Friday, February 1, 2019

February 2019

We made it through the first month of the year. Let's dig into the nitty-gritty of all the stuff to tell shall we?

Let's start with books; Binding Words 2: Life Bonds is now out for consumption. It actually went live a few days ago, as I got it out early. If you don't know what I'm talking about Binding Words is the series that started with Morrigan's Bidding. The story picks up with Sean, Fiona, and Myna traveling across country to distance themselves from the burning ruins of Oakwood.

Next up Apocalypse Gates 3: Gearing Up is out on audible.

The narrator is Tess Irondale, so it's a shift from Andrea Parsneau's style and voice, but she does a good job with it, and is going to be the voice of the story going forward.

Speaking of audio, Andrea has signed on to do Binding Words 2, so rejoice! I know I do.

Moving on, the idea of a store is once again in play. I've handed this project over to my sister, who is working with a print on demand company to make it work. I'll update if it actually moves forward but talks are currently underway.

The next Facebook Live Chat is slated for 2-15-19 @ 5 pm PST. I'll be giving away shirts, ebooks, and audio books as normal. I'm considering doing live chats on book release day and giving out copies of the new book. I did it as an impromptu one this time and had decent turn out for it. The problem for ebooks being I only have a US Amazon account so all my gifts are US gifts.

The next book out will be Alpha World 7: Darkhand. It is currently slated for 4-1-19, which is April Fools, but maybe I'll get it out a little early like I did BW2. Once that is done the editors will be working on AG4.

Currently I'm writing BW3, I should be done with it in the next few days, and then I'll be off to write AW8. I'm hoping that I can wrap up Alpha World with book 8, but we shall see.

Now the quasi bad news. I'm going to be trading off writing slots of the AG spot with a new story. Which means that AG will be getting 1 book a year instead of 2, and the new story will be taking that slot instead.
I know you're all asking what the new story is going to be right now. Frankly I have a few to pick from, the short list as I call it. It is likely to be a more level based series, with abilities that can be used x number of times per day for each of the characters. More in line with a tabletop roleplaying game then anything I've written in the past. But I'll know more when I get to that spot which will be after I write AW8.

That wraps up the monthly ramble of what I have going on. Before we say goodbye, let me remind you that reviews matter. Reviews help push the book up the algorithm that Amazon uses to put the book before others, so please take the time and reviews the books you read, not just mine, but any book you enjoy.

Until March, thank you for taking your time to keep up with me,
Daniel Schinhofen