Monday, May 1, 2023

May 2023

 Four months down and 8 to go. That is just how the year feels to me so far.
Hoping that May will start to ease off the problems, and we can have nice quiet days again.

Let's jump into book news first. Luck's Voice 6: Emerita's Boxing Day came out on April 5th. I hope those of you who read it enjoyed the ride. It was a bit different, but not everything is going to be old west shootouts either. It's sets the series for some big shifts that should come in book 7, but that's a ways off yet. 
What isn't aways off is the audio for LV6. I just finished up audio proofing that. Andie will likely get the corrections turned around in short order then it'll be in the hands of ACX and Audible. If things go well you might see it this month. But it's always a gamble with ACX so it might be June. I'll of course post on social media when I see it go up.

Speaking of audio, Antecedents' Legacy audio is up for preorder A reminder that the series is done by Andie, but is published through Podium, hence the preorder. I really hope you audiophiles enjoy this sci-fantasy series. The book goes live on May 30th.

To finish off audio news. DW4 is with Mountain Dale Press and should be approved by Audible this coming week. With of course the caveat that it might be delayed by them. But it will be the next audio book you can grab to listen to. Stephanie Savanah returned to narrate this one for us. It does a soft wrap on the series. I hope you enjoyed the look at Delta World through the eyes of Stern.

Okay we've hit what came last and audio news. That means we should talk about what will be published next. That is Binding Words 10: Truestrike's Treachery, which is currently getting preview chapters on Patreon. It is currently slated for a June release, as the book is going through edits currently.
Sean has a lot on his plate in this one, hope you enjoy it.

The book I'm currently writing is of course Aether's 7. Gregory's adept posting along the northern wilds. It's going to be different for him, he has none of his usual safety nets in his clan and wives there to assist him. It'll be a book to see how he does on his own, well and with his unit of magi guards.

May also sees a few important dates for me as a writer. I'll have been on Patreon for 6 years on the 10th of the month. That's a little boggling to me, but yeah it checks out. I'm forever grateful to the fans who've gone above and beyond to support me there.
The other important date is the 21st, which will mark 5 years as a fulltime author. Now that is kind of a mindfuck for me. It really doesn't feel like it's been 5 years. I'll be holding a giveaway on various forums for that. Discord and Facebook will see giveaways. I have some books I can sign and ship to people, plus a few other things like the highly prized cameo/red-shirt appearances for the books. So if you want in on the prizes make sure to check social media in the coming weeks.

Just one last thing to call out. The live chat will be on the 15th at 12pm pacific time. It's held over on Twitch so, if you want the chance to win a challenge coin that's where you need to be.

Until June comes and the heat kicks up a notch, stay safe.

Daniel Schinhofen

Saturday, April 1, 2023

April 2023

 It is Fool's Day. More fool me for being late on the post.

March was...unkind, yes let's call it unkind. It wasn't as terrible as we feared, but it was still unpleasant. It didn't start that way. I started the month by going to Denver for research purposes. Stayed at the Palace Hotel which I'd used when Doc and crew got to Furden. Triangular building in downtown. Nice room, even if the toilet was possessed. I'm not kidding the thing had a pressure issue and would scream like it was a damned soul. That's a whole story on it's own, so I'm skipping it here.
But then on the 15th our good boy, Lowkey, decided he was going to hurt himself. He busted his snoot on the gate. From what the vet has decided he bruised the inside of his snoot bad enough to bruise it. Worse than that the bruise busted open, so we had a gushing bloody boy. We barely got him back from the 24/7 vet on the 30th. Lowkey, high price, looks to finally be healing and no longer gushing blood or gooey clots. If he relapses we'll have to find a vet who can and will cauterize inside a dog nose, and trust me they ain't common.
So the second half of the month was kind of a shitshow. But we think, maybe, hopefully, we're through the worst of it now.

Let's talk books, that's why you really come here. DW4 is done, it has had it's monthly run, and I was sadly right, it undersold. Just under the cost of bills for the book and living expenses. I hope you all liked the story, and maybe some day in the distant future I can revisit Stern and Co., but it wouldn't be for years if ever.

This month will be Luck's Voice 6: Emerita Boxing Day. Should be out late on the 5th, so don't pass over it...see what I did there? Eh, never mind. Doc comes to grips with the problems of Furden in this one. Some unexpected twists, some good and bad. I really enjoyed how it went, and I hope you do too.
Funnily enough Andie will start recording it before the book gets published. She'll be starting on Monday, the 3rd, while I get the back matter in order. Patreon thanks, author note, etc. If you want a sneak listen before the book goes live, tune into her discord.

