Monday, August 1, 2022

August 2022

 We've made it into August, which means that 2022 is still moving along.
Though for some that might be melting along with the heatwaves experienced in July.

Okay, let's get to it. First off let's start with Audio Books. Since the last blog we have had 2 books come out for your listening enjoyment.
Luck's Voice 3: Breaking the Bank and Luck's Voice 4: Dangerous Gamble. Yup they both came out in July. So, you can have a double dose of Andie voice this month as we catch up to the last books written in each series.

Now where does that leave us for other audio you are wondering.
Well Andie has BW8 slated for recording in September. Which mean we might see it out in October, that's a maybe, but let's hope.
Aether's will be recorded after BW8 obviously. If we're lucky though she'll get them knocked out before the next book of each series publishes, or close to that.
I was talking with her just the other day, and she thinks by the end of the year she'll have caught up on all my books. I don't know if she realizes that I'll have 2-3 more books for her by then. If she does then that'll be even more amazing, let us hope.
On slightly different audio news, Stephanie Savanah will be taking over for Travis Baldree for Dungeon Walkers. I think she's slated to record this month, which means we might see it come September. She'll be running with the series going forward.

On the Dungeon Walkers front, I'm still waiting for the monthly numbers to come in... but it doesn't look good. Preliminary looks like it'll be even worse than book 2 was, which is terrible. Not making any call on it yet until I get final numbers, but it might mean a soft close to the series with the next book.

If that does come to pass, then I'll be spinning up a new series in its place. That series will be Sci-fi in nature and have mecha involved in it. Knowing me it will involve more character interactions that giant robots smashing each other, but yeah, that's just me. I'd think harem with explicit scenes here or there, in line with most of my current series.

As for next up We're looking at Luck's Voice 5, which is currently getting previewed on Patreon. The release date is now slated for August 31st. Which is kind of funny as that's when I leave for Dragon Con. Might need to get it out a day or two before that if possible.

Speaking of Dragon Con, I'll be there and will have my phone. So using Discord to try and find me might work out well for you as I will be checking it periodically. I am an attending professional this year, I'm very happy about that. But it does mean they might slate me in for a panel as well. So there is that.
If you are coming and haven't already signed up for the meet and Greet at the Medieval Times on Thursday night, do so. It's easy to do Direct Message me on Discord or Facebook.

I think that about covers it all.
Hope to see you at the Con in September.
But even if I don't, stay safe and as cool as possible.

Daniel Schinhofen