Tuesday, November 1, 2022

November 2022

 Wow month 11 of 12, we're almost to the end of 2022.

This is the month of giving thanks, so let me touch on that before I jump into news. If you're reading this, you're likely a major fan of my work, because honestly, I can't see anyone not reading this blog. So, thank you. I'm blessed to have fans who love my work enough that I've been able to be a fulltime author. Fans like you who will take time out of their day to read my monthly blog.
I try to show my thanks though the monthly live chats, and the major giveaways I do twice a year. This month's live chat will be on Tuesday the 15th at 10 AM pacific time. I hope to see everyone who can, and wants to, make it.

Now onto book stuff, that's the real reason you're all here. First off BW9 came out late September and it did great. I'm glad you're all still with me on this journey of Sean's life. Things should really start picking up in Binding Words now that everyone has had a chance to meet each other. I'm still thinking 12 books, at most, for the series but as I've said repeatedly, I've been wrong before on trying to gauge series end points.

Last month I told you how I was writing AR6. Well, that is now fully in the editors' hands. If things go well, it won't be early December but late November for release. So that is something to look forward to. The book is different since the academy is behind them, and they don't get to see each other often. It was a different feel for the book, but hopefully you enjoy it.

That means currently I'm writing DW4. But that is because AL1 is already done.
Antecedent's Legacy 1 will be the book to follow AR6. It's my sci-fi/fantasy series that I used all my free time to squeeze in this year. It'll have spaceships, mecha, nanotech, AI, Elves, Succubi, space stations, and more as I slap fantasy and science fiction together. I really hope people will like it as I have a lot for it in my head.
It will be taking over DW spot in the rotation as DW will be ending with book 4. I'm sad about this because I had a lot more to explore for the series, but I still have to be able to pay my editors, artist, and other helpers, along with my normal bills. I detest leaving a series open though, so it'll get a nice soft ending, that I might be able to renew in the future when my personal bills drop further.

So let me recap the projected publishing schedule here: AR6, AL1, DW4, LV6, BW10. Then repeat but drop DW from it.
All of that besides AR6 though is next year...well maybe I'll sneak AL1 in just before the year ends, depending on how things go.

For those who ask about audio, well, let's hit this.
Andie is finishing BW8 this week. It'll go to her proofer for fixes, then to me so I can listen and ask for corrections, then back to Andie to touch it up, then to ACX where it'll sit for...who knows how long. If we get lucky, it'll be out in December.
When Andie finishes BW8, she'll be jumping over to AR5. After that she'll be moving onto LV5 which will catch us up on the LV series. BW9 will be after that for her, catching us up on BW. Then she'll finish off the year with AR6, as it should December by then.
That's right, she's knocking out my books 1 by 1 to finish the year off.
Now she's already given me verbal approval for doing AL1, which will put her at doing all of my series once DW drops off. January for her is filled with TWI, but sometime in February she'll likely get AL1 in for me.
Since I publish a book every 6-8 weeks, she'll likely be able to truck along with me. I doubt we'll end up 6 months behind again, but she might be a month or two back depending on where her other projects line up. But honestly, I'm fine with the delay, as she gives so much life to the characters.

Well, that looks to wrap up this month's blog. Pay attention to my social media; Twitter, Facebook group, and Discord to get a better update on when books will publish.

Until December, stay safe.
Daniel Schinhofen