Thursday, December 1, 2022

December 2022

 Wow, we made it to the end of 2022. Color me surprised...Which I always think is a puce or maybe a fuchsia. But that's neither here nor there, so let's get to the news.

First off, we just published a book a bit over a week ago. Aether's Revival 6: Magi Guard has been released into the wilds. The continued journey of Gregory as he climbs the ranks of magi. This one was a bit of an oddity as he's learning to be a leader to his guard unit. Moreover, he only sees his wives occasionally. Really changed the dynamic some with this book. But from the first week it looks like you are all continuing to love the story, so thank you for that.
Here is the link: Magi Guard

Next up coming in January is Antecedent's Legacy 1: Antecedent's Legacy. This is my sci-fantasy series. It will focus on Zander a military contractor from Earth who is yanked across the multiverse. Expect to see fantasy races, but with a sci-fi setting. This will include spaceships and stations, laser weapons, AI, Nanotech, and Mecha. Preview chapters are already on Patreon. I really hope you all enjoy this passion project that I wrote in my spare time during early 2022.

I'm currently writing DW4, the last of the series. It's been odd basically being a full book ahead, but it does mean I have an extra buffer for which I'm grateful. It's bitter-sweet writing it. I know some of you have loved it, and I thank you for that. I will give you all at least a soft ending as I hate it when people just drop series without any conclusion.

When I finish writing DW4, I'll be transitioning over to LV6. Man having heard Andie record LV5 the last week, I'm ready to dive back into Furden's troubles. There's a lot there to work on, and I hope you all stay with me on my weird west story.

Now on the audio front we have a lot to cover.

Audible is sitting on BW8. They've had it for near on two weeks now. We hope to see it released to you all soon, but it's entirely in their hands.

I just finished, literally, like a minute ago, audio proofing AR5. The corrections are with Andie, and we should be handing that off to ACX and Audible by the end of the week. If we get really lucky it might get released to you all before Christmas.

Also of note, Andie just finished recording LV5. That is with her audio proofer and I'll likely get it in a couple of weeks to listen to for corrections. She has really been pushing to clear the backlog.

Starting as of December 1st, Andie will be recording BW9 on her Discord. With the way she's trucking she'll have it done recording by mid-month. If she does, we should be able to turn it around by the end of the year, which means maybe a late January release from Audible for you all.

And the last note, if things go well, she will record AR6 before she takes her Christmas vacation. If she manages it then it's very likely audio could be in your hand by February. This is the hope we have.

Oh, and I should mention that Andie has agreed to do Antecedent's Legacy. It should be in her February recording schedule, or early March, depending on how things go.

That was a lot of audio news, and I'm happy to be able to share it all with you.
I do have a giveaway I'll be doing on Facebook this month, so make sure to pop onto the fan page there to have a chance to win a signed copy of a book. It'll be a weird one as I'll be giving away unclaimed copies of books to a few lucky fans.

Oh, speaking of giving things away, the Live Chat will be December 16th at 6 pm Pacific time. The usual ramble followed by challenge coin giveaway will happen then. Hope to see as many of you as possible. I might even have a guest for a bit of it...not positive yet, but perhaps.

Okay that should cover it all. Happy Holidays, and I hope to be back for the blog in January 2023.
Daniel Schinhofen

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

November 2022

 Wow month 11 of 12, we're almost to the end of 2022.

This is the month of giving thanks, so let me touch on that before I jump into news. If you're reading this, you're likely a major fan of my work, because honestly, I can't see anyone not reading this blog. So, thank you. I'm blessed to have fans who love my work enough that I've been able to be a fulltime author. Fans like you who will take time out of their day to read my monthly blog.
I try to show my thanks though the monthly live chats, and the major giveaways I do twice a year. This month's live chat will be on Tuesday the 15th at 10 AM pacific time. I hope to see everyone who can, and wants to, make it.

Now onto book stuff, that's the real reason you're all here. First off BW9 came out late September and it did great. I'm glad you're all still with me on this journey of Sean's life. Things should really start picking up in Binding Words now that everyone has had a chance to meet each other. I'm still thinking 12 books, at most, for the series but as I've said repeatedly, I've been wrong before on trying to gauge series end points.

Last month I told you how I was writing AR6. Well, that is now fully in the editors' hands. If things go well, it won't be early December but late November for release. So that is something to look forward to. The book is different since the academy is behind them, and they don't get to see each other often. It was a different feel for the book, but hopefully you enjoy it.

