Friday, March 1, 2019

March 2019

Well here we are again, a new month, and a new blog post.

Let's get things rolling. Andrea finished recording Binding Words 2 audio. Now it is going to her proofer. Once they finish it she'll put it up for me to proof it. Once I sign off it will go to ACX to hand it over to Audible. If everything goes as it should we are looking at late March release of it for you all to grab.

Revisiting my post from last month about AG becoming a once a year series. I've heard a lot from you guys that you really enjoy the series and would like it to continue as it is. I'm currently reconsidering due to the outpouring on this front, and on Facebook. I'm on the fence right now about which way to go, especially with AW wrapping up.

Speaking of Alpha World, book 7 should be ready for the April 1st release. The news that a lot of you don't want to hear though is book 8 is going to be the last of the series following Alburet/Seamus in Alpha World. I'm wrapping up the tale with book 8.

What does that mean for Alburet? Still not 100% certain, I've heard the outcry that people want Delta World. It's not 100% certain he'll complete the quest he was given by Victoria, if he doesn't then well Delta World wouldn't be a fun series at all. If I immediately follow AW with DW, that wouldn't let me explore any other series that I have been bouncing around, without sacrificing AG or BW.

So I'm sure you can all see the conundrum I'm in with what to do here. The next series I want to write is the more tabletop-esque, with a slower level growth but with definite abilities that are granted at each level.

What else do I need to cover this month...maybe the long awaited store?
Yeah, you heard me right, I finally have the beginnings of a store. It's starting small but will likely grow with more items offered once we see what you think. Where is this mythical store you ask? It can be found via my website, or by taking this handy link:

I understand that not everyone can throw cash at things, and as such I'll still be giving away things during the Live Chats on the fan page. The next one will be held on March 13th, 2019 @1200 PM PST. So, if you would like a chance at a shirt, ebook, or audio, make sure to show up and join in on the fun.

Which brings me to another question I'd like to hear back on from you guys. Would you like a Live Chat the day before the books go live to let you know and maybe have the chance at winning a free ebook for the one coming out. It would be held on the fan page over on Facebook. Leave me your comments on a yea or nay.

Until next month, keep on grinding that XP, the next level isn't far away.
Daniel Schinhofen

Friday, February 1, 2019

February 2019

We made it through the first month of the year. Let's dig into the nitty-gritty of all the stuff to tell shall we?

Let's start with books; Binding Words 2: Life Bonds is now out for consumption. It actually went live a few days ago, as I got it out early. If you don't know what I'm talking about Binding Words is the series that started with Morrigan's Bidding. The story picks up with Sean, Fiona, and Myna traveling across country to distance themselves from the burning ruins of Oakwood.

Next up Apocalypse Gates 3: Gearing Up is out on audible.

The narrator is Tess Irondale, so it's a shift from Andrea Parsneau's style and voice, but she does a good job with it, and is going to be the voice of the story going forward.

Speaking of audio, Andrea has signed on to do Binding Words 2, so rejoice! I know I do.

Moving on, the idea of a store is once again in play. I've handed this project over to my sister, who is working with a print on demand company to make it work. I'll update if it actually moves forward but talks are currently underway.

The next Facebook Live Chat is slated for 2-15-19 @ 5 pm PST. I'll be giving away shirts, ebooks, and audio books as normal. I'm considering doing live chats on book release day and giving out copies of the new book. I did it as an impromptu one this time and had decent turn out for it. The problem for ebooks being I only have a US Amazon account so all my gifts are US gifts.

The next book out will be Alpha World 7: Darkhand. It is currently slated for 4-1-19, which is April Fools, but maybe I'll get it out a little early like I did BW2. Once that is done the editors will be working on AG4.

Currently I'm writing BW3, I should be done with it in the next few days, and then I'll be off to write AW8. I'm hoping that I can wrap up Alpha World with book 8, but we shall see.

Now the quasi bad news. I'm going to be trading off writing slots of the AG spot with a new story. Which means that AG will be getting 1 book a year instead of 2, and the new story will be taking that slot instead.
I know you're all asking what the new story is going to be right now. Frankly I have a few to pick from, the short list as I call it. It is likely to be a more level based series, with abilities that can be used x number of times per day for each of the characters. More in line with a tabletop roleplaying game then anything I've written in the past. But I'll know more when I get to that spot which will be after I write AW8.

That wraps up the monthly ramble of what I have going on. Before we say goodbye, let me remind you that reviews matter. Reviews help push the book up the algorithm that Amazon uses to put the book before others, so please take the time and reviews the books you read, not just mine, but any book you enjoy.

Until March, thank you for taking your time to keep up with me,
Daniel Schinhofen

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

January 2019

Well last year sure went by fast, and a lot of life changes happened along the way. Let's do a quick recap shall we, as I was surprised by what the year brought; ebooks are in yellow, audio is in green, and other is in blue.

