Monday, September 4, 2017

September 2017

Welcome back again to my rambling posts about what the hell is going on with my writing this month. Not a whole lot to cover but I want to make sure I hit them all, so let's go.

To start with, Last Horizon: Live went live a few days later then I was told initially. it is now however ready for your listening enjoyment. So that series is now complete on Kindle and Audible formats.

Next let's go with the updates about where you can keep in touch with me as a writer. I have an Author Page on Facebook and a Fan Page on Facebook. I will update the Author page when books go live or hit important updates like editing, or beta readers getting them. The Fan Page is so all of you can talk and discuss your favorite theories or moments. I do keep my eyes on both pages, checking in every day or so. Here are the links:
Facebook Author page for Daniel Schinhofen
Fan group on Facebook for Daniel Schinhofen

Coming along swiftly on the heels of that we have Book news, AW3 is almost out of editing. As soon as it is I will be kicking it out to my beta readers. I am debating putting it up for a pre-order when I send it to them or if I just want to wait then kick it live once it's ready instead. We shall see when I finally get it from the Editor.

As soon as AW3 gets out of editing, Apocalypse Gates will be going in. AG is going to be a test run of something for me. I am going to put out two versions of the first book. One is going to be as sanitized of Adultish content as I can make it without screwing up the storyline.  The second one will be NSFW, it will have graphic scenes in it. I will clearly mark the Adult version of the book so I get less complaints about the Adult content.

I want to see how the waters are for a book with Adult content vs as little as I can write compare. I took a huge gut punch for the little that is in Alpha World as it is. I've had a few ask for extended scenes for AW, consider this a test to see if an Adult version of AW would be worth the time and effort to produce.

On September 7th there will be a 20 Questions from me up on The site is run by George Fisher who is a big fan of the Genre. He already has a few interviews up, so go check it out.

I have a tentative release for AW2 Audible version from Podium of early October. I will of course update you once I have a firm date from them.

Currently I am writing AW4, which is very heavy on character issues. It is taking me a slight bit longer to write as I am trying to balance reveal against over-reveal. It is coming along nicely though. 

On a side note the Patreon page is doing really well, my thanks to the backers, 

Every month is a chapter from a book that is currently being worked on. In addition to that I have a really intense backer who has commissioned short stories. Last month was Lilith, this month is Bob, and next month is Stewart. You might enjoy the glimpse into some of the NPCs of Alpha World.

Well thanks for reading down this far. This about covers everything that I currently have to tell you. I have been tinkering with the idea of re-editing Last Horizon and putting out an Omnibus for that story. Also toying with the idea of doing paperback versions of my books, time will tell.

Peace out, until the next time.
Daniel Schinhofen


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  2. Stumbled on to Alpha World, and love it! The adult content simply makes the AW series better. Don't change a thing.

    1. @Jerome Koger
      Glad to hear it. I won't be turning down anything in AW. It is more of a question if I went back and added in the fade to black scenes in greater detail, if there would be an audience for that.

    2. I for one would repurchase the book on audible if you released a more nsfw version of AW!

    3. @Corey Sherrow
      Thanks for the feedback, I am going to see how Apocalypse Gates does before I do so or not. If it does well enough then I will indeed make the 'Author's Cut' version of AW.

    4. Good to hear! Either way I will pick up any books you get out on audible, especially the AW series (don't have the time to actually read unfortunately) Do you have any rough timeline of when AW2 will be out on audible?

  3. @Corey Sherrow
    Rough is early October. When I get a firm date I will update you.

  4. Just finished book three, and absolutely love the series. Waiting for the next few books is a very painful experience. Keep up the great work.