Tuesday, January 1, 2019

January 2019

Well last year sure went by fast, and a lot of life changes happened along the way. Let's do a quick recap shall we, as I was surprised by what the year brought; ebooks are in yellow, audio is in green, and other is in blue.

Playing for Keeps, AW4 was published March 1st.
Audio for AG1 went live on March 20th.
Fractured Spirit, AW5 was published May 1st.
I took the leap and became a fulltime author at the end of May.
Audio for AW4 went live on June 19th
Valley of Death, AG2 was release June 30th.
Audio for AW5 went live on August 7th.
Morrigan's Bidding, BW1 was released August 15th.
Audio for Ag2 went live on August 20th.
Schinhofenbooks.com goes live in September.
Path to Peace, AW6 was released October 1st.
Audio for BW1 went live on October 25th.
Gearing Up, AG3 was released November 25th.
Audio for AW6 went live on December 11th.

That is a lot of production in a single year. Funnily enough I don't recall feeling that busy, but damn that is a lot of stuff going on. The part that wasn't work for me was the AW audio, as that was all done through Podium.

Okay let's look at what this year is going to be bringing us. My current list of goals to hit are:

BW2, Early February.
AW7, Early April.
AG4, Early June.
BW3, Early August.
Attend Dragoncon at the end of August.
AW8, Early October- this might be the last Alpha World.
AG5, Early December.

That doesn't include the audio for the series as that will be as I can get the narrators to slot in for them, I try to get it going as soon as I can after launch.

If I wrap up Alpha World in book 8 that will free me to start a different series, which I have so many ideas for, or to possibly revisit the Bananas from Last Horizon, or go off to Delta World, depending on how AW wraps up. That is a big if, as it might take me 9 or possibly 10 books to truly wrap up the Alpha World series, but it is possible.

I think that gets us caught up on the old, and tells you about the new, but what about right now. Let's give you the normal break down shall we?

AG3 audio is waiting on ACX to finish QA on it. Sadly Andrea isn't the narrator, luckily I was able to snag Tess Irondale to take over the series. Tess' style is different then Andie's but overall she does a solid job with it, and I hope you all enjoy it. Tess should be the narrator going forward on the series.

Andie is on board to do the audio for Binding Words still, so rejoice with me for that. She'll be starting on that shortly after the book goes live, exact date unknown at this time.

BW2 is almost done with the editors and will be going off to the beta readers before too much longer. If that goes as planned it might sneak out at the end of January instead of February. Waiting for the editors, once they finish BW2 is AW7, and waiting behind that is AG4 already done and waiting.

I started BW3 just a couple of days ago, and it has a lot of potential going for it. I'm really excited to dig into the story even more then I have. For those who are curious, BW1 was about 80k words, BW2 before the edits was sitting at 102k, so it'll be a longer book then the 1st one.

Since I've gone fulltime, I have taken on a fulltime editor, which is why I hope to start turning stories around faster. I've also taken on an artist, Grimmhelm has done a number of fan pieces for me, and has been the one doing the last few covers.

The fan page Live Chats have gone to 1 every month, to be held on or around the 15th of each month. January's will be held on the 14th at 8 PM PST. I'll talk for as long as we have a decent amount of people, and I'll be giving shirts, ebooks, and audio books away, so stop on by.

I think that wraps it all up. My longest blog post to date, but it was a year in review and a peek ahead. 

See you all next month.
Daniel Schinhofen