With LV6 coming out, that means BW10 is next. I'm over halfway through the book. Well, what I think is the halfway mark anyway. BW10: Truestrike's Treachery, is going to wrap up the Truestrike plot line. Which means BW11 will end up being the last of the series. That is slated before the year ends too, which will put BW as a 5 year series. BW1 published August of 2018, and BW11 will publish after that I hope before the year ends or January of 2024. 
What a ride.

After BW will of course be AR7, title unknown, where Gregory will be with his men on the edge of the Northern Wilds. Where slavers and rough men make their living. Where he patrols the edge to stop any major attacks and upholds the laws. I'm sure nothing will go wrong there...

In audio news, Podium has Antecedents' Legacy and will be telling me when they plan to release it soon, I hope. Dungeon Walkers 4 is with Mountain Dale Press and hopefully will also be getting a release date soon. I've already told you Andie will be recording LV6 this week, which catches us fully up on audio books. I'm not 3-4 books back in waiting anymore. So rejoice audiophiles we are as up to date as possible for you.

Other random news, the DC event for Medieval Times is a bust. One and done it looks like sadly. Just not enough sponsors to back it. I'll be looking at doing something else as a fan meet and greet for those who wanted me to sign things, or just hang out and talk. More on that as the year goes on.

That's everything I can think of. So stay safe out there.

Daniel Schinhofen
Schinhofen Books

Thursday, March 2, 2023

March 2023

 Wow already March-ing on...yes it's a bad pun. We'll get to the news now, heh.

Not a lot in February to talk about, but let's hit what we have.
Andrea recorded AR6 and AL1. So she' is now caught up on everything I've written to this point. She's cleared the backlog. For those waiting for those audio books, I'd look to late March or April before Audible releases them. As for where they are in the process I'll be audio proofing AR6 in a day or two, and she just finished recording AL1 and that is off to her audio editor.
In other February news Antecedents' did good with book 1. Not great not terrible but a good solid performance. With DW4 ending that series this month, Antecedents' Legacy is taking over that slot in the rotation.

Speaking of Dungeon Walkers, it's out. It's slated for a March 1st release. I held the blog back to make sure I could post the link for it. This soft ends the series, much like Apocalypse Gates got a soft ending. It was one of the places I saw as an early out if it was needed. Sadly, it was needed as sales dropped precipitously through the first three books. One day like AG I might be able to pick it up again, but that would be a decade or more away likely. Dungeon Walkers 4 eBook : Schinhofen, Daniel

Stephanie Savanah through Mountain Dale publishing will be handling the audio book. The how and when of that is all up to them as they've been given the file already. I'm happy Stephanie stepped in to pick the series up for me. She'll stay on my short list of narrators for is Andie ever can't do one of my series.

Random news is me taking a vacation with one of my girlfriends to Colorado this month. We'll be hitting some of the train tours, so I get a better feel for early rail. We'll end up in Denver for two days, where I hope to meet up with some fellow authors whose books I enjoy: Joe Kuster and William Arand. Should be fun.

With DW4 done, we shift onto LV6, which I just finished writing and it's with the editors as of now. Patreon will be seeing preview chapters of Emerita Boxing Day starting on the 2nd of March. I had a lot of fun with this book, and it's different from what most will probably expect considering Doc's previous troubles. Really hope you all like it.

Which does leave me with having just started BW10. I'm fairly certain BW10 or BW11 will end the series. I give myself the leeway of saying that as it'll all come down to what happens with Truestrike in this book. Being the after-action reporter not a plotter means I end up surprised as often as you do. I will say we should see resolution with Truestrike in this book that is my goal, but we will see. After BW10 I'll move onto AR7. I'm going to be looking forward to that, but for now it's all in on BW10.

That wraps us up for news this month. Hope to have you all come back for the next month's update.

Stay safe,
Daniel Schinhofen

Thursday, February 2, 2023

February 2023

 February is here, wow, the 1st month flew by.

Okay let's dive into what happened since the last post.
We had two more audio books come out. BW9: Accord and LV5: Luck's Holdings. Andie really went all out at the end of last year for us to get them now. Here are the links:

We also had a book published, Antecedents' Legacy 1: Antecedents' Legacy. The first of my sci-fantasy series that deals with a mercenary yanked across the multiverse. It features nanotech, spaceships, mecha, alongside fantasy races like slimes, kitsune, and Succubi. Been out two weeks as of the posting of the blog and doing well. Won't know how well until the 30-day window finishes, but it looks promising.

