Monday, April 1, 2019

April 2019

Man, that month went by too fast. March was a pain in the ass. Let's digress into life issues for a moment. My best friend's dad died this month, that sucked. Losing a loved one is always hard, family doubly so. I had a plumbing issue that took a full week and 2 plumbers to solve, needless to say the first plumber will never get my business again. The good thing this month was purchasing the land I plan to build a home on.

Okay now that we've done life shit, let's get to the part you all really want to know about, books and audio.

Binding Words 2: Life Bonds is out on audio, preformed by the lovely and talented Andrea Parsneau. I was thrilled to have her once again voice the characters there. If you enjoyed her first rendition in the series you'll love the second.

The next big news is that Alpha World 7: Darkhand is now live for you to read.

Those are the two big things to speak about first. The big news isn't over though, I'm almost done writing Alpha World 8 at this point, and it is the last book of the alpha World Series. I know that makes a lot of you sad, but I have many more stories to come, so please stay with me.

The next book that will come out is going to be Apocalypse Gates 4, around June 1st. Following that will be Binding Words 3, around August 1st. Both of these might move up, depending on the editors and how fast they can get through it.

I held a small live chat when the book was released and gave away 6 copies for free. I'm considering making that a normal release event, not 100% certain yet, but there was a lot of chatter for the hour I did it and it felt good. Speaking of Live Chats, the next monthly one will be April 15th @5pm PST.

I think that about covers everything to touch on this month. What I plan to do with the Alpha world slot once I finish AW8 is still up in the air, but I'm leaning towards filling it with a new series, but time will tell, because I'll be writing AG5, and then BW4 before that happens.

One last thing before I go, remember to review books. Not just mine, but everyone's books. The more reviews a book has the more it gets bumped in Amazon's system to get it in front of people via also bought, and recommended. Reviews matter a great deal to indie authors, so please take a minute or two and leave a review.

Until next month, may the books keep you entertained.

Daniel Schinhofen