Monday, October 2, 2017

October 2017

Welcome back everyone,

Okay what do I have to talk to you about this month....

1st off: Alpha World 3: Alpha Company, is out and being read by peoples. So far reviews seem good to the continuation of the story. I ask that if you read it and enjoyed it please drop by Amazon and leave a review. Every review helps.

Secondly: AW2 audio is slated for 10-3-17 according to podium, who has the rights to the audio for the series. No idea why is never had a pre-order, but it is what it is now. Having listened to the story myself I enjoyed it.

Nextly: Progress continues on my next book which is going to be Apocalypse Gates 1: Rapture. It is still undergoing editing, but it is trucking right along. I am slating for a December release hopefully.

Fourth: AW4 is being written and it is coming along nicely. If you've read AW3, then you should know what AW4 is going to be about. yes book 4 is all about that quest, the journey and the actual event at the end.

I ran a promotion on my fan page for free books for AW3. I am considering doing this again for Apocalypse Gates, when it goes out. So if you haven't stopped by yet, you might want to do so as free swag shows up at times it seems.

I was pretty stoked at the number of people who seemed ready to read book 3. You guys did something amazing that I'm still stoked about.

I hit #1 in three categories, if only briefly. as well as making it into the top 10 as an author in more categories. Which was only possible due to you, so thank you.

I have a new cover for AG as well, I'll show that off next month. As it is I'm still trying to figure out if Amazon will let me produce two versions of the same book. I want to publish a PG-13 and a NSFW version of AG. I just can't get a solid answer from them on how different the books need to be, for them to allow it.

Well that about sums up this month's blog. Thanks for stopping by and reading, feel free to join us on Facebook. I even get around to responding to messages when I can, so if there is something you just have to tell me, feel free.

Peace out,
Daniel Schinhofen


  1. Currently on your second book. All great except small details. Whats bothers me most is solution for quick slots for potions. Players must use belts for quick access, right? But they use potions rarely and those who need them the most (tanks) are constantly hit by mobs - especially in chest area.
    Even wearing such belt to have them placed on the back would break glass containers constantly when players are thrown on their backs or something. And at that instant six expensive potions propably go poof. Or thin glass flasks while worn that way have unlimited durability? Sorry but in my opinion this solution is unrealistic for such a game. Better to no have restrictions for potions at all.

  2. Also since I still remember question about book one. In the beginning Vicky makes bet with MC - if she win, he answer any one question she have for him and if he win he can make up any reward he want.

    My question is: if he would won and he would want for example decreasing of pain to 0% or that NDA he singed would no longer apply to him or he would request to back out from the program... If it was any request like that, she would grant that to him?

    After all she promised him "any reward". Pretty irresponsible bet for an AI.

    Or she still cheats and there is no chance for him to win any bet with her? Or she is restricted and granting such things would be impossible. This is pure theoretical - he lost after all - but I'm curious if she would make excuses like that if he won. An if yes - I think he also should make similar excuse and not tell her about Kaylee - he tell her not to ask about it earlier after all.

  3. Howard thanks for stopping by. let's see if I can't answer some of this for you.
    Potions don't break, after all its a game. So they wanted to limit the number of potions a person could reasonable be expected to carry into a fight. Balancing issues after all.
    As for the second post about the bet... that is a good question, I don't know as my book was designed to go the direction it went in. If it had gone the other way Seamus would have asked either for pain tolerance control, or even the ability to contact David in the real world.

    1. I understand need for the limit. But there is minuscule possibility that such placed potions would block some sword trusts in belt area. Also in this case some players would propably try to use them as blunt weapons or even try make armor of them (I know that it's not possible to make more then 6 quickslots, but quickslot feature would not be something that those players would be aiming), or I don't know: craft some giant potion and use it as indestructible club.

      I don't know how would this look like but, I'm pretty sure that some players would try to create such "inventions".

      Anyway I think if real life devs would be making such belt, it wouldn't be one with potions sticking out, but something like players bag with slots that fold/hide potions entirely within "belt space".

      Also if potions don't break, but belt actually do, then if it's destroyed vials simply fall to the ground and you can stomp on them without risk of braking and pick them later? For me such detail like unbreakable glass outside player bag is somewhat silly even in nowadays advanced games. In one where you can immerse yourself its in my eyes unacceptable. Well, maybe it is in case where vial is blessed by Dark Lord himself (or other god).

      Anyway please forgive my nitpicking. It's a small detail in overall great series and propably bothers only me (cause I'm strange like that and like to divagate about such strange details). Sorry.

      And thanks for writing such entertaining story.

    2. It seems more so the idea of the potions being "hot keyed" to the belt. Being a Virtual Reality it's a visual representation of a quick action. Allowing the benefits of insta-action or hot keys as well as allowing team members to see quickly as well.

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  5. Drat, I missed the free book offer. I really want to read book three but at the moment I simply don't have the moon by for it.

    Had to delete previous post because blogspot goofed.

  6. Daniel, your books are amazing.
    As a major LitRPG and Fantasy book reader, your 3 AW booms would be up there at the top, if not 1st, of my books. Your skill in writing these books and creating such an entertaining storyline that i would say this book is up there with my top books such as LOTR, Eragon, and Summoner. Congratulations on writing these books. Any idea on the timeframe for when book 4 is coming out? I am looking forward to it so much. Also, maybe you could include mounts in there somewhere? Please respond, though don't feel pressured to (bit of a double negative there)

    1. That is very high praise @Radangus. I would never put my books in the same league as LotR. Though I am flattered that you did.
      As for book 4 it won't be out until next year sometime. My next book out is one for a new series.

    2. unfortunate, though i will still be looking forward to it.

  7. Daniel, I really love the new Alpha World book and the series in general. However, Rachel's rapey attitude is really turning me off. If a friend whom I asked to give me space climbed into bed with me naked, our friendship would end abruptly. Albrecht is so understanding that it makes me angry. I suppose the good side is that I'm certainly invested in the characters.

  8. Yeah everyone has their own personality, she climbed into bed, not naked but, with minimal clothing at Stacia's request. As the scene that followed was Stacia forcing the issue.
    Nice to know that my characters are real enough to evoke emotion.

  9. I have to ask... I'm reading the series the second time (or at least having it read to me this time via Audible), something is striking me a little funny... Is Seamus actually the one who attacked Kaylee?