That means currently I'm writing DW4. But that is because AL1 is already done.
Antecedent's Legacy 1 will be the book to follow AR6. It's my sci-fi/fantasy series that I used all my free time to squeeze in this year. It'll have spaceships, mecha, nanotech, AI, Elves, Succubi, space stations, and more as I slap fantasy and science fiction together. I really hope people will like it as I have a lot for it in my head.
It will be taking over DW spot in the rotation as DW will be ending with book 4. I'm sad about this because I had a lot more to explore for the series, but I still have to be able to pay my editors, artist, and other helpers, along with my normal bills. I detest leaving a series open though, so it'll get a nice soft ending, that I might be able to renew in the future when my personal bills drop further.

So let me recap the projected publishing schedule here: AR6, AL1, DW4, LV6, BW10. Then repeat but drop DW from it.
All of that besides AR6 though is next year...well maybe I'll sneak AL1 in just before the year ends, depending on how things go.

For those who ask about audio, well, let's hit this.
Andie is finishing BW8 this week. It'll go to her proofer for fixes, then to me so I can listen and ask for corrections, then back to Andie to touch it up, then to ACX where it'll sit for...who knows how long. If we get lucky, it'll be out in December.
When Andie finishes BW8, she'll be jumping over to AR5. After that she'll be moving onto LV5 which will catch us up on the LV series. BW9 will be after that for her, catching us up on BW. Then she'll finish off the year with AR6, as it should December by then.
That's right, she's knocking out my books 1 by 1 to finish the year off.
Now she's already given me verbal approval for doing AL1, which will put her at doing all of my series once DW drops off. January for her is filled with TWI, but sometime in February she'll likely get AL1 in for me.
Since I publish a book every 6-8 weeks, she'll likely be able to truck along with me. I doubt we'll end up 6 months behind again, but she might be a month or two back depending on where her other projects line up. But honestly, I'm fine with the delay, as she gives so much life to the characters.

Well, that looks to wrap up this month's blog. Pay attention to my social media; Twitter, Facebook group, and Discord to get a better update on when books will publish.

Until December, stay safe.
Daniel Schinhofen

Saturday, October 1, 2022

October 2022

 We've made it to the month of spookiness, let's jump in.

First off DragonCon was fun. The panels were nerve-wracking for me, but I think I did okay. Medieval Times was a blast, Black & White knight for the win. We're hoping to do it again next year, but likely won't have more news on that until after January.

Now in book news, DW3 audio has come out. The shift in narrator has jarred a few people, but it's good. Travis had asked to step away, and I won't ask a professional to do something they don't want to do. Thankfully Stephanie was willing to step up for us. Here's the link if you don't already have it.

The sad news for DW is that DW4 will be the last book of the series. I'm going to soft close the series, so I'll have a chance to pick it back up later if things align. The honest truth is that the series was never a big earner, and it kept dropping off, book 3 barely covered costs. I hate it when series have no closure though, so book 4 will be the soft cap, much like AG8 did for that series.

In other news Binding Words 9: Accord just came out on Ebook format. Sean and family are working hard to get settled into the city of Accord this way they can take on Truestrike. For those who've already read through it, I hope you enjoyed it. I'm thinking 3-ish books might wrap the series, but I've been wrong before. Time will tell, but until then here is the link.
Binding Words 9: Accord

This does mean that I'm currently working on AR6. Different trying to fit a year of troop training into a single book. Especially since there is a tournament at the end of the year. I'll have to see how things go, but I'm warning you now, there are chunks of time skipped as routine sets in. It's currently slated for a December release, but we know how I am with releases, I'll get it out as soon as I can.

After AR I'm not pushing to DW4 right away, but going to unleash the sci-fi series first; Antecedent's Legacy. AL will touch on mecha, spaceships, space stations, but also twist with fantasy. It won't be crunchy sci-fi but handwavium sci-fi as it'll feature nanotech and AIs. That would likely be the first book of 2023. The book is already written so it just needs the editing phase.

It'll be after AL launches we'll get right back to rotation with DW, LV, BW, AR. As that'll be the last DW AL will slot into that spot as long as it doesn't tank out on me like Resurrection Quest did. TIme will tell.

Now in audio news, Andie has a small vacation that she'll be taking, she deserves one. But after that basically all of November and December she'll be working on my books. She's confident she can get the backlog caught up, not sure if she realizes I'll add another book or two before she gets to the end of the year, but she's determined to give it a go. She's also agreed to handle Antecedent's Legacy for audio. Which I'm excited for as a few characters will be interesting to hear her take on them.

Last but not least this month also marks my 6th year published. October 3rd 2016 is when Last Horizon: Beta was finally uploaded by Amazon. Nearly a full year after I finished writing it, as we struggled to edit the first book for nearly a year before I said fuck it. If you're reading this on the 1st, good news you have a chance to hit the giveaways on Facebook and Discord. They stop on the 3rd, so a very short window. Good luck.

