Saturday, November 18, 2017

Novemeber 2017 Update

So update post for the month. the reason why this time, my next book is up for preorder on Amazon.

Apocalypse Gates Book 1: Rapture comes in PG-16 and NSFW versions.

The (NSFW) Author's Cut edition has descriptive sex scenes. So please be aware of which one your buying. I have attached different covers to them to make it obvious which one you are looking at.

So without any more delays here are the links:


Author's Cut (NSFW):

I hope you enjoy.

Daniel Schinhofen


  1. Just finished listening to the audio of the first two alpha worlds. Loved them. I will definitely be seeking out this new book and getting the audio for aw3 and this one soon as they are avalible. As for the two versions, I think it's a smart idea, allowing you to reach even more people with your great stories. Btw, loved the MHI reference, they were great books.

  2. So I hope that you take this as the high compliment it is meant to be... I saw your announcement of the new series on one of the litrpg groups and immediately bookmarked the amazon page for purchase on launch. (Don't ask why I don't just preorder it - it's a habit not to preorder things.) Point being that I didn't look at the description, and didn't fully read your prior musings about the series. Simply the fact that it was a new book -from you- was enough. I didn't even realize that I don't know what the book is about until today (many days later)! Can't wait to find out in four days!

  3. @George AW3 is up for preorder on Audible now.

    @Morlac, That's high praise. Thank you, kindly. I hope you enjoy it.