Wednesday, May 1, 2024

May 2024

 Wow we've made it to May. Let's hope the year keeps rolling smoothly.

Let's jump into book news first. Heavenly Chaos 1: Heavenly Chaos came out last month on the 10th. I was nervous the first few days but it picked up and ran like a boss. It became my 2nd best book 1 ever. I'm stoked for doing more in the series, and am glad so many people enjoyed it.
Heavenly Chaos 1: Heavenly Chaos
I will tell you Andrea is already working on the audio, as it's going through Podium. They're working on getting a preorder up, so keep an eye on social media and Audible if you want to lock one in early. It seems the preorder is up, with a release on June 18th.

Since I was speaking of audio, let me inform you that Aether's Revival 8: Proven Strength is recorded and with ACX. Andie did amazing work, as she always does. It dropped yesterday, so wow...

Okay let's talk about what is coming up, Antecedents' Legacy 3: Terran Tactics is the next book coming out. As always it has chapters up on Patreon currently. The book is slated for June 17th, but will likely get pushed closer to the start of June as things progress.
AL3 gets us back with Zander riding high off winning the tournament, but not everything is going to be smooth for him. I'm looking forward to how everyone enjoys the twists and turns that are coming up. I can say that Zander does meet a Terran in this one, so be ready for Alt-Earth information.

I've already pushed on to Luck's Voice 8: Emerita Divided. Doc coming back to Emerita after his years in Tsarrus and Qin. If you expected to see those countries, I'm here to inform you that those years are recapped not shown on screen. LV has always been a western series for me so I wanted to keep it as focused on Emerita as I could. This book leads up to LV9 which will close the series out. I love it when the whole story gets to unfold, the unexpected moments here will be a shock for you.

Now while my editors work diligently on those I've just started on Aether's Revival 9. Not sure what the title will be yet, but Gregory has a lot on his plate right after book 8. It'll be a journey to see how he handles politics and the unexpected. I'm so stoked for it, I can't wait to dig into Greg's story more for him to tell me what the fuck he does next.

And then once I finish writing that it'll be back to Heavenly Chaos. Book 2 is already written and waiting for its turn in the editing queue, which means I'll jump into writing book 3. I can't wait to get back to benedict too, his story is just humming away in the back of my mind just waiting to be let loose again. Ben and Greg are just driven that way.

Okay that is all the book stuff, let me touch on a few other topics.
JordanCon was a success for the LITRPG community, and also for me. I took 500 books of Heavenly Chaos to give away, yes paperbacks. I managed to hand out 300 of them, so good for me. Drained me completely, talking to so many people and trying to convince them to take a shot on a LITRPG that deals with mental health. Overall reception of it looked good for the few days of the con. Multiple people came back and said they'd gotten into it and were enjoying it. That might be what helped start pushing the sales and page reads up, either way I'm calling it good.
I also met some really great people who have their inaugural LITRPGs coming out soon via Legion Publishing. Rachel Ni Chic and Jack Fields, lovely Irish folk who put up with me for days. I could go on about all the other great people, but I'll keep it to the Irish.
Next con for me is DragonCon, back in Atlanta at the end of August and start of September. I'll be bringing the other 200 copies of HC with me, so if you want one and are there... pay attention to what I'll be doing.

And last bit of news May is a big month for notable dates for me. May 10th is my 7th year on Patreon...good gods that's been a bit. May 21 will be my 6th year as a full-time author anniversary. I'll be doing a contest on Facebook and Discord for the full-time anniversary, so stop by those places this month and enter to win challenge coins, or maybe you'll get lucky enough to win one of the coveted cameo spots. Maybe you'll join Sarinia and Matt Dinniman in the series, or you might end up killed in grisly fashion by Zander...enter, win, and get lucky to pick that prize to find out.

And that's it folks, I'll see you again in June.

Daniel Schinhofen
Schinhofen Books

Monday, April 1, 2024

April 2024

 Oopsy, forgot to get this prepared ahead of time. Then again life has been bust for me on a personal level. Let's get to the books stuff shall we?

