Friday, June 16, 2017

Last Horizon:Beta Audio Book

So Tantor didn't warn me about it ahead of time, So here is the surprise I found last night before I went to work.

Last Horizon: Beta the audio book, is up for pre-order on amazon.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

June 2017 mark 2- The Pre-order is live

Okay here it is book 2 available for preorder.


It is up and now I can share it with you. I hope you all enjoy it.

Monday, June 5, 2017

June 2017

Hello darkness my old friend....

Oops, I mean hello again all. First Monday of the month so it's time for the blog, we have a bit to cover today as well.

First off, Alpha World Book 2 Forming the Company was handed off to my beats readers last week. I have most of the feedback for that back already and those edits are going in now. After I get news back from my all of my beta readers then I will give it one more look. Long story short... to late... I should have a finished manuscript in a week or so I hope.

What does that mean for you'll who are eager for a fix of Alpha World? I am going to be putting it up for preorder in a week , two at the latest. I want to make sure I have my edits done first. Preorder, I hear you all cry out. Yes, I want to see how a preorder does for me, as this will be the first time I do that. The book itself will be slated for release on June 27th, 2017. Yes 22 days from the posting of this blog.

Next up, June 26th I'll be doing an author interview with Ramon Mejia. He does the LITRPG News Podcast, which I can highly recommend. After some talking he has slated that interview for release on June 27th, the same day as the book release. Trying for a little tie in to the interview and vise-versa.

Thirdly, my Patreon has had a few subscribers, thank you to those of you here who have done so. It has the first two chapters of AW2 up for those who support me. More over a short story I wrote for an anthology which seems to have fallen apart is slated to be July's reward. It tells a story about Alistern, Stewart, Grimgar, Lilith, Almira and Flora. You should know those names as key NPC's from Alpha World. You won't miss anything by not reading it, as it gets explained in AW2. If you want to read a fifty page word doc on an adventure that group had then July is it on Patreon.

Okay now the next bit of news that might upset some of you. My next book after AW2 isn't going to be AW3. I took a small break to write a whole other book 1 for a new series, name still not finalized. It is a post apocalypse LITRPG, it deals with zombies in the first book but the series is slated to be big and include so much more. No hints right now as I want to see how people react to the first book. I'm about to wrap it up, as soon as I do I'll be on to AW3.

Okay I think that covers them all for now. I will throw up a quick post when the preorder goes live, so look for another post in June in a week or two for that. Thanks for stopping by and supporting me.

Peace, Love, and much sex,
DJ Schinhofen.