Monday, October 2, 2017

October 2017

Welcome back everyone,

Okay what do I have to talk to you about this month....

1st off: Alpha World 3: Alpha Company, is out and being read by peoples. So far reviews seem good to the continuation of the story. I ask that if you read it and enjoyed it please drop by Amazon and leave a review. Every review helps.

Secondly: AW2 audio is slated for 10-3-17 according to podium, who has the rights to the audio for the series. No idea why is never had a pre-order, but it is what it is now. Having listened to the story myself I enjoyed it.

Nextly: Progress continues on my next book which is going to be Apocalypse Gates 1: Rapture. It is still undergoing editing, but it is trucking right along. I am slating for a December release hopefully.

Fourth: AW4 is being written and it is coming along nicely. If you've read AW3, then you should know what AW4 is going to be about. yes book 4 is all about that quest, the journey and the actual event at the end.

I ran a promotion on my fan page for free books for AW3. I am considering doing this again for Apocalypse Gates, when it goes out. So if you haven't stopped by yet, you might want to do so as free swag shows up at times it seems.

I was pretty stoked at the number of people who seemed ready to read book 3. You guys did something amazing that I'm still stoked about.

I hit #1 in three categories, if only briefly. as well as making it into the top 10 as an author in more categories. Which was only possible due to you, so thank you.

I have a new cover for AG as well, I'll show that off next month. As it is I'm still trying to figure out if Amazon will let me produce two versions of the same book. I want to publish a PG-13 and a NSFW version of AG. I just can't get a solid answer from them on how different the books need to be, for them to allow it.

Well that about sums up this month's blog. Thanks for stopping by and reading, feel free to join us on Facebook. I even get around to responding to messages when I can, so if there is something you just have to tell me, feel free.

Peace out,
Daniel Schinhofen