Tuesday, December 1, 2020

December 2020

 We have reached December, amazing really considering everything going on.

Anyway let's get to the news, shall we?

Things that happened last month:

Luck's Voice 2: Cashing In, came out on the 25th. It was plastered in the usual areas, but I'm going to toss the links up here. It's been about a week and it's doing alright. Has over a hundred reviews already, and most of them positive. So thank you, if you were one of them. I'm looking forward to continuing my weird western in the future.

amazon.com/dp/B08P4BKYBT amazon.co.UK/dp/B08P4BKYBT amazon.de/dp/B08P4BKYBT amazon.ca/dp/B08P4BKYBT amazon.com.au/dp/B08P4BKYBT

What else has been going on? Well Binding Words 6: Lost Bonds, is nearly done being written, and the first chapter is up on Patreon for everyone to see, yes it is viewable by anyone. The preview chapters have started up as well for those who want more than just that first chapter. I'll be handing the book off to editors in a day or two and they will get hard to work on it. If you want to go read the chapter, here is the Patreon link:

Daniel Schinhofen is creating E-Books | Patreon

Hmm, what else might you be interested in? Maybe the fact that Andie has started recording BW5? She's cracking through it at a good clip too, even with all my rollcall chapters. If you want to hear a bit of the magic being made, I fully support you. And yes before you ask she is going to do LV1 soon as well. AR3 is slated for next year, so don't ask her. Here's the link to her discord, just be nice, or else...


Okay, we covered what just came out, what is coming out next, and audio in progress. Oh, Podium has AG7 for audio, I have no idea where that is, once they tell me I'll post about it in the usual places.

Hell, I think that's it. Maybe just a note that after AR3 I should be starting AG8...but it's not going to happen. I want to take a trip to see the places I'm going to cover in that book, and well travel right now is not in the cards. I'm hoping for a trip in March, but that's up in the air too. So where does that leave the schedule after AR3? Good question, I'm not certain yet. I won't finish AR3 until sometime in Janurary at the earliest. Which is a few months gap from when I think, hopefully, I'll be traveling. I could flip LV3 into that spot, and hope I can get the trip done and then hit AG8. But if that doesn't happen I might write the first book of the series to replace AG, and then just shove Ag into the schedule when I can after it.

TLDR; schedule in flux after AR3. I'll update once I know more.

And that's it folks. The next blog post is after this year ends. Say good bye to 2020, but that means we have to admit 20201...and read that out loud, it makes me laugh.

Daniel Schinhofen

Sunday, November 1, 2020

November 2020

 Holy hell, it's already November, and yet at the same time, it's only November. This year is crawling and flying by, the duality of time continues. Let's get to the news shall we.

First off let's recap last month; AG7: Unexpected Dev-elopments came out on the 14th. It did about what I expected it to do. Even with the great reviews, and I thank you for those, it does seem like the following of the series is dying off. Which means my plans for the soft ending of the series with the next book is likely the right choice, even as my diehard fans of that series lament that news. And on the audio front, audio for AG7 has been handed off to Podium. As for when that will record, I have no idea. Once they tell me more I'll tell you more.

Okay what else...all audio is still up in the air. When I know more things will be updated. I know some of you audiophiles are champing at the bit, and I apologize, we'll get them out as soon as we can. I know the wait will be worth it to have the talented Andrea Parsneau performing the audio.

Hmm, what else do we need to cover? Oh, my website has the store link back up and running. All the merch is first come, first serve, and limited stock. If you are interested in the loot, head on over and check it out. Here is the website and the store links.



Next up let's talk Patreon. They are currently getting chapters of LV2: Cashing In. Reception to it has been good, and I hope you all enjoy the book when it comes out. The release date for it is in flux right now, but we're looking the end of November to the beginning of December.

Following LV2, chapters of BW6 will be showing up there. So for all of you who want to know what the cost of the battle was from the end of BW5, your chance to know before the book publishes is coming soon™.

Here is the link to Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DJSchinhofen

With that said, I am currently writing BW6. The title is still undetermined, but I'm already 30k+ words into it. I want to say more, but spoilers, ya know. Let's just say things might not go as you think, or maybe they will...  I know some of you are wondering about that release date now, and the best I can do is February 1st. But as will all my release dates it's likely to be sooner if things work out that way.