First off we're looking at the new series Heavenly Chaos launching this month. It'll hit Amazon by the 17th if not a little sooner. It's a western cultivation fantasy with some sci-fi elements, because why not fold a few things into a series. It'll follow the MC, Benedict as he finds himself thrust into the role of being a Sphere Holder, giving him the chance to climb toward the Heavens. But Benedict's life before he had a Sphere was...unpleasant...yeah that's say that, instead of torment and torture.
He'll be heading to secondary education to learn the basics and begin the process of delving Pockets to empower himself up the ranks. But what is a series with just a loner, not my series is what kind. Which is why we'll stay n brand in romance, but this time the relationships will be much smaller than any time before, minus Last Horizons. It'll be a three-person, or throuple, eventually and stay at that for the series. Reasons why unfold in the series.
I should note that it is a "SLOW BURN" romance, so you are warned ahead of time. Whether or not it'll be my usual style or a full "Fade-to-Black" is still up in the air. I'd like to hit a wider crowd, so am considering leaving it as FtB for the entire series. We'll see as the story unfolds.
The last thing of note is that it harkens back to mental health. As stated above Benedict's life has been shit before he became a Holder. Which means we'll see him trying to move forward even with massive trauma in his life. I don't think I do anything to graphic, but it should be noted that mental health and trauma are a key part of the series.

If you're going to ask audio, it'll be done through Podium, but with Andie as the narrator. So it'll take some time, but good news is that we still get Andie to do it.

Staying on audio for a moment, Aether's is with the audio editor. Which means I'll get it back this month, and then Andie will do corrections. If we're really lucky it'll drop by the end of the month, or if nor early-ish May.

As for what comes after Heavenly Chaos, well that's going to be Antecedents' Legacy 3: Terran Tactics. It's with the editors and was a lot of fun to write. It's a little shorter than normal, but still right in my usual range. I hope you are all looking forward to more Zander.

I've moved onto Luck's Voice 8: Emerita Divided. What a book to write, and the series isn't done yet. I can say for certain the series will end with book 9, reaching the conclusion I envisioned from the start. For those who were hoping for a few books in Tsarrus and Qin, I apologize, but that wasn't my vision for the series. We'll see a time skip to Doc returning to Emerita at the start of Book 8. Even then, I hope you enjoy a book that shows major movement in the country and beyond.

When I finish with Luck's Voice 8, I'll be moving onto Aether's Revival 9: title unknown at this point. I've been eager to get back to Gregory and family, as I know you are. There was a lot up in the air at the end of book 8, but don't expect a quick rush to the answers you are hoping for. I can tell you there's a lot more to get to before what was talked about right at the end of book 8.

That's the book and audio news, but there's another big thing this month.
I'm at JordanCon from April 19-21 in Atlanta.
They started a LITRPG book track this year and I was asked to attend, so I'm going. At least 4 panels for me to speak on, and if things work out, I'll have something new to hand out while I'm there. If not I'll feel bad, but I will have tried.

Okay that wraps up news about book stuff and cons for the month. I'll try not to be late on the blog next month.

Daniel Schinhofen
Schinhofen Books

Friday, March 1, 2024

March 2024

 Two months down already, wow the year is flying by, but it's time for another blog post.

Okay so news for March...Not a lot actually. I am fairly certain we will see Luck's Voice 7: Rail-Laid Plans make it to audio this month. Andie has to get the corrects from the proofer done and then it goes over to ACX for however long they have it before Audible gets it.
Speaking of audio, Andie will be recording Aether's Revival 8 this month. It'll be a tandem record with another book, each getting some time each day throughout the month. Life has been life, but she's pushing through it like a boss.
If everything goes good we might see AR8 audio in April.

Speaking of AR8, the ebook did what Aether's has consistently done and crushed things for me. Love this series for the story, but also the peace of mind from a sales standpoint. Which is good as it always takes a little longer normally for the editing process and then because it does so well I can give the book following it an extra week or two before it needs to go out without stressing.

On the book front Patreon is getting the preview chapters of the next book; Heavenly Chaos 1: Heavenly Chaos. The book is a different take on cultivation, the setting isn't fantasy-eastern but more advanced sci-fi/fantasy. It'll touch on mental health again, something I haven't really done a lot of since Alpha World.
It will be harem, but it'll be a slow burn, small harem. I do mean slow burn on that as well, you'll see when the book comes out.

