Saturday, June 1, 2019

June 2019

I swear May had just started, but it's over and now we're on to June. Time seems to be moving faster then I can keep up with at times. Truthfully though it was probably due to all the stuff that was going on last month. That's all water under the bridge now though, let's look forward to what June has to offer.
Okay first one more thing, over 30 prizes were given away last month between Patreon's 2 year anniversary giveaway and the giveaway on Facebook for my 1 year fulltime writer anniversary. I just barely got them all shipped too. I'll be doing the standard giveaways during the live chat's, but the big events will get special giveaways in the future too, but maybe not so many prizes next time.

Speaking of giveaway's let's get info for this month rolling. June's Facebook Live Chat will be held on the 15th at 8 PM PST. A later time and on a weekend, hopefully this will get more people to attend the chat, we shall have to see.

For audio we have AG4: Elven Accord starting to be recorded by Tess Irondale, I hope to have that ready sometime in July.
AW7: Darkhand audio should be up later this month or early next, Podium gave me a tentative date of the 27th, but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

For ebooks, well AG4: Elven Accord went out on May 15th, if you missed it here is the link:
That is why June is going to be barren for me. If things stay on schedule though I'll be able to move Binding Words 3 from it's expected date of August 1st to sometime in July, pay attention to Twitter, Facebook, and the like for updates on that, though I hope to have the beta for BW3 started before June ends.

Patreon is currently getting chapters of BW3 to read, sadly the rough artwork has slowed down some, I'm trying to get them posted every other Sunday at this time, but it'll all come down to what the artist gives me. If any of you are artists and want to gift me fan art, I will likely feature them on them on a Sunday as well, just be aware that gives me the right to use the images for Patreon at the very least.

I did mention BW3, and audio books, and I know some of you have to be wondering if Andrea is going to be back for book 3. At this time we have an agreement in place, so unless something goes wonky it should be a go, much to my relief. I'm entirely happy that Andie is continuing on with this series, and hope she will do so for the entire series.

For those wondering about production schedule I'll give you a heads-up here. next is BW3, slated for August 1st, but more then likely out in July. Following that is AW8, which is going to be the last Alpha World book, and that is slated for October. I'd love to get it out faster, but AW8 is a thick book over 160k words, which means it'll need extra love by the editors as opposed to my standard 100k books. Following AW8 is the first book of a new series, name TBD at this time, release slated for December.

I know that got your attention, and you are probably wondering about this new series. It is loosely based on tabletop rpg mechanics, but is a portal fantasy for a group of friends. Its a bit of a departure from my other series in that there is no romance angle in the 1st book at all, no idea if that will change as the series goes on but there it is. A mostly safe for late-teens story, wouldn't recommend it to kids still has adult themes in it, but clean in the sex regard at least. I'll talk more about it as time goes on as I'm currently writing it.

I think that about wraps up the talk this month. Thank you all for stopping by again to hear what is going on. I'll be taking at least 2 days off this month for my dad's birthday and father's day, but other then that I should be full steam ahead.

See you in July.