, because ACX.

And to finish off Andie news for December. She'll probably get to Binding Words 7: Noble Solutions before the end of the year. She has other books to record before she gets to it, but she should finish recording it before the end of the year, which might mean January if everything goes right. Fingers crossed folks.

As for ebook related news, Apocalypse Gates 8: One Nation, Under... will be out this month. I still have it slated for December 28th, but I'm hoping to get it out before then. It is my second longest book, right behind AR3. It clocks in around 160,000 words. It's a chunky book. But it does get us a nice wrap up so I can set the series down. I hope to pick it back up in the distant future, but time will tell. If I never do this should still give you a satisfied ending.

At this moment I'm working on Luck's Voice 4: Title not yet determined. I'm hoping this wraps up the Deep Gluch arc, but time will tell. Doc still has a lot of trouble to deal with there; McIan the preacher, Grange the sheriff, and Suez the enigma. But so far, it's been chugging right along, and things are already looking like they might get...interesting. I don't want to give spoilers so I won't.

After LV4 is done, I'll move onto BW8, and then onto AR5. That will be my rotation for the near future; DW, LV, BW, AR. If I keep to my usual pattern, you should see a book every 6-8 weeks, or about 1 every 2 months. I am aiming for about 2 books per series per year, this way no one ever has to wait over long for a specific itch to be scratched. I know people ask when the next book of X is coming out, and the answer is 6-8 months after the last book of that series. This one got delayed a bit because I finished out AG. But now we'll be back on rotation.

I think that's about it. Live chat will be on the 15th at 3pm PDT. I'm also going to be doing a Q&A, moderated by Nick Khuns on the night of January 1st, check Facebook and Discord in December to find out more about this. But we will be giving out prizes for this as well as the live chat.

Here's to hoping 2022 is better than the last two years have been.
Daniel Schinhofen