Following that it'll be Antecedents' Legacy 3: Terran Tactics. Which is going to be awesome, can't wait to show you guys more of the universe there.
Then the book I'm currently writing; Luck's Voice 8: Emerita Divided. Not sure it'll end the series, but if it doesn't book 9 will if a book 9 is needed. The story has always been western based, so there will be a time skip between the end of book 7 and where book 8 starts. If you were hoping for Tsarrus and Qin having it's own book, it was never in the cards. I always wanted to keep it focused on Emerita. And that's wat I'm doing with book 8, if the title doesn't tip things off, well..
And once I finish with that I'll get back to Aether's again. Not sure what the title will be, but I'm sure you'll all be looking forward to it. I know I am.

Other news JordanCon in Atlanta is in April, 19-21. I'll be there for their first ever LITRPG track and hope to see those who can make it. I'll have badge ribbons, but I'm looking at possibly bringing something else with me to hand out too. Not sure what yet, I really need to get on it soon.
DragonCon in August-September is still a go as well which will be amazing. And then there will be the Author nation con in Vegas in November.
3 chances to find me at conventions and get whatever you bring with you signed.

The live chat for this month is the 15th, a Friday, at 6 pm Pacific. Over on Twitch as has been the case for a year or so now. IF you want the chance to win a challenge coin, that is your chance.

On the personal side of things, one of our kitty has an ear surgery scheduled this month. She's had chronic ear infections, and they are going in to clean it all out. Poor little fur baby. Thoughts and prayers for the little plushy cat are appreciated.

Until next month, stay safe.
Daniel Schinhofen
Schinhofen Books

Thursday, February 1, 2024

February 2024

 We made it through January without a major catastrophe, so this year is starting off better, for my home at least. Let's jump into book stuff.

First off Audio news: Andie got BW11 recorded and as of today I'm proofing it. She'll get corrections shortly and then we'll hand it off to ACX to give it to Audible. If things go great you'll have it in the first week of the month. If ACX holds it up, then you'll get it as soon as they are done with it, which is always a guessing game.
Andie is recording LV7 currently. There was a little confusion about scheduling so I was wrong about when it was being recorded before. Good news it is good now. She'll finish it within a couple weeks. Then her audio editor handles it to fix things. Then I get it to proof for corrections, then it goes back to her, before finally going to ACX.
And now the bigger news. AR8 audio will be recorded this month too. She'll go from LV7 into AR8. Which will catch her back up on all the audio for my books. Rejoice!

Now for those stroking their chins wondering if the audio for AR8 is going to be recorded do we have a release date for AR8 ebook. The latest estimated release date as of today is February 14th. Yup, we'll be back with Greg and family real soon now. The preview chapters of AR8 will be coming down before publication before that happens. Maybe I can bump the release date a tiny bit sooner than the 14th hmm...

When AR8 comes off Patreon is when Heavenly Chaos 1: Heavenly Chaos will make it's debut into the rotation. Technically it's taking up the open space of BW, but I've shifted it to fill in right after AR so I can see what the reception to the series is. Some of my alpha readers have said it's my best series to date, but that will be up to all of you.
HC will touch back on themes of abuse and mental trauma. It hasn't been touched on a lot in the genre and I wanted to get back to something that really matters to me. Mental health is something we should all be more aware of, ours and our loved ones.
I will say it is a slow burn harem, and a small harem. It'll cap out at a throuple, or a triad, depending on how you view it. Benedict and two love interests. Book 1 will hint at deeper story lines but mostly will focus on the beginning of Benedict's tale. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did writing it.
Current estimate for it is May 1st.

I've had it written for a bit, which freed me up to write Antecedents' Legacy 3: Terran Tactics. I brought in some fun here, and it'll be great to see how everyone feels about Zander and what he gets up to. It sets up for widening the scope of the universe but also the conflict with the Entoma.

Being ahead is good. I'll be sliding into Luck's Voice 8: Emerita Divided soon. Which will get me back into Doc's tale, just as Andie is recording book 7. Can't wait to dive more into the conflict to come between Doc and the Church of Apoc.

