Saturday, October 2, 2021

October 2021

 Sorry about the day late post, time ran away from me yesterday.

Let's get to the news shall we?

We'll start with the recently done. Aether's Revival 4: Aether's Apprentices came out at the start of September and you guys liked it. I'm happy to see you're all enjoying the story of Gregory. It's going to be a long road, and I hope you all stay with me as we slowly peel back his story.

It was also in September that I was finally able to make my research trip for Apocalypse Gates. I had it tacked on to the end of DragonCon, and managed to see all the places I needed to. I have started in on writing the book already clipping along with it. Funnily enough the start of the book didn't take me where I researched but off in a different direction, but now I'm pushing toward my researched locations. But that's not until December.

This month we'll be seeing Dungeon Walkers 2 come out. Stern, Trish, and Cyra will be starting their journey as a crew, and as a triad relationship. As with most things I do it's written in a slow style, but has action during travel and dungeons, with character development added between them. I really hope you all enjoy it. And yes Travis will be recording it.

Speaking of recording, Andie is about to record AR3. She's finishing off the book before it this week or next. So if you want to hear her recording AR3, pay attention to her discord, I'll of course make a announcement on my pages as well.

On the topic of audio, Andie is going to be pushing to clear out as much of her backlog as she can. Which means you'll likely get another book, perhaps two of mine recorded by her before the year ends. That's her goal and I fully endorse her in her attempt at it. But do not pester her, she is doing all she can.

Other big news...this is the anniversary of my publication date. FIVE YEARS published as of the 3rd of October. Wow...damn...five years since Last Horizon:Beta was sent out into the wilds of Amazon. It's six years from when I finished writing it, we had a long...editing...period. Me and my girlfriend trying to make it better, and well, we tried...

That anniversary though has contests that were running on Discord, Facebook, and Patreon. I really hoped you all had the chance to jump in because they ended on the morning of the 3rd. For the winners, congratulations, for everyone else, thank you for entering, and remember I do this every year on October 3rd.

For those wondering what will come next year, I'll give you the rundown on my writing cycle, and what you are likely to see in what order; LV4, BW8, AR5, DW3, LV5, BW9, AR6, and possibly DW4. That's the rotation, and I'll be trying my best to get all of those out in 2022, but might fall short by a book or two.

Anyway thanks for putting up with my tardiness, and with my rambling. See you all next month.

Daniel Schinhofen