Monday, March 1, 2021

March 2021

 It's March. February wasn't bad, thankfully. Let's hope the rest of the year continues to improve. Now let's start in on the things to talk about.

Okay first news; Aether's Revival 3: Magi's Path will be out on March 3rd. Faster then the projected release date that had been the 25th of March. The editors and beta readers pushed hard to help get the book out. They have my thanks for doing so much, and hopefully your thanks as well for helping get the book to you sooner.

Andie will be handling the audio of course. When you ask, well to steal the normal answer of Will Arand, Eventually. This does lead into the questions of other audio. The answer remains the same though. She will be recording LV when it comes up in her schedule. BW6 is the same.

As for audio for AG7, its with Podium. I believe Tess has recorded it already, or is recording it. I still don't have a release date from Podium though. When I do have that information I will of course pass it along.

Since we are talking Aether's Revival, mostly anyway, a small note for those who really love the series. There are shirts, limited supply, but shirts none the less. Here is the link for those who want a shirt: Aethers Revival T-Shirt – Schinhofenbooks (

Now onto more news: AG8 is still waiting for me to make my research trip. It's unlikely to happen until the summer at the earliest, which delays me writing the book.

The good news though is that in it's rotation slot there is a new book coming up, it is hopefully going to be the series that will fill that slot when AG gets set aside. I've teased and hinted at 2 different series that could take up this slot. Are you just waiting for me to tell you? Maybe not, but I'll tell you anyway.

Dungeon Walker is the series, I posted the rough first chapter on Patreon not that long ago. I've tweaked it since then of course getting things where I like them. The premise is as the series name says, it will be a dungeon series, but not a core story. It will be a story about going into dungeons. That's all I'm going to give away here. Though patreon will be seeing chapters after AR3 gets published.

Here is patreon information for those who want it: Daniel Schinhofen is creating E-Books | Patreon

I think that covers the big news. Lesser news the monthly live chat on Facebook will be at 6 PM PST on the 15th. Another couple of months and I'll be celebrating my 3rd year anniversary as a fulltime writer, and it'll also be my 4th year on Patreon. That pretty much covers everything, for those who have been enjoying Battletech the monthly live game will be on the 14th around 5PM PST.

Think is everything I can think of. Hope you all come back next month. Until next month, stay safe.

Daniel Schinhofen