That wraps up the book stuff. I do want to remind people I'll be at JordanCon in Atlanta during April. If you're in the area I'll be there. I'll also be back to Atlanta for DragonCon in August-September. Then my last con will be the Author Nation con in Vegas in November.

I'll be back to chat more in March.

Daniel Schinhofen
Schinhofen Books

Monday, January 1, 2024

January 2024

 Oh my fucking gods we made it out of 2023...
That was not a good year for me personally, so I'm hoping this year is better. But enough about that, you are likely here for information about books.

Let's start with a recap of last year shall we...I published 8 books last year. Antecedents' legacy 1 and 2, Dungeon Walkers 4, Luck's Voice 6 and 7, Aether's Revival 7, and Binding Words 10 and 11. Total published words for 2023 is 911,888...damn that's a lot of words.

But the books written is a little higher, because of yet unpublished books that I wrote in my free time. I gave up gaming and writing time to write them and you'll be seeing them this year. For total words written this year we are looking at...1,055,292.
These don't exactly line up because the first books published in 2023 were written in 2022, as the first books of this year were written in 2023. But, that is a new record for words written for me, so I'm pretty stoked. My goal is a minimum of 60,000 words a month, as you can tell we kind of shattered that.

Okay let's jump into actual book news now. BW11: Divine Agreements came out in mid-December. That wrapped up the Binding Words series. Five years in the making to finish out Sean's saga, and it finished just the way I envisioned it when I started book 1. Well, besides the staff being life bonded and turned into wives, fuck you Sean...but I digress...It was amazing to put a capper on my 4th completed series, letting Binding Words join Apocalypse Gates, Alpha World, and Dungeon Walkers.
Divine Agreements (Binding Words Book 11)

A side note here for audio because I know some of you are wondering. Audio for LV7 and BW11 will be recorded this month. Andie normally records The Wandering Inn in January but it got shifted this month. Which will let her push the two books for me through this slot instead. If things go well, we might see the books come out in late February or early March.

With BW11 done, I moved on to Aether's Revival 8: Proven Strength. This will take Gregory into Krogga where he will be an assistant ambassador to the embassy along with his wives. Well, his wives and three of his soon to be wives as Clover, Ling, and Roshana will all be there too. I'm excited to flesh out the world more and show that not everything is as the Empire makes it appear.
The preview for chapters for it are on Patreon this month and into February. The first chapter is open to the public, if you want to read it stop on by the page, you don't have to sign up for it. Those who do sign up as paid patrons get more preview chapters, released at 2 a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

Aether's is with the editors currently, and I've moved onto the next book...well that's a little bit of a lie...

You see I've shifted the schedule around some. Antecedents' Legacy 3: Terran Tactics should have been dropped after AR8. But instead I'm pushing the new series Heavenly Chaos into the rotation there. HC1 has already been written and ill be edited right after Aether's is. That gives me a little bit of a buffer to get to work on AL3, which is nice, haven't had a good buffer in...ever.

So AR8 will be followed by Heavenly Chaos, a LITRPG-Cultivation series. This will also kick back to mental health as well. I haven't touched on that since Alpha World and well, this series has the struggle of mental health in it. You'll understand when you read it. The cultivation aspect is far different that Aether's and it's not as explosively number growing as a lot of LITRPGs, I find my own middle ground there.

Which brings me back to AL3: Terran Tactics. I'm writing it now. I will say for those who were looking forward to will happen. But we'll also see what happens when you "spork around and find out". Zander isn't exactly known for letting shit happen around him, and this will make that even better known to those who try it.

After AL3, I'll be getting onto LV8: Emerita Divided. I can say a couple of things here. There will not be an eastern country arc. Easiest to just cut that expectation off, we'll be picking back up when Doc returns to Emerita after his trip. Luck's has at most 2 books left to complete the tale I wanted to impart. It might be a big book 8 to wrap or 2 normal-ish sized books to make book 9 the finale, we'll see how the story progresses as I write it. But the series is coming to the conclusion I had been aiming for which is always nice to know that you've all enjoyed it from start to finish.

