Monday, October 1, 2018

October 2018

It's October already, damn time is flying for me.

We have some news, and some olds, so let's jump right in.

First the big news, Alpha World book 6: The Path to Peace is out for preorder, its a short preorder only a few days, as the book is live on 10-5-18.



Here are some of the links depending on where you live.

Editors are already hard at work on AG3: Gearing Up. They also have BW2 waiting for them, title on that is still to be determined. More editor news is that my previous shorts on Patreon are being given a little love by another editor to try and clean them up. If I can get that done I'm considering putting them out as an anthology collection. That is down the road though.

Patreon has been a boon, everyone who supports me there, thank you. This month's short is about the Demon Lord Armor set. The backer has already said he is interested in November as well and I've started on that short.

The last chapter for AW6 to be posted on Patreon will be on the 4th. Starting on the 8th I will be starting the chapters for AG3, the first few are likely to not be edited as much as my normal chapters, so be aware.

What's next... the website. I have a website, though it is still lacking a store for now. It links to the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, and also has a mailing list subscription area. The mailing list, if you sign up will get you an exclusive short made just for those who sign up, it will not be published anywhere else.
The mailing list will only be used by me to tell you when the next book or audio book are being released. I will not be using it to pimp out other authors, so you will only get an email very rarely from me, as I hate Spam as much as you do.
The link for the website is:

In audio book news, Andrea should be wrapping up Binding Words 1: Morrigan's Bidding in the first few days of October. Which means it should be to you all by the end of October at the latest I hope.
Podium has been handed the manuscript for AW6, it has taken them 2-3 months for turn around so maybe late December or into Janurary for it to hit audio, but that is just me spit balling they haven't told me for certain.

I'm currently writing AW7: title pending. From where I am currently the series is looking like it might stretch to 8 books instead of 7. So good news for all of you fans of Alpha World.

Also I'm holding the 100 fan live chat on the Facebook page this coming Saturday 10-6-18. For 1000 fans I'm doing 3 live chats one at 1 PM PST for those overseas, one at 5 PM PST for the east coasters, and one at 8 PM PST for the west coaster. Lots of gifts will be given away in appreciation of all of the fans.

I think that about wraps it all up. I'll chat at you next month.

Daniel Schinhofen