How best to keep up to speed on releases, and more, that's easy. First there's the mailing list attached to the website, see the above link. Other than that there is Facebook, Discord, and Twitter. Here are the links:


Of course once I finish with BW6, I'll be moving right on to AR3. Man I'm blessed to have so many wonderful stories that you all enjoy. Thank you all, without your support I wouldn't be able to do this. It means the world to me, and I try to give back, normally through the Facebook Live Chats. I give out free loot during those, so if you get the chance please stop by. The next one is on November 15th at 10 Am PST.

I'll be back to chat more in December, with updates about LV2 and how it's doing, and to tease more about BW6. Until then, stay safe, and thank you again.

Daniel Schinhofen

Thursday, October 1, 2020

October 2020

 Goodness gracious, is it really already the month of Halloween? Well let's get to it before i have to write next months, as the months seem to sneak up on me awful quick.

Okay first news, Aether's Revival 2: Aether's Guard did amazingly well. My deepest thanks to all of you who read it, and enjoyed it. An extra special thanks if you left a review. I'm stoked that the series is doing so well, and am really looking forward to getting back to it when it comes up in rotation.

For those who missed it, a quick link for you: Aether's Revival 2: Aether's Guard.

The other news around that series is that AR1 audio came out, and Andie killed it, as she always does. I'm glad you all enjoy the bloopers at the end too. AR2 audio will also be done by Andie, but it's in a long queue, as Andie is in high demand, for good reason.

If you haven't gotten AR1 audio, here's a link: Aether's Revival 1: Aether's Blessing...Audio

Okay we've talked AR, what should we cover next? Maybe The next book to be coming out?

Apocalypse Gates 7: Unexpected Dev-elopments, will be coming out this month and not next. When this month is still not nailed down, as it's with the proofer right now, but before the end of the month, maybe even as soon as the middle of the month.

This one is different from the others in the series for a few reasons, but since that would be spoilers, I'll let you read it instead. I'm looking forward to hearing what you all thought of it. Also I'm looking at getting the series to a soft ending with the next book. I think it'll work out, and that is my current plan. it'll end with my plotted arc of what i thought of as the "America Tour". Hope you like the twists in this one.

I'll of course post in all the usual places when the book goes live. So just keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, or Patreon for news that the book is out. here are links to those handy places:


Since that book is almost out what am I working on now, you ask? Well it's the second book of Luck's Voice of course. I don't have a working title for LV2 yet, but the book is coming along nicely. Like many of my books it isn't packed with action, but man is the story moving along. I'm looking forward to how this one finishes, should be a blast. Estimated release for it is late December or early Janurary currently, but I do love to get them out before I say they should be ready.

Some of you are wondering about where the audio to LV1 is. The answer is Andie is going to do it, and she'll be working on it soon. Again, she is busy, and I'm willing to wait if it means getting her talented, dedicated voice to preform the book. So, for those who only do audio, I am sorry, but wouldn't you rather wait for the best?

With that said, there's only one series left to talk about and that is Binding Words. I've heard from you all about the cliffhanger, and I'll do my best not to do it again, at least not for book 6, but I can't promise it, as I'm never sure where the story will go until it's written. The good news is that I'll be working on BW6 as soon as I finish LV2.

I know 6 months is a long time for some, but compared to traditional author's I'm a speed machine, and even compared to a number of other indie's I'm still damned quick. maybe not as fast as some, but I don't try for speed, I try for story. I'm nearly chomping at the bit to get back to it, but every story gets it's time when it comes up, so no rushing what I'm working on, as they all need their special time.

To reiterate an above sentiment about audio for BW5. Andie is doing it, that kind of special magic takes time, and I'm going to give her all she needs.

Okay that covers all the series. Is there anything else to cover? Two things one of them author related and one not.
Author first: This month arks my 4th year as a published author. Damn it seems so long ago, and also like it was yesterday. October 3rd 2016, the date Last Horizon: Beta was published, and that was after six months of trying to edit it with no idea of how to do it. So thank you to all of you who are helping keep me going, 4 years strong so far, and I hope many more.