In other news, conventions...I've been asked about convention schedules, well this year I'll be attending 3 of them. JordanCon in Atlanta during April, they're going to have a LITRPG track starting this year and I was asked to turn out for it. Then in August I'll be back in Atlanta for DragonCon, which will be amazing and fun as always. But then in November I'll be attending the new Author Nation convention in Vegas.
The AN Con in Vegas will have one day where the fans can come interact with the authors and other high-profile guests. I'll give you more info on the price of stuff and what you might expect when I get it. But I will be in Vegas to sign books on a day in November, I believe it'll be the 15th. I will update when I know more.
If you want me to sign books, shirts, or body parts, make sure to find me at a con with the appropriate pen or marker. I'll look forward to seeing you all there.

Okay that wraps things up for me. Stay safe, and let's hope 2024 is a good year.
Daniel Schinhofen
Schinhofen Books

Friday, December 1, 2023

December 2023

 We made it to the end of the year...It's been a mixed bag for me, but let's jump into book stuff first.

First off we talk about what came last which had been LV7. It did, okay-ish, but the drop off over the series has been speeding up, sadly. I have 1-2 more books in the series to wrap it up. It's still on my targeted path for the series, thankfully.
For those who were hoping for an eastern book, because of where book 7 ended. It wasn't ever going to happen. I always intended to keep the book focused on the western theme. Which means you will see book 8 pick up with Doc returning to Emerita. Luck's Voice 8: Emerita Divided, is going to bring a lot of conflict.

Now for those who are waiting for the audio of LV7, some bad news. It's not going to be recorded until February. Hang one, hang on, there's a reason. I have a recording slot with Andie here in December. This is when she would normally record LV7, but I'm having her do BW11 instead. Why? Because BW11 is the end of the series, and I'm hopeful to get the audio for it released in January so no one has to wait for the end of the series overly long. Though that does mean people have to wait for LV7 a bit longer.

Speaking of BW11: Divine Agreements, it's currently slated for December 16. If I can get it back and polished and put together before then, then I will push it out sooner. Andie will have the best copy for it I have when she starts to record even if it's not officially out yet. This way she can begin while things are still being handled. Might mean she has to make a few more corrections, but we agreed it would be better this way.

That leads us to what follows BW11 which is, Aether's Revival 8: Proven Strength. We get into the Krogga arc with Gregory.  Here we get to see another country in more depth than we did Buldoun. We have been told repeatedly about Krogga being strength focused and how dangerous it can be. But we also get to see something from outside of the lens of the Empire...which is fun. And yes for all those wondering, the shadows are finally stripped from Darkness in this book. Your theories and suspicions will be laid bare for you to either crow with joy at having figured it out, or be flummoxed by what is.

When I finish with AR8, I'll be shifting to Heavenly Chaos 1. This does jump the schedule a bit, but only because I want to see how the first book does. HC is a litrpg-cultivation series, it mixes the tropes of some cultivation with hard numbers for the litrpg side of things. The setting is a multi-verse of kingdoms that all cultivate with futurish tech, but fighting with magic and weapons that harness the power of the Heavens. The MC does not come from a happy place, and the trauma he has faced all his life is a key component of the series. Which does kind of bring us back to AW in a way of how trauma can shape people.
I had a lot of fun writing it, and hope people love reading it when it comes out next year. HC1 has been written for months as it took up my free time as it was screaming to get told. So I will be writing HC2 in the spot for HC1 so I can have a little buffer for once on where I am compared to my editors.

After HC1, the rotation will restabilize as AL3, LV8, AR9, HC2. HC takes the place of BW, but jumbles the rotation slightly due to me pushing it out after AR. That does mean AL3 and LV8 get delayed by 2 months, but I think it will be worth it.

The year will end with some impressive numbers. I will have published 8 books: AL1, DW4, LV6, BW10, AR7, AL2, LV7, and BW11. Because of me giving up my free time to write HC1 and GD1, I have as of December 1st written 985,927 words, across 9 books. That's 200k above normal because of HC1 and GD1.
For those wondering GD is Grafting Demons, and is likely the series that will fill for LV when it ends. It'll be a cyberpunk world without chrome but demons parts that augment people instead. I'm looking forward to it when it comes.

