Saturday, November 18, 2017

Novemeber 2017 Update

So update post for the month. the reason why this time, my next book is up for preorder on Amazon.

Apocalypse Gates Book 1: Rapture comes in PG-16 and NSFW versions.

The (NSFW) Author's Cut edition has descriptive sex scenes. So please be aware of which one your buying. I have attached different covers to them to make it obvious which one you are looking at.

So without any more delays here are the links:


Author's Cut (NSFW):

I hope you enjoy.

Daniel Schinhofen

Monday, November 6, 2017

November 2017

Welcome back folks.

Not much on the plate this month. AW3 is being handled by Podium for Audio, they are working on it. When they get more info I will of course share it with you'll.

AW3 was strong out of the gate, which is thanks to all of you and others who aren't reading this. I was amazed to be able to hit#1 in three categories all at once. Even if it was but briefly it was pretty amazing, but again that is all due to you guys.

In new news, wow that seems like a bad sentence, Apocalypse Gates: Rapture should be out of editing in a week or so. Then its 2 days in my hands for another once over. After that it gets thrown up for pre-order and goes out to my beta readers. Really hoping to hit the beginning of December as a release date.

Currently still planning on releasing the toned down version with as little sexual commentary as possible. Which will be the altered version, the other version is going to be known as the Author's Cut, as in Director's Cut. The reason is that is the way the story was originally written, it is what I wrote for you.

The reason for dual books on PG-16 and the other NSFW, is so I can see if the demand is more for the adult side of things or not. There have been a number of threads over on Facebook, that have touched on sex vs no sex. It seems really split, so let's see what people think the good old fashion way, give them a choice.

If you ask for my opinion on which version will be better, definitely the Author's Cut, which will have the better artwork. If you don't like sex I would just suggest skipping over the few pages where it gets descriptive. Yes it is descriptive, explicit, and graphic. I want you all warned on this ahead of time, even though I know people will still bash the hell out of the NSFW version for having sex, Meh.

For those of you who love audio books, I am currently in talks with Tantor, and Podium as both have expressed interest in the series. I am also weighing the idea of not going with either and going through ACX to find a narrator myself. I found one I would love to read the work, and if I do put out audio it is likely to be the Author's Cut.

Well that about sums it up for me this month, next month will be interesting to see how things fall. I am going to ask which version are you most interested in, PG-16 or NSFW. I'll see about setting up a poll over on my fan page on Facebook. Stop by and voice your opinion.

Until next month have fun, and enjoy all the good books coming out. I know I have a backlog of books waiting for me to tackle them.

Amazed at how wonderful you all are,
Daniel Schinhofen