The second which is not author related but is gaming related. I play in a Battletech game on Tuesday nights. It features my artist, my bestfriend, the guy I called Millhouse in AG, an innocent bystander as he likes to be called, and myself. The five of us have been playing for a bit, but my bestfriend and Millhouse have been trying to get a YouTube channel going for their off-road stuff, and now also our battletech game. So if you want to see us move giant robots around a map and try to kill each other, take the link and watch the videos, and if you find them entertaining, maybe subscribe to their channel.
H&G Adventures

And that is everything for this month. I hope you all stay safe and we'll see you in November.
Stay safe,
Daniel Schinhofen

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September 2020

 We made it to September. Which has some really good news waiting for you all.

Let's start with the big news first.

Aether's Revival 1: Aether's Blessing, audio book, is out now. Enjoy the smooth, dulcet tones, of Andie bringing the book to life. It's just short of 18 hours long, so lots of goodness there.

With that big news out of the way, let's hit the bigger news...
Aether's Revival 2: Aether's Guard is now out and ready for you in ebook format. The continued journey of Gregory and Yukiko as they traverse the first year at the academy. I do hope you all enjoy it.






I mean that was it for the big, big, big, news. So I hope it was satisfying for you, it was for me.
In other news I'm currently finishing up Apocalypse Gates 7: Title to be determined. I have a couple in mind but I haven't pinned one down yet. My editors have already started work on it though, and preview chapters will be on Patreon starting on Thursday September 3rd.

At the moment I'm eyeing book 8 as the place to wrap up the North American storyline of AG. We'll have to see how things go with book 7, but unless it gets showered in love all over again, I'm afraid that book 8 might see the series have a soft ending.

Now for those who are wondering what comes after AG. You probably guessed it, but let's just have it said. Luck's Voice 2 will be the book to follow it. I had a lot of fun with Luck's Voice 1, and have been looking forward to getting back to the western setting.

After that I will be moving onto BW6, which I know a lot of you are eager for. So it's coming, but there are other books to get to first. I am looking forward to showing you all what comes after the fight too. Hopefully by then you'll have forgiven me.

That wraps up book information that I have right now.
Audio books Andie is slated to do recording for LV1, and BW5, she's busy and will get to them when they come up in her schedule, so let her work. It'll be worth the small time we wait to have her magical voice preforming the book.

Next Facebook live chat will be on September 15th @2pm PDT. In case you want to get your hands on the challenge coins I give out during those events. And just so you know I'm working on getting one made for AR as o today, they won't be ready for September but they should be after that.

Until next month, stay safe.
Daniel Schinhofen

Saturday, August 1, 2020

August 2020

It's August already, year is flying by while simultaneously taking forever. Time's funny that way.

What do we have to talk about this month? Well firstly Binding Words 5: Flame of War went live last month on the 8th. It's been a mixed bag in the way of reviews. Overall people seem to have enjoyed the book, but a very vocal crowd has come out with hatred for the ending of it. Frankly, I thought it was equal to the ending of book 3, but many don't agree. If you need the link, here it is:

I know you're wondering what is next now that BW5 is out in the wild. Well next up will be Aether's Revival 2: Aether's Guard. It's looking like a September 15th release due to the length of the book. The raw text was close to 150,000 words, though my edits will trim that down. Patreon has been seeing the preview chapters of it, and people seem to be enjoying it.

Speaking of Aether's Revival, I'm audio proofing AR1. I'll finish today and flip it back to Andie for corrections. Which she'll get done quickly and than it'll get handed off to ACX. With any luck we'll be looking at a September release for that as well. I'd hope for August but honestly ACX isn't known for their speed.

Now some of you are wondering if AR2 is next, and with the editors, what is he working on right now. The answer to that is AG7. I had considered skipping it this go around and starting the once a year release for it, but my primary editor suggested since I'm planning two more books before reaching a place for it to pause, that I should keep it in rotation until I finish those two books. So that is what I'm doing, AG will be in the rotation as normal for 2 books. After that...we'll see how those two books go, but honestly it'll likely mean the series is put aside for awhile.

What will come after AG7? Well it's going to be Luck's Voice 2. Been really looking forward to getting back to that series and exploring that world some more. The first book was well received which helped ease my mind on if my books had lost their luster for you all.

