Monday, April 3, 2017

April 2017

I realized that I never said when my blog was going to update last time. Oops my bad ya all, I will do the minimum update on the first Monday or Tuesday of each month. If I do any other updates it will be random.

So onto the news ya all might want to know about. Old stuff first, Tantor Media has the rights to do the audio books for Last Horizon Beta and Last Horizon Live. No idea where they are in the process but they have the rights to it.

Next up Podium Publishing has the rights to the Alpha World series. So they are working on the first book right now, but for those who love audio books they have the rights to the entire series, which will be at least four books but probably more. 

As to where book 2 for Alpha World is, well that is where the bad news comes in. First off I still don’t have a working title yet. Secondly, I won’t be writing short stories while in the middle of a book. Doing so really threw me off my stride. Thirdly, I ended up not writing for close to two weeks, the reason why, a death in the family. My grandmother, father’s mom, passed away the loss of her followed by having to jump states for the funeral put me off writing for a bit.

Okay that is enough Daniel Downer, the good news is I started writing again this week. I have easily gotten back into my groove with well over thirty pages written in the last week. So the story is back on the way. I am thinking late June or earlish July for the release of the next book.
I am curious to get feedback from those who follow this blog though, if you would be so kind to drop a comment below. Do you like the couple word names I give my chapters or would you rather just have the Chapter #, instead.

Well that is it for now, but thank you for stopping by and reading my blog again. Over on Goodreads you can drop me any questions you might have. Or even on Facebook, word to the wise though I won’t be giving out spoilers.


  1. Thanks for the update and my condolences to you and your family on your loss.

    Regarding your question - for some reason I tend to really like having chapter titles when I'm reading episodically, i.e. webfiction that gets posted chapter by chapter over a longer period of time. When I'm sitting down with a completed book that I'm reading all at once, chapter titles tend to fade into the background for me.

    1. Thank you for the condolences and for answering my question. I was debating which to go with as when they are turned into audio books it might be easier to just have the standard chapter 15 instead of a small title for the chapter.

  2. Found and read all 3 published novels this weekend. I really love how you went with them. Some of the best I've read in a long long while.

    Chapter titles though are a mixed bag for me. Some have been witty and entertaining while others ratchet up tension.

    Having a chapter called wake in book 2 gave me certain ideas, you'll understand, given the main characters health issues. And given that I saw that chapter title as I opened the book for the first time gave me a skewed perspective of the progression. Skewed expectations.

    Sometimes the chapter titles really stick with me, I read a signal to noise something like 12 years ago but I still remember the title of the first chapter. A pair of jacks or better to open. The main character being jack and the rest of the chapters jack themed, man with the axe and one eyed jack or jack be quick and so on.

    I've also seen those that read like chapter summaries. in which the hero discovers pudding is not quite what was promised and hijinx ensues .

    All of that said I like chapter titles rather than numbers, though I thoroughly wish my e-reader wouldn't pop up the full chapter list before I even seen the cover of a book.

    Love your books, do what you like best. And thanks for writing.

    1. I'm glad you have enjoyed them.
      I hadn't considered the point of the titles being viewed and as such maybe giving away potential spoilers.
      Really I was concerned with the book being able to synch up easily with the audio books, hence my curiosity as to which people preferred.
      Closing in towards the end of book 2 now which then means the dreaded editing.

  3. Having found my new favorite LitRPG series (Alpha World), I was glad to also find you had a blog. My primary question that I was looking to answer to was "how long until book 2!" Thankfully, I've been finding hints of sometime this summer, so I suppose I'll have to make do until then.

    I'd love some sort of means to discuss and speculate about the story and characters of Alpha World, without dropping spoiler bombs on folks who haven't read the book(s) yet. If you know of any forums or such where this sort of conversation is going on, please let me know!

    To your question about chapter titles, I find myself ambivalent. They do seem to provide a bit of a spoiler as to what's coming next, but not so much that I find it problematic.

    Last but not least, I wanted to add my condolences to you and your family as well.

    1. Glad you have enjoyed it Mr. White. I should have an update about book 2 this coming Monday, fingers crossed.
      There doesn't seem to be any such going on but feel free to start one up on my amazon author page or elsewhere, just let me know and I'll tag it into my blog for those who want to join in.
      I am going to go with just chapter numbers for book 2 and onward with other books.
      Thank you for the condolences, Gran always told us to follow our dreams, I am starting on that road with my writing.