Playing for Keeps, AW4 was published March 1st.
Audio for AG1 went live on March 20th.
Fractured Spirit, AW5 was published May 1st.
I took the leap and became a fulltime author at the end of May.
Audio for AW4 went live on June 19th
Valley of Death, AG2 was release June 30th.
Audio for AW5 went live on August 7th.
Morrigan's Bidding, BW1 was released August 15th.
Audio for Ag2 went live on August 20th. goes live in September.
Path to Peace, AW6 was released October 1st.
Audio for BW1 went live on October 25th.
Gearing Up, AG3 was released November 25th.
Audio for AW6 went live on December 11th.

That is a lot of production in a single year. Funnily enough I don't recall feeling that busy, but damn that is a lot of stuff going on. The part that wasn't work for me was the AW audio, as that was all done through Podium.

Okay let's look at what this year is going to be bringing us. My current list of goals to hit are:

BW2, Early February.
AW7, Early April.
AG4, Early June.
BW3, Early August.
Attend Dragoncon at the end of August.
AW8, Early October- this might be the last Alpha World.
AG5, Early December.

That doesn't include the audio for the series as that will be as I can get the narrators to slot in for them, I try to get it going as soon as I can after launch.

If I wrap up Alpha World in book 8 that will free me to start a different series, which I have so many ideas for, or to possibly revisit the Bananas from Last Horizon, or go off to Delta World, depending on how AW wraps up. That is a big if, as it might take me 9 or possibly 10 books to truly wrap up the Alpha World series, but it is possible.

I think that gets us caught up on the old, and tells you about the new, but what about right now. Let's give you the normal break down shall we?

AG3 audio is waiting on ACX to finish QA on it. Sadly Andrea isn't the narrator, luckily I was able to snag Tess Irondale to take over the series. Tess' style is different then Andie's but overall she does a solid job with it, and I hope you all enjoy it. Tess should be the narrator going forward on the series.

Andie is on board to do the audio for Binding Words still, so rejoice with me for that. She'll be starting on that shortly after the book goes live, exact date unknown at this time.

BW2 is almost done with the editors and will be going off to the beta readers before too much longer. If that goes as planned it might sneak out at the end of January instead of February. Waiting for the editors, once they finish BW2 is AW7, and waiting behind that is AG4 already done and waiting.

I started BW3 just a couple of days ago, and it has a lot of potential going for it. I'm really excited to dig into the story even more then I have. For those who are curious, BW1 was about 80k words, BW2 before the edits was sitting at 102k, so it'll be a longer book then the 1st one.

Since I've gone fulltime, I have taken on a fulltime editor, which is why I hope to start turning stories around faster. I've also taken on an artist, Grimmhelm has done a number of fan pieces for me, and has been the one doing the last few covers.

The fan page Live Chats have gone to 1 every month, to be held on or around the 15th of each month. January's will be held on the 14th at 8 PM PST. I'll talk for as long as we have a decent amount of people, and I'll be giving shirts, ebooks, and audio books away, so stop on by.

I think that wraps it all up. My longest blog post to date, but it was a year in review and a peek ahead. 

See you all next month.
Daniel Schinhofen

Saturday, December 1, 2018

December 2018

Welcome back to the monthly update. We have some stuff to cover so let's break it down for you all.

First off, Apocalypse Gates (Author's Cut) Book 3: Gearing up is now out.

The continued adventures of Alvin and Gothy, some of you have been chomping at the bit for the continuation of the series. As for audio, that is being worked on, and I'll throw up an update if its done before Janurary, but I would expect Janurary.

Also on the audio front, Alpha World 6: Path to Peace is ready for preorder and slated for Dec 11th release. If you've been waiting on it, go jump on the preorder wagon.

The fan page on Facebook had a couple of contests last month. I liked the Madlib one that was just done recently. I'm going to see about doing random contests periodically. Also the Live chats are going to be held once a month regardless of if we hit 100 new fans or not. I want to keep giving back to the fans. They will be held around the middle of the month on different days and times to try and get as many people as possible included. This months will be on the 14th @ 12pm PST.
On that same note, I'm holding one last spoiler live chat on the 8th. It will be my last spoiler live chat as the attendance for them is always much lower.

I recently had a radio interview with NPR's affiliate in Nevada. If you want to give the 10 minute interview a listen here is the link.

The editing side of things is in flux again, hopefully that will stabilize itself by the end of the month. If it does we might be able to go from every 2 months to 6 weeks, but that's still a wait and see.

Editors are working on Binding Words 2 right now. Alpha World 7 is waiting on them once they finish that. Before they finish BW2, I should have finished AG4 and handed that off to them as well.

AG4 is what I'm currently writing, and when you finish book 3 you'll know where they are and what is likely happening in book 4. I'm trying to conclude that whole arc into book 4, so it's a nice self contained story arc for the series, but we'll have to see. I'm pushing 80k on it at the moment and I still have a ways to go before I can get it to the end point I want.