Now a quick word about audio other than AR1 which is close-ish. Audio for BW5 and LV1 are both going to be done by Andie. Andie is swamped with stuff, if you have heard you you know why, because she is awesome sauce incarnate. That means the books will be coming but at a pause. I ask you to not bother Andie, she is doing the best she can. I will always give Andie the first right of refusal for a series as I know the hard work, dedication, and love she puts into ever single thing she does, and that is worth a wait in my book. Just know that when the audio comes out it'll shine the a gem, thanks to her breathing more life into them.

Is there anything else?
Not that I can really think of. The next Facebook live chat is going to be on August 15th at 10am PDT. That's a Saturday, for everyone who isn't near a calander right now. I hope to see you all there.

Until next time, stay safe out there, as 2020 has been a fucking rollercoaster of shyte.
Daniel Schinhofen

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

July 2020

Good gods its already July. Well let's get to it shall we?

Okay first news is that Luck's Voice was well received. It has done more than enough to earn it's spot in being written. I have been very happy that you have all enjoyed it as much as you have. I was worried the themes might not be a big hit, but the Western OP Harem looks like it'll work out.

In a week or three the next book will be released. It's Binding Words 5: Flame of War. The beta readers have finished with it, and the proofer is working on it. It'll get handed off to the compiler/formatter at that point, then I'll get it.
I really enjoyed this one I think it helps get the story moving into some of the bigger plot points. My beta readers were upset that the books ended, but every story has to break at some point, so the next one can be written.
The audio for it will of course be done by Andie, but it's going to be a bit for her to get to it.

Speaking of Andie, she's started recording Aether's Revival 1. If you wonder about how much work goes into the polish gem she gives us, you should hop over to her discord for a listen. https://discord.gg/frRPPPD
Staying on the topic of Aether's I'm getting to the end of book 2. It's taken me a bit longer then anticipated to get there, 122,000+ words and counting, and I'm still not done. It's probably going to clock in right near the same length of the first book. I've really been enjoying the series and hope you all do too.

As for what comes after AR2 for me...AG7. AG7 is going to mark the shift in how AG gets handled. It'll be going to a once a year release, until the story reaches a point where I'm happy with setting it down for a bit. I know this is sad news for a lot of you, but frankly, it's become my least loved series by sales and reads. It was going to happen eventually, little sad it's already starting to decline as harshly as it has. But I will get them to finish the America Story Arcs I had planned if nothing else.

Luck's Voice 2 will be slotted into rotation after AG7, and then it will take over a full rotation spot. While the 4th spot will get rotated between AG and something else for me to test style of books.
Oh before I forget, remember that AG7 audio is already on preorder, and goes live in mid July. If you love the audio and want it, grab it soon. https://www.audible.com/pd/Can-of-Worms-Audiobook/1774244241

Different news. With all the shit going on in the world right now. I'll be missing Dragoncon, if the con even goes forward. There's just too much uncertainty to put in the money and time for it, if things all fall apart. So for those who were looking forward to catching me at it, I won't be there this year. Hopefully next year things have stabilized enough for it to happen.

The live chat on Facebook is going to be held July 15th, a Wednesday, at 7PM PDT. If you can stop by for it you should, people get free swag from me.

Just a quick drop of links were you can find all the stuff connected to me:

Thanks for checking in with me. Stay safe, and I'll be back next month.
Daniel Schinhofen

Monday, June 1, 2020

June 2020

So this year just keeps one upping itself in the crazy department. Let's see if we can't distract you for a little bit at least.

First up is the fact Luck's Voice 1: Suited for Luck is out in the wilds. Links for a number of countries after this short bit. The series is set on a different world in an alternate form of the wild west. It is explicit like AG, but builds a harem much faster. it's actually my fastest building harem to date. I hope it's liked enough that it can take a rotation slot when one opens.

Audio for LV is going to go through Andie, after she does AR audio. She's been hammering down Wandering Inn 2, which is an insanely long book. For those who ask, I always give Andie the first right of refusal on a series, because of her talent, skill, dedication, and overall amazingness. The only time it won't be her is when she tells me no. That does mean the audio will lag a little further behind, but I'll take the delay for the quality Andie delivers.

