Sunday, August 1, 2021

August 2021

 Hello you brave few who come here to read my monthly updates. We've made it to August, amazingly enough, now let's dig in because July was busy.

Let's start with book news first. Binding Words 7: Noble Solutions came out last month. It was mostly loved by those of you who have kept up with the series. The few complaints that I saw was that the harem is getting to big and unwieldy. I can see where this might be the case for those who read copiously. The harem does have a finite number, and i hope you'll be okay with where it is and goes. I do put XRAY on the book when I can which let's you tap a name to get a small description of who they are. I hope that helps some.

Now some of you will wonder since BW7 came out where that leaves me now. Well, I just put the finishing touches on Aether's Revival 4: Initiate's Gambit. It's off to the editors, and then will get some beta love, and then proofing and so on. It's still slated for September though so don't get too excited. Though for Patreon that does mean you get a good slice of the book for August, and into September.

All of that means that I have just started on Dungeon Walkers 2. Been looking forward to some more dungeon fun, I hope you are too. I've listened to Travis narrating, and read through DW1, so I can dive back in character for DW2. I hope you're all ready for some bigger, better dungeons, and more perks.

Okay now let's touch on audio, as I know you're all wondering what you have to look forward to. Well first let's talk about recent audio. Luck's Voice 1: Suited for Luck came out last month. Andie did her normal amazing job. Some of her voices are favorites of mine; Posy, Sigmund, and Rosa. Here's the audible link in case you missed it.

Now more audio news, Bidning Words 6: Lost Bonds. Andie has finished recording it, which is amazing. I should be getting the audio files back in a bit to go over it to catch any errors. Then she'll get it back to fix, then we send it off to ACX. Then we have the unknown wait before they give it to you all. Possibly August, but more likely September before Audible gets it. But it's coming, soon™.

In future news, Andie will be working on Aether's Revival 3: Magi's Path for my next book. I had her switch things up, and we'll be going for a rotation going forward for my books; BW, AR, LV. Hopefully this stops us from getting too far behind on any one series. Of course she is booked for August, as she has another TWI to do, and those eat the hell out of her since they are big chonky books. Be nice and polite, she is getting to them as fast as she can, while still giving her amazing performances.

I think that about wraps it all up...oh, I guess I should reinterate after DW2, I'll be moving on to AG8. My research trip is slated for early September, and I'll be wrapping up DW2, and ready to dig straight into AG8 at that point. So for those who've endured the wait for the next Apocalypse Gates... the wait is coming to an end soon. September is filled with DragonCon in the first week, then research trip for the two weeks following that. Which might slow down my writing a little, but it will immensely help me when I write AG8.

That's all for this month. I'll have something ready for posting for September as I won't be here on the 1st to kick things over myself, I might have to publish it on the last day of August just to be sure. See you then.

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