That covers it all, I'll see you in November, month of giving thanks.

Daniel Schinhofen

Thursday, September 1, 2022

September 2022

 September here we are, which means I'm currently in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why am I in a place where the humidity for a single day breaks the combined total of my home for a week, because DragonCon. I'm hopefully not a melted puddle by the time this posts as the Con has just begun, doesn't end until Monday night. If you're at the Con, try to find me I have things to giveaway. Beside the Con, which is really big news all by itself, we have other bits and bobs to get to, let's begin.

Okay first big news is that Luck's Voice 5: Luck's Holdings was published in the middle of August. Sadly, Amazon Australia had some issue with getting the book out like normal, delaying it until the 19th. But we eventually got there. Glad to see that most people enjoyed it. Some disliked it didn't have a clear showdown at the end of the book, but most of my fans seem to understand how I write. Not every book will have a climactic scene to end it on. Then again, those times i do cliffhang something, others have issue with it...funny that. Here is the link.

Where does that leave us right now, well, that leaves us with Binding Words 9: Accord as the next book up. Currently slated for October 26th, but I do love getting them out early if possible. That'll bring us back to Sean and family as they try to remove the support from Truestrike.
For those who want a fix of the story now, Patreon has been getting preview chapters.

As of this post though I'm done writing BW9 and have turned my attention to AR6. I'll likely dig into it after DragonCon. Can't wait to get back to Gregory as he learns to work with his magi guard. Going to be a different book with him not being near his wives for most of it, and I'm hoping to cover the entire year of guard training, so we'll have to see how that goes.
I still remembering finishing AR4 at 130k, and people asking why the tournament wasn't included with it. Skip forward to AR5 being 150k. Depending on how much repetition goes on, probably a lot, we'll see some decent time skips. But time will tell.

Let's see audio, DW3 will be out this month, but I don't have solid dates as of right this moment. Really looking forward to Stephanie's take on the crew. I know she can do a great job.
For other audio, I believe Andie mentioned getting to BW8 in October, and barring unforeseen circumstances, she should catch up on all my books by the end of the year. Let's wish he good health so she can do it.

I think that's it. Ebooks covered, audio covered, DragonCon discussed. Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to be on panels at DragonCon this year. Given my fear of public speaking, I'm sure it'll be fine...right? Right? Heh, heh...I'm in Danger.

Stay safe, and hope to have another post in October.
Daniel Schinhofen

Monday, August 1, 2022

August 2022

 We've made it into August, which means that 2022 is still moving along.
Though for some that might be melting along with the heatwaves experienced in July.

Okay, let's get to it. First off let's start with Audio Books. Since the last blog we have had 2 books come out for your listening enjoyment.
Luck's Voice 3: Breaking the Bank and Luck's Voice 4: Dangerous Gamble. Yup they both came out in July. So, you can have a double dose of Andie voice this month as we catch up to the last books written in each series.

Now where does that leave us for other audio you are wondering.
Well Andie has BW8 slated for recording in September. Which mean we might see it out in October, that's a maybe, but let's hope.
Aether's will be recorded after BW8 obviously. If we're lucky though she'll get them knocked out before the next book of each series publishes, or close to that.
I was talking with her just the other day, and she thinks by the end of the year she'll have caught up on all my books. I don't know if she realizes that I'll have 2-3 more books for her by then. If she does then that'll be even more amazing, let us hope.
On slightly different audio news, Stephanie Savanah will be taking over for Travis Baldree for Dungeon Walkers. I think she's slated to record this month, which means we might see it come September. She'll be running with the series going forward.

On the Dungeon Walkers front, I'm still waiting for the monthly numbers to come in... but it doesn't look good. Preliminary looks like it'll be even worse than book 2 was, which is terrible. Not making any call on it yet until I get final numbers, but it might mean a soft close to the series with the next book.

If that does come to pass, then I'll be spinning up a new series in its place. That series will be Sci-fi in nature and have mecha involved in it. Knowing me it will involve more character interactions that giant robots smashing each other, but yeah, that's just me. I'd think harem with explicit scenes here or there, in line with most of my current series.

As for next up We're looking at Luck's Voice 5, which is currently getting previewed on Patreon. The release date is now slated for August 31st. Which is kind of funny as that's when I leave for Dragon Con. Might need to get it out a day or two before that if possible.

Speaking of Dragon Con, I'll be there and will have my phone. So using Discord to try and find me might work out well for you as I will be checking it periodically. I am an attending professional this year, I'm very happy about that. But it does mean they might slate me in for a panel as well. So there is that.
If you are coming and haven't already signed up for the meet and Greet at the Medieval Times on Thursday night, do so. It's easy to do Direct Message me on Discord or Facebook.