BW5 is with the editors and is currently getting preview chapters on Patreon. The art for patreon is currently BW as well. For those who need that link: https://www.patreon.com/DJSchinhofen. I hope for it to be released on July 27th if not sooner.

At the moment I'm working on AR2, and it's looking like it's going to barely finish the first year by the time the book ends. I'm really loving the book, and I hope book 2 is as well loved as the first book was.

When I finish writing AR2, I'll be moving onto the next AG. This is where the bad news comes in. AG is going to be shifting to a once a year release instead of 2 a year. The popularity of it has been waning drastically, and I'm almost done with the key points I wanted to hit for the U.S. section of the story. I won't be putting the series away though, unless it falls even further. Even if it does reach that point I'll give it a good spot to stop. Sorry if that news is hard to hear, but sometimes cruel reality intrudes, even on me.

The audio for Can of Worms is on preorder with Podium still:
It's released is slated for July 14th.

I'm currently through around ideas of the next type of book I want to take a chance with in my open slot of the rotation. I might end up writing a couple of chapters of each and then asking for opinions on Patreon, but that's about 6-ish months away as Luck's Voice might take that open slot, until I put AG on the back burner.

I hope you all stay safe, from the unrest and the virus.
Daniel Schinhofen

Friday, May 1, 2020

May 2020

This month had both drug, and flew by, for various reasons, but here we are in May of 2020.

Let's recap what might have been missed recently, first off Binding Words 4 audio...
It clocks in just shy of 15 hours of goodness, with Andie again narrating the story.

Apocalypse Gates 6: Can of worms is out in ebook and up for preorder on audio:

That's the big news from between the last blog and this one. I think it's pretty damned exciting. Now let's move onto new news.

The next book published will be Luck's Voice 1: Suited for Luck. It is my weird west gamelit series, it will feature harem and occasional explicit scenes. It's not your standard gunslinger western, the main character takes a different track for his new life. I really enjoyed writing this one, and so far my editors, alpha readers, and Patreons have all been enjoying it as well.
I'm currently looking at an early June release for it, though my stated date at the moment is June 15th, I'm fairly certain it'll be out before that.

I'm almost done writing Binding Words 5: Title TBD. It's been good, and well over 100k already, with at least 2 more chapters to go. It gets dark for a bit, gets sexy for a bit, and also gets bloody as well. I really hope you're all looking forward to some of what is coming. Speculation had been high on the Facebook fan page.

As soon as I finish writing BW5, I'll be going into Aether's Revival 2. Man am I looking forward to this one, and it looks like you are as well. Aether's was very well received which was a huge relief for me. So much to tell for that series, and I'm eager to sink my teeth back into it.

I know you're all wondering about audio for Aether's Revival 1 as well. Andrea is going to be recording it. Sadly, she got sick for a few weeks, possibly Covid-19 as it wrecked her voice while she was down. She's back up and running again though, and the book is slated to be worked on. She's currently narrating one of Arand's, plus Wandering Inn 2. When she wraps the Arand book she'll be fitting AR1 into that slot. Long story short, too late, it's coming just be patient with us please.

There's a giveaway on Patreon for Patrons to partake in. What's up for grabs you wonder. Just signed copies of physical books. If that's something that has your attention, you should go check it out.

This month is also the 2nd anniversary of me being a fulltime writer. I'll likely be doing a giveaway on Discord, and Facebook for that. Stay tuned there to find out the details.

And that is everything I can think of currently. Thank you all for taking the time to read this far down if you have. The next Facebook live chat will be held on May 16th @ 12 PM PST. That should give a lot of you a chance to be there.

Until next time, stay safe.
Daniel Schinhofen

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April 2020

Well hell, the world has gotten a little weird in the last month. Let's not let that detour us from this social distanced post.

What is going on, well first off let's start with good news, gods know we could use some of that. BW4: Forged Bonds audio, has been sent off to ACX so it can be released into the wilds. Sadly, there's some bad news here, ACX has been well behind on getting audio released. Which means we are still a ways out from it being in your hands.