Binding Words 2 current release date is looking like February 1st. If I hit that then Alpha World 7 should hit April Fools Day. Which would lead Apocalypse Gates 4 to be June 1st. But there is always hope things will move just a bit quicker.

Thanks for stopping by for the month, and I'll be back again in the New Year.
Daniel Schinhofen

Thursday, November 1, 2018

November 2018

Well it's November and the year is speeding along, I swear time has been flying every since I stepped away from the daily grind of a normal job. I would swear that October had just started and yet here I am doing the blog for November. Oh well, let's jump into news shall we.

Firstly; Morrigan's Bidding the 1st book of Binding Words is out on audio.

I hope the links help.

Secondly; I did a thing...I'm taking the risk of going back into KU. I've been there for two days and page reads are climbing fast. I hope not too fast otherwise Amazon is going to punk me. There were a couple of reasons for this move. Firstly; the difference in income has been larger then 50%, that was a big part of the reasoning. The second part was that a number of fans have expressed disappointment as they are on tight budgets and can only do KU. Thirdly; KU is still the fastest way to grow an audience for an author. Even being bent over the barrel and hammered by Amazon at times the gains against the potential negatives is hard to ignore.

Okay let's talk books shall we.
AG3: Gearing Up, is slowly working its way through edits. I hope to get it to Beta readers before midmonth so I can get it out by December 1st at the latest. I had hoped for six weeks, but that just isn't happening it looks like.

BW2: Title still waiting for the editors to finish AG3. They should be starting on it when AG3 goes to beta readers. AW7: Title written and queued up behind BW2 for the editors.

With all that going on I've started in on AG4: Title pending... I had to start it twice as the first start just didn't feel Alvin-ish enough. I've got a number of major patch notes for AG4 that are going to help stabilize the system, I'm looking forward to how it all shakes out.

Let's see, what else is going on that should be talked about? The Fan page on Facebook just hit 1,100+ people, and I'm considering just shifting to a once a month live chat instead of every 100 as that will be much more consistent later.
The website is going strong still, not certain I'm ever going to get a store set up for it. I'm in the process of seeing about physical copies of books, but even that is taking time. If I ever do I might shift signed copies of books off to Patreon as a tier reward, to make that easier to make sure I'm getting things to people correctly.
Speaking of Patreon I'm very happy with my fans that are supporting me there. I'm considering a special event I can do for them, to show my thanks. Maybe I'll live stream me writing a section of book on Twitch... but that is still up in the air.

I think that's it for the month, thank you for coming to read my ramble and for being a fan.

Until the next time, may life be good to you all,
Daniel Schinhofen

Monday, October 1, 2018

October 2018

It's October already, damn time is flying for me.

We have some news, and some olds, so let's jump right in.

First the big news, Alpha World book 6: The Path to Peace is out for preorder, its a short preorder only a few days, as the book is live on 10-5-18.



Here are some of the links depending on where you live.

Editors are already hard at work on AG3: Gearing Up. They also have BW2 waiting for them, title on that is still to be determined. More editor news is that my previous shorts on Patreon are being given a little love by another editor to try and clean them up. If I can get that done I'm considering putting them out as an anthology collection. That is down the road though.

Patreon has been a boon, everyone who supports me there, thank you. This month's short is about the Demon Lord Armor set. The backer has already said he is interested in November as well and I've started on that short.

The last chapter for AW6 to be posted on Patreon will be on the 4th. Starting on the 8th I will be starting the chapters for AG3, the first few are likely to not be edited as much as my normal chapters, so be aware.

What's next... the website. I have a website, though it is still lacking a store for now. It links to the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, and also has a mailing list subscription area. The mailing list, if you sign up will get you an exclusive short made just for those who sign up, it will not be published anywhere else.
The mailing list will only be used by me to tell you when the next book or audio book are being released. I will not be using it to pimp out other authors, so you will only get an email very rarely from me, as I hate Spam as much as you do.
The link for the website is:

In audio book news, Andrea should be wrapping up Binding Words 1: Morrigan's Bidding in the first few days of October. Which means it should be to you all by the end of October at the latest I hope.
Podium has been handed the manuscript for AW6, it has taken them 2-3 months for turn around so maybe late December or into Janurary for it to hit audio, but that is just me spit balling they haven't told me for certain.

I'm currently writing AW7: title pending. From where I am currently the series is looking like it might stretch to 8 books instead of 7. So good news for all of you fans of Alpha World.

Also I'm holding the 100 fan live chat on the Facebook page this coming Saturday 10-6-18. For 1000 fans I'm doing 3 live chats one at 1 PM PST for those overseas, one at 5 PM PST for the east coasters, and one at 8 PM PST for the west coaster. Lots of gifts will be given away in appreciation of all of the fans.

I think that about wraps it all up. I'll chat at you next month.

Daniel Schinhofen