I think that about covers it all.
Hope to see you at the Con in September.
But even if I don't, stay safe and as cool as possible.

Daniel Schinhofen

Friday, July 1, 2022

July 2022

 Time flies and yet also crawls along. A weird thing, time. I swear it was just the beginning of the year, and at the same time it's already July. Ah well, let's dig into this month's news.

Let's kick off with what is coming up this month. First off on July 8th-ish I'll be publishing Dungeon Walkers 3. The continuation of Pawsitively Irregular's journey to dungeon dive, pull shards, and grow together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. The people who had the preview chapters on Patreon seemed to enjoy it.
I'm still a bit worried for the series with the change of narrator as well. Stephanie Savana is stepping in to fill the void left by Travis. I'm sure this will be even more jarring than the last time it happened in one of my series. But I have high hopes for Stephanie.

In other audio news. LV3 is with ACX waiting on them to give it to all of you. Should be early to mid-month for it to be alive. As if that's not enough I should be getting the audio to proof for LV4 in the coming weeks too, so we might see LV4 audio drop by end of the month of early August.
Andie did an amazing job, as always. I'm sure those who've enjoyed the first two books will continue to love the audio for books 3 and 4.

Staying with Luck's Voice news, I'm currently writing Luck's Voice 5: Luck's Holdings. Doc has been up to quite a bit in this book, but there's not a lot of fast-paced action. Shouldn't be surprising as they were leaving Deep Gulch for Furden at the end of the last book. Should be a fun read for you all. PAtreon will start seeing preview chapters of it just after DW3 goes live.

I should mention a meet and greet taking place in Atlanta on September 1st. It's not a DragonCon event even through that is DragonCon weekend. It's a closed event only for those who sign up for it. It's being held at the Medieval Times, so it's dinner and a show. To sign up all you have to do is message me on Facebook or Discord, as it requires your name, dietary restrictions, and a way to contact you in case things go FUBAR. I hope to see as many of you who can make it. I'll sign any books you bring to me, and I hope to have something to giveaway as well.

I think that about covers it all. For those who are wondering what comes after LV5, well the rotation stays on track. BW-AR-DW-LV, is the rotation, and should be the rotation going forward.

Have a good summer and try to stay safe out there.

Daniel Schinhofen

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

June 2022

 May has finally ended, thank fucking gods. Sorry, but May was a bad month for me on a personal level. Girlfriend health problems, cat dying, another cat nearly dying...yeah, wasn't a fan. But that's not why you're here, so let's jump into book stuff.

May had the release of Aether's Revival 5: Mages of Buldoun. It was well received, and I'm grateful to you all. The story had some twists and turns, some happy moments and some sad. I really love writing about Gregory and his family and friends. They always want to tell me exactly what's going on with them. If you haven't picked the book up yet, here's the link. Mages of Buldoun (Aether's Revival Book 5) eBook : Schinhofen, Daniel: Kindle Store

That means our next book to come out will be Dungeon Walkers 3. Good and bad on this front, let's cover the good first. The book should be out in Early July. I've finished writing it and my editors are working hard on it. Bad news...Travis Baldree the narrator asked to step away from the series. That hurts as changing narrators is never good for a series. Mountain Dale Press is now looking for a new narrator. I have a lot of hope, but it's unknown who will be picking up the series yet. No matter who it is, I'm sure it'll be jarring to transition from book 2 to 3.

That news does roughly, and badly, transition us to other narration news. Andie has finished recording of Luck's Voice 3. It'll go through her proofer, then come to me to check, then corrections have to be done. But it does seem likely that the audio book might be out in July. Time will tell, but it seems likely. Unlikely would mean it comes out late June, so I'd look for July.

The next audio that Andie will record for me will be Binding Words 8. But that is after a few others she has on deck. But still we're slowly getting closer to being caught up on audio books, so rejoice.

Now as for what I'm working on right now. The answer is easy, Luck's Voice 5. I just picked it up the other day, but it's going to fly. Doc and family are now out of Deep Gulch and on to new places. I have some important things to get to, to help flesh the world out a little bit more. I can't wait to dig into it.

I think that covers all the news about books and audio. I'll be posting various social media links below to make it easier for you to find Discord, Facebook, Twitter, or Patreon. I'd also like to remind people to stop in and leave reviews. Not just for me but for any book you read, especially indie authors. Every review matters for us non-traditional writers. So please take a few moments and drop a review.

See you in July...I hope.

Daniel Schinhofen