Monday, January 1, 2018

January 2018

Holy fuck balls batman!
The New Year sure snuck up fast, or at least it seemed that way with me.

Welcome back to the blog, I know there are at least handful of you out there. I don't think there's a terrible lot to cover this month but let's get to it.

December came to an end with Alpha Company the 3rd book of Alpha World being released via audio. Which is pretty snazzy, and can be found here:

December had also brought us Rapture the 1st book of Apocalypse Gates in both the uncensored and PG-16 editions. For those who are wondering, 40 to 1 was the ratio, heavily favoring the NSFW version. If you haven't read it yet, you should take a look, here is the NSFW link:

Let's see what else do I have to tell you all, Alpha World 4 is still with the editor. The deadline for them to get it back to me is 1-24-17, they fell a bit behind but have assured me it will be back to me when it by deadline. Which will give me a week to go over it again before getting to my beta readers come February, with the tentative release date being in March. I'll have more on that next month.

Speaking of beta readers, I will be looking for a new reader or three when AW4 is ready. If you haven't joined the Facebook fan page, you might want to do so. I will be posting for beta readers there and will be selecting people to fill the gaps. Join the page via this link:

Also be aware I will be requesting beta reader can work via Google Docs, this way all of you can see what the others are finding. I will also be taking a page from fellow author William Arand and breaking the beta reading into sections. To get the next section you will need to show your willingness to improve the book in the previous section. I've had a few too many people 'beta read' but in reality just want to read the book for free and before it is published, hence why the change.

In other news, AW5 is finished with the first draft. It took me about 2 weeks longer then I wanted, but I got there. Also it has shown me that AW will stretch to 7 books as there were too many loose threads by the end of 5. The editor will be getting AW5 from me when I get AW4 back from them. Tentatively looking at June for its release. Before any of that though the next few days will be the first edit by me to catch all the big issues with it.

I also might be starting on a super secret project with a fellow author as my next book. I will hopefully be chatting with them today and getting things lined up. Once things are in place if possible I will do a mid month update and fill you all in on the surprise if it happens.

One last thing before I turn you all loose, Apocalypse Gates is slated for an audio version, it will be the NSFW version of it. Andrea Parsneau will be the narrator, and I hope i spelled that right, she did the narration for Wild Wastes by Randi Darren. She is a talented narrator and I'm happy to be working with her. I almost went with podium to handle the series like I did with Alpha World, but I wasn't able to guarantee a female narrator from them. As such i went out and found a narrator I wanted to work with. It's no slight on Podium, they have been wonderful to work with, but if I'm listening to sex be described I'd rather have a sexy female voice tell me about it then a guy.

With all of that said, i guess there was more to talk about than I had thought, heh. This concludes the Schinhofen Blog for the first month of 2018. I hope this year is better for you all than the last year was. I'll do my best to bring you even better books.

Love and Kisses,
Zaphod Beeb...

I mean... Until next month or a mid-month update, peace and good times,
Daniel Schinhofen