Thursday, August 1, 2019

August 2019

Is it August already? Damn time seems to be flying by. Okay let's jump into the updates.

First off, Hearthglen book 3 of Binding Words went live last month and did well. Though I did get a lot of flack for the ending. All I can say is, I could have made it even worse, but was talked out of it by my team of alpha readers and editors. The audio for BW3, will be done by Andrea Parsneau, who will be starting it in a couple of days. Audio probably won't be out until October, as the process takes a bit.

Next up, I'm a couple days away from finishing up AG5 text. From there it will go to my editors to sit behind the new series that is going to be taking the spot of Alpha World in the rotation. Okay let me just give you the quick breakdown of what the schedule looks like.

NPC's Lives 1: Tales of the Dead Man Inn-- up for preorder now, live on the 7th of August.
Alpha World 8: Gamer for Love-- September 15th
Binding Words 3 Audio-- Octoberish
Resurrection Quest 1: Title TBD-- November 15th
Apocalypse Gates 5: Title TBD-- January 1st

Okay now that you have a broad look at what is coming let's talk a bit more about them.

NPC's Lives is going to be my catch all series for my short stories. It won't always focus solely in a single world, but the first one does hence the title. Podium has the audio rights to it, so Peter will be doing the audio to keep the voices consistent.

AW8: Gamer for Love, the title changed and so did the artwork for this book. I like the symmetry of Gamer for Life and Gamer for Love, brining the story full circle in a few ways. I'm sad the journey is over, but at th same time I love how I finished this series, though some of you might hate me.

BW3 audio, is in Andie's hands at this point. She'll be starting on it in a few days and will be recording it through Dragoncon. That gets followed with corrections and proofing, and then ACX sitting on it for up to 15 business days. Which means the audio book is likely to be released in October.

Resurrection Quest...this is what will slot into AW place in my rotation, but gets bumped into this slot as I wrote it already, and I want it out before the end of the year. The story follows a group of friends portaled to a world that runs like a number of tabletop games. This isn't going to be harem, no have any explicit scenes, or at least it shouldn't sometimes my books go places I don't expect.

I'm almost done on AG5. This book seems to have two parts, different yet part of the overall story of Alvin's journey in this game. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you all enjoy reading it.

That's the book stuff to this point. The extra stuff is I have a discord that is specifically for my books now.   I hope to see you all there, as I lurk a lot.

I'll be at Dragoncon end of this month, which is a week of no writing for me...good and bad there. If your at the con, I'll have my phone with me which hooks to my social media, so it should be easy to meet up for a talk, drink, or similar.

I think that about does it. Until next month, oh yeah, next months post is going to be late by a few days as I'll be at the con until the 3rd. So next months post will be the 5th or there about.

Daniel Schinhofen