Thursday, September 1, 2022

September 2022

 September here we are, which means I'm currently in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why am I in a place where the humidity for a single day breaks the combined total of my home for a week, because DragonCon. I'm hopefully not a melted puddle by the time this posts as the Con has just begun, doesn't end until Monday night. If you're at the Con, try to find me I have things to giveaway. Beside the Con, which is really big news all by itself, we have other bits and bobs to get to, let's begin.

Okay first big news is that Luck's Voice 5: Luck's Holdings was published in the middle of August. Sadly, Amazon Australia had some issue with getting the book out like normal, delaying it until the 19th. But we eventually got there. Glad to see that most people enjoyed it. Some disliked it didn't have a clear showdown at the end of the book, but most of my fans seem to understand how I write. Not every book will have a climactic scene to end it on. Then again, those times i do cliffhang something, others have issue with it...funny that. Here is the link.

Where does that leave us right now, well, that leaves us with Binding Words 9: Accord as the next book up. Currently slated for October 26th, but I do love getting them out early if possible. That'll bring us back to Sean and family as they try to remove the support from Truestrike.
For those who want a fix of the story now, Patreon has been getting preview chapters.

As of this post though I'm done writing BW9 and have turned my attention to AR6. I'll likely dig into it after DragonCon. Can't wait to get back to Gregory as he learns to work with his magi guard. Going to be a different book with him not being near his wives for most of it, and I'm hoping to cover the entire year of guard training, so we'll have to see how that goes.
I still remembering finishing AR4 at 130k, and people asking why the tournament wasn't included with it. Skip forward to AR5 being 150k. Depending on how much repetition goes on, probably a lot, we'll see some decent time skips. But time will tell.

Let's see audio, DW3 will be out this month, but I don't have solid dates as of right this moment. Really looking forward to Stephanie's take on the crew. I know she can do a great job.
For other audio, I believe Andie mentioned getting to BW8 in October, and barring unforeseen circumstances, she should catch up on all my books by the end of the year. Let's wish he good health so she can do it.

I think that's it. Ebooks covered, audio covered, DragonCon discussed. Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to be on panels at DragonCon this year. Given my fear of public speaking, I'm sure it'll be fine...right? Right? Heh, heh...I'm in Danger.

Stay safe, and hope to have another post in October.
Daniel Schinhofen