That leads us into what's coming up. Dungeon Walkers 4 is currently seeing previews on Patreon. It'll get published by mid-March, but we'll try for a bit sooner as always. That will be the soft-ending to DW as the sales have dropped off drastically. I did give it a nice bow to wrap things up. Hopefully you enjoy it.

On the audio front, Andie is going to be recording AR6 and AL1 this month. If you want to hear her doing the live recording, you can drop by her discord. Hearing the love, hard work, and passion that goes into getting it all right is amazing.

I'm currently writing LV6: Emerita's Boxing Day, and previews of that will start up in March on Patreon. It's been interesting some twists I didn't expect but made sense as I wrote them down. When it comes out I do hope you all enjoy it.

In other news, DragonCon has accepted me as an attending professional. No idea if I'll be on any panels until sometime in August, but I will update social media once I know. I know there is work being done for a 2nd annual Medieval Times meet and greet happening. No solid word on it yet, but things are being done to try making it happen.

The live chat for February will be at 3pm Pacific on the 15th. Live on Twitch, and then the recording will hit YouTube afterward. That is where i will answer questions, ramble about random things, and then give out challenge coins to five lucky winners. The coins now have a Antecedents' Legacy coin added to the ranks. Photos can be seen on Discord and Twitter. Facebook is being a little bitch about letting me update the picture.

That sums everything up for now. I hope you all have a great month.

Daniel Schinhofen

Sunday, January 1, 2023

January 2023

 We made it through the end of 2022...or did we? Time to wait and see how 2023 shapes up before we make that call. I'll be cautiously optimistic that 2023 will be a good year.

Let's jump in. First things first old news, well old for most of you, unless you only read the blog. Two audio books have come out since the last blog. Aether's Revival 5: Mages of Buldoun, and Bindign Words 8: Accorded Nobility. Links unde rthis section about audio books.
We've also handed off LV5 audio to ACX/Audible in the last day or will in the first day or two of this month. That gives us a projected, if ACX holds to their schedule, of LV5 audio coming out mid to late month.
Add in that this month I'll also be audio proofing BW9, and turning it in and we should see it out in audio I'd think early February. Unless ACX does funny no promises.
Accorded Nobility by Daniel Schinhofen - Audiobook -
Mages of Buldoun by Daniel Schinhofen - Audiobook -

Okay, let's just tap the last of the audio news before we press on with book news. Andie didn't get to AR6 before the end of the year. With ACX being the unreliable partner they are, I asked Andie to not try jamming AR6 in before her holidays. She will be getting to it in February, which means a likely March release for it.

Now onto book stuff. AR6: Magi Guard did well. Thank you to everyone who has continued to enjoy the story. I know the departure of Book 6 might have shocked some even though it was known about well in advance. I just hope you all stick with me into Book 7, when Gregory tackles his Adept posting.

That's not the big news for this month though, no, the big news is a new series starting up. Antecedent's Legacy is my Sci-Fantasy series that blends fantasy with sci-fi, but hand-wavium sci-fi of nanotech and AIs. I'll actually be doing a preorder for this before it gets published. No more than a week before and maybe as short as three days before.
I can only do this because I'm ahead of schedule for once. It feels nice having a bit of a buffer, and I hope to keep the buffer going forward, but time will tell.

Antecedent's Legacy will be taking over the slot for Dungeon Walkers. I'll be setting down Dungeon Walkers with book 4 which will publish after AL1. Sales dropped off precipitously for book 3, and instead of just leaving the series open, I'm wrapping things up softly in book 4. I personally hate series left without any kind of conclusion, so book 4 gives at least a soft ending to it, but leaves me the option to go back to it in the future if I wish to. Not sure it'll ever happen, but having that option is nice.

For those wondering what the schedule looks like for this year let me break it down by series intials and numbers: AL1, DW4, LV6, BW10, AR7, AL2, LV7....possibly BW11, as 7-8 books a year is my normal at this point so BW11 is a maybe before the year ends. Now of course, that is predicated on everything going smoothly for the year, so let's hope for that.

One more small note on audio here, Andie will be doing the recording for Antecedent's Legacy. She'll be doing it in February or March, which will catch her up to me as Stephanie Savanah is doing DW4. That will mean by mid-2023 we should be waiting for the audio before I publish another book. For all of my audiophiles, rejoice that we will catch up.

That should be everything, except for the monthly live chat on Twitch. This month will be the 15th at 10AM Pacific time. A Sunday morning stream, maybe we'll break records for people attending. Remember I give away the challenge coins to random winners each live chat, so if you want to try getting one you need to attend.

See you all in February, stay safe out there.

Daniel Schinhofen