Saturday, September 15, 2018

Update September 2018

Just one thing that has to be updated. The website is finally up and running, minus the store. Here it is, enjoy.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September 2018

I'm late, sorry about that, but Dragoncon is a hell of a ride, more so for a first con.
The panels, vendors, seeing other authors, meeting editors and more, so much to do. Highlights for me, spending a couple of hours talking with Michael Chatfield, and seeing Andrea Parsneau in Gothy cosplay. Okay all the time I spent talking to Andrea was very enjoyable even when she wasn't in cosplay, she is a very sweet person to talk to.
Okay that's enough about Dragoncon for the blog, I'll be talking more about it during the Live Chat on the Facebook Fan page tomorrow 9-6-18 @4pm PST, it is for 900 fans on the page.

September is not going to be exciting, we've put Morrigan's Bidding out a few weeks ago, and without KU it did really good. Andrea Parsneau will be doing the audio for it starting this coming Monday 9-10-18, she does recording live on her Discord channel. Find her on Twitter as @Mouthymaven, she links the discord there.

The editors will be handing back AW6 in a week, and then I'll be handing it off to the beta readers for 2 weeks. After they tear through it, it goes off to the proofer for last touches. So if things go well I should be publishing it near the beginning of October, which is a full month ahead of my original publishing date.

Once the editors finish AW6 they'll be starting in on AG3. With AW6 coming in October, I'm hoping to get AG3 out in December, instead of Janurary as I had originally thought. Binding Words 2 will follow AG3 two months later.
Though it all depends on the editors, if they get through them faster I can get them out faster. We might be able to sustain a 6 week publishing cycle, or at least that is my hope.

Now that the Con is over I'm finishing up a short story, and I'll be off to write AW7. I don't know if it will end the series or just set up the last book, but the end of Alpha World is coming soon. I might just write to the end of the series and then split the words into 2 books it will all depend on how many words it takes to finish up the series. As I'm currently 2 books up on the editors I should be bale to do this without it impacting the publishing schedule.

For those who only catch info here AG2 audio is live, as is AW5.

Patreon has been good, the supporters there have already been getting AW6 chapters, and in the higher tiers artwork. I still currently have the top tier filled, so another short story will be out this month, Marian's Short.

Still considering bundling al the shorts and making them a book. I might when I finish the series.

I think that's everything for the month, thank you all for stopping in to catch up with me.

Daniel Schinhofen