Monday, June 1, 2020

June 2020

So this year just keeps one upping itself in the crazy department. Let's see if we can't distract you for a little bit at least.

First up is the fact Luck's Voice 1: Suited for Luck is out in the wilds. Links for a number of countries after this short bit. The series is set on a different world in an alternate form of the wild west. It is explicit like AG, but builds a harem much faster. it's actually my fastest building harem to date. I hope it's liked enough that it can take a rotation slot when one opens.

Audio for LV is going to go through Andie, after she does AR audio. She's been hammering down Wandering Inn 2, which is an insanely long book. For those who ask, I always give Andie the first right of refusal on a series, because of her talent, skill, dedication, and overall amazingness. The only time it won't be her is when she tells me no. That does mean the audio will lag a little further behind, but I'll take the delay for the quality Andie delivers.

BW5 is with the editors and is currently getting preview chapters on Patreon. The art for patreon is currently BW as well. For those who need that link: I hope for it to be released on July 27th if not sooner.

At the moment I'm working on AR2, and it's looking like it's going to barely finish the first year by the time the book ends. I'm really loving the book, and I hope book 2 is as well loved as the first book was.

When I finish writing AR2, I'll be moving onto the next AG. This is where the bad news comes in. AG is going to be shifting to a once a year release instead of 2 a year. The popularity of it has been waning drastically, and I'm almost done with the key points I wanted to hit for the U.S. section of the story. I won't be putting the series away though, unless it falls even further. Even if it does reach that point I'll give it a good spot to stop. Sorry if that news is hard to hear, but sometimes cruel reality intrudes, even on me.

The audio for Can of Worms is on preorder with Podium still:
It's released is slated for July 14th.

I'm currently through around ideas of the next type of book I want to take a chance with in my open slot of the rotation. I might end up writing a couple of chapters of each and then asking for opinions on Patreon, but that's about 6-ish months away as Luck's Voice might take that open slot, until I put AG on the back burner.

I hope you all stay safe, from the unrest and the virus.
Daniel Schinhofen