Now onto the personal bits of the year that sucked. If you were only here for Book stuff you can stop reading. This year has seen my family lose 2 cats and 1 dog; Fluff and Baby were both good kitties, but Fluff ended up with cancer and baby's lung issues got her. Lowkey, our mute husky sass boy...his numerous medical problems caught up to him too. We did a lot for the three fur-babies, but in the end they passed. They are sorely missed as they brought us love for years, but now they wait beyond the rainbow bridge for us.

Otherwise, we are dealing with ongoing medical problems for both girlfriends. Waiting for tests results and answers still. The human body, for all of our technology, still causes confusion and uncertainty about how and why things go wrong. We hope 2024 bring s us solutions and answers.

As for me, well...I didn't use a CPA for my taxes in now the IRS is having a fit with me. This has brought my stress levels way up, as no one ever wants to deal with the IRS. Wouldn't have been as bad if I had ever received a letter from them before the one that said, "see you in tax court", but well...yeah. No letters before means I got blindsided like a motherfucker by that bit of news. Hopefully this gets resolved with minimal trouble, but with a government agency involved...I'm not getting my hopes up.

As you can see 2023 some good, some bad. Now to hope 2024 is better.

Stay safe out there and see you when the year begins again.

Daniel Schinhofen
Schinhofen Books

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

November 2023

 Spooky month has passed on, and made way for Giving Thanks Month.

To start with LV7: Rail-Laid Plans just came out, on Oct. 25th. Doc was back with his mission given to him by luck to same the planet. I had a lot of fun expanding on Emerita with this one. It really pushed things along for the series. Hope you enjoyed it if you read it, or will enjoy it if you haven't gotten to it yet.
Luck's Voice 7: Rail-Laid Plans

The audio for the book will be lagging behind, but should be recorded by the end of the year. Which would make it likely to be a late Janurary or early February release.
Speaking of Audio we should cover the other questions. AL2: MX Hub is on preorder already and due out Dec, 5th. AR7: Moral Stand is being recorded by Andie now. That makes it likely for a December release.

Okay, with last book published talked about and audio covered we can move on. I'll pause for a second here to thank everyone for their support over the last 7 years. I have been officially published since Oct. 3rd 2016, when Last Horizon: Beta was released. I'm past 50 books published now and still rolling along, all because of you supporting me. You have my deepest thanks for that.

With that covered let's talk about what comes next. Which is bittersweet news. Binding Words 11: Divine Agreements will be the next book published. Current estimated release is Jan 1 2024. This is the last book of the BW series. 5+ years of Sean on his journey to tell his story. Man, it's been something special. My longest running series to date, it'll be sad to no longer be there with him, but also a relief that I gave the series a satisfying, at least to me, conclusion. I can't wait for you all to read it and experience the ups and downs of it with me.
Audio for that will likely be recorded in February, but that will all depend on Andie's schedule, plus if she is healthy or not. I can't wait for it as I've listened to every book she's made, and when this happens, I will likely binge listen to the entire series again.

After BW we'll be moving onto Aether's Revival 8: Proven Strength. Which will bring us back to Gregory and his story. Off to Krogga where his wives and three of his friends wait for him. It's been a treat to show another nation, even more than I did with Buldoun. I think people will be a little shocked at parts of what happens in this story, but also pleased with others. I just started writing it, but man I'm loving every word so far. Probably a March 2024 release, but again all of that is subject to change.

This is where the twist comes in now. AR isn't going to be followed by Antecedents' Legacy 3. Instead, it'll be followed by the series that is going to take up BW's spot, Heavenly Chaos. I've already written it and I want to see how people enjoy it or hate it. It's a take on Cultivation, vastly different than AR and most eastern based systems. It'll have solid numbers like a LITRPG, but they will be kept in check by the system so no 5,000,000 strength stats to blow up planets because someone sneezed. I loved this book because it calls back to some earlier themes of mine. Mainly mental health which I haven't dived into since Alpha World. Hope you all enjoy it.

Following that we'll slide back into rotation with AL3, then LV8, and AR9. Hope you stick with me as we keep bending new words into the tails we've begun, and the new ones coming along behind them.

Stay safe out there as the world is a bit crazy.

Daniel Schinhofen
Schinhofen Books