Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May 2019

Here we are at the beginning of May. I swear this year is going by faster then any previous year. Okay, let's jump into all the stuff to talk about, or I'll get sidetracked by something random.

First we should hit the sad news. Alpha World 8 has been written, it ends the series. Before editing it sits at 162,000-ish words, making it my longest book to date, surpassing Last Horizon: Beta which should have been two books. Now before you all get your hopes up let's talk editing.

Currently AG4 is being edited, but it will be with my beta readers in the next week or two, which puts it on track for a June 1st release, or possibly even earlier. As soon as my editors hand that off to beta readers they will be digging into BW3. When they finish that they will then get to AW8, which puts it at an October release at the moment, though that could get moved back considering the length of the book.

I am having an editor also take the short stories from my patreon page, as well as another one that is unpublished, and give them some love. I'll be putting that Anthology up after AW8 is published.

Now before you all start asking, Delta World isn't happening right now. I have my notes for what that will be, but that story is going to wait. In fact the whole slated release schedule will be bumped after AW8 publishes.

Why you are probably asking, well that's because following AW8 will be the first of a new series. Name still pending for it, but it will be a group of table top gamers who end up in another world, that mimics a lot of the rules from the game. AG5 and BW4 will follow that book, and then we'll rotate around like I would normally.

Okay let's answer the question about audio for AW7, it's in the hands of Podium. Which normally means 3 months for the audio book, so a late June or July release is likely, but I don't have a firm date from them yet, so it could fluctuate, I'll keep you posted.

Now for some new stuff. I have two books finally up as physical books. Binding Words 1 & 2 are now available for purchase.
Those links will take you to Amazon to purchase them.
I know some of you are asking about signed copies. I'm not selling them, not yet, maybe not for awhile as that will take some logistics to make work. However I might include them in the big giveaways.

Big giveaways you ask. This moth marks my 2 year Anniversary with Patreon and my 1 year Anniversary as a fulltime writer. Patreon supporters are getting a special giveaway for them. My fulltime writer giveaway will be handled via Facebook. Both of those have the chance of signed copies of books. The next one will be in October to mark my Anniversary as a Published Author.

I think that's everything but the Monthly Live Chat on Facebook. It will be May 14th at 2PM PST. I'll be giving away the usual prizes for that, not likely to include signed books.

That's it folks, you all have a great month, and I'll be back in June with more information, not the least of which should be the news that AG4 is live.