Monday, May 1, 2017

May 2017

Okay another month has passed on by and bad news on the book front. I missed my self-imposed deadline of finishing the book by the end of April. Good news it will be done this coming week, woot woot. Okay bad news again, then it goes to editing. Once the first edit is done, I will go over it again then get it out to my couple of beta readers/ proof readers.

So long story short.... too late... Late June or early July is likely to see Alpha World Book 2, Forming the Company.

Onto other news Podium told me who was doing the audio for Alpha World Book 1 Gamer for Life. The narrator is Peter Berkrot, unless they change things on me. After listening to some of his work I am excited by this.

More audio book news Tantor told me who would be doing the audio for Last Horizon. The narrator for that is Johnathan Yen, who did the Way of the Shaman Series. So that is pretty awesome.

Not a whole lot else to update you all on. I am going to be changing the chapter titles to just chapter #, instead of names. This is to help with the whisper synch when the books go audio, as well as to not spoil what is coming in the chapter.

Okay I didn't get a whole lot of response last week, sad panda here. This week we will try again. I have two/three other books clamoring to be written. So once Book 2 is done I have a choice to make, do I go for book 3. Do I write the Dungeon book I have wanting to be heard. Or I could write the multi-game book where the MC has the option of playing multiple games from Zombie, to Fantasy, to Cyberpunk ect... or again I could write a more real LITRPG, one where skills go up slowly, magic has to be taught to you, abilities have to be trained ect...

It really is a hard one to decide, so if you have an opinion and everyone does, please leave a comment.

Until next month when I hopefully have news about when the book is ready to be published at least in a tighter window, I wish you all the best and thanks for your support.


  1. Much as I want more of the existing series, I also believe that there are real benefits to having a second active series: helping the author avoid burnout, broadening the audience, etc. If you won't be revisiting the Last Horizon universe any time soon, then I'd vote for either the multi-game or the "real" LITRPG as sounding most interesting. Personally, while I read some dungeon genre stories, they just aren't as engaging for me. (That said, since it's you I'd still give it a shot if that's what you choose!)

  2. Morlac, thanks for the reply.
    Yeah as I just finished book 2 I have all of those books begging me to be the next one as well as Book 3 nibbling on my toes. I might do something crazy and try to balance two stories at once just to see if I can.

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