Let's get back to the good news. AG6: Can of Worms has been started by the beta readers. What does this mean for all of you? It means we will be getting the book out before May. How far before? Not sure yet, but at the moment it looks good.

My editors have started in on the western gamelit, which has a series name now, Luck's Voice. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I hope you'll all enjoy it. it's a harem book. Actually it's more harem than many of my books, as the MC doesn't hesitate as much as some of my others to accept the idea of multiple partners.

What else? Oh I'm running sales on all of the AG books. It started on the 30th, and will run though to the 16th. Each book in succession goes on sale for a few days, with the price increasing back to normal each day it's on sale.
As for audio for AG, I've handed those off to Podium, and they have Tess lined up to continue the narration of them. What does that mean for you? The production of them should be a bit more streamlined, and the art won't be the same as the ebook.

I'm sure some of you are wondering about Aether's Revival too. The series had an amazing first month. I was surprised, pleasently, by how well received it was. Thank you, all of you, for reading, reviewing, and spreading the word. It will be the third full book in the rotation, to go with AG and BW.

Back to Binding words news. I've started in on BW5 already. It's moving right along, over 20,000 words so far. Some fun stuff, and more people joining the family. I can't wait to see what happens next, just like you.

What was that? What about Aether's audio? Well, Andie will be narrating it, and she's a bit busy, and she came down sick, we're wishing her a speedy recovery. See when a narrator gets sick, they lose the one thing they need to work...their voice. She's currently on a different project, and might get waylaid by the Wandering Inn 2, but after those are handled she'll be moving onto Aether's. I can't wait to hear her voices for the characters there.

Oh, before I forget Discord and Facebook both have contests running for ebooks or audio books for AG. If you want to get in stop by and join in the fun.

I think that's it...oh almost forgot the next Live Chat on Facebook is going to be April 15th at 8 PM PDT. So late for the East coast and way to damned early for those across the pond in Europe, but I like to shift days and times so as many people as possible can have a chance to make it.

Okay that's it...yeah, I think so anyway...

Until next month, remember to stay safe.
Daniel Schinhofen

Sunday, March 1, 2020

March 2020

Good gods, I must be loosing time or something, because it's March already. Even the leap year didn't seem to help February seem to last longer. Okay let's get to the news, that's why you all come to read this blog after all.

So the big news of the month is the release of Aether's Blessing. It is the first book of the Aether's Revival series. This is the cultivation/magic academy series I had been working on. I'm really stoked about it, and hope that you all enjoy it as much as I do.
Aether's Blessing

Next book up will be AG6: Can of Worms. The cover is done, and I'll be looking forward to showing it off in the future. I loved the book, and all the shit I get them into, it also sets up for more fun in AG7.

I'm currently writing a weird west gamelit book. It's been interesting. I had posted a preview of it on Patreon awhile ago, and it got a lot of attention, so I wrote it here instead of RQ2. The character there isn't a gunslinger, so it's been a fun time trying to get into the feel of the west and not make everything a shootout.

Once I finish with the Western, I'll be onto BW5. I'm really looking forward to seeing the next part of Sean's story being told. I think you all are as well considering how much love BW4 got. I expect to see even more love for it once Andie has the narration done.

Speaking of, Andie is starting on recording Binding Words 4: Forged Bonds starting on the 2nd. If you have time and want to hear the work that goes into the narration process, jump on her discord. Which means a May release is likely for the audio. Here's is the link to her discord.

I think that about wraps up all the need to know bits.
Patreon is getting preview of AG6 starting on the 2nd. So if you want a small dose of Alvin and Gothy goodness there is a way to get some.

Until next month, stay safe, and read books.
Daniel Schinhofen

Saturday, February 1, 2020

February 2020

Holy fucking hell it's February already?
God time is zipping by, might be because of some personal problems though. Ah well that's not what you're here for, so let's get to book news.

First off Binding Words 4: Forged Bonds came out a couple of weeks ago. It was well received, makes me happy that everyone is still digging on the slow slice of life that I'm writing. If you haven't seen the book yet, let me drop you a link to Amazon, but also give you the link to sign up for the mailing list so you get told quicker.

Some of you are all ready asking where the audio book is. The short answer is Andie is working on it this month. Head on over to her discord to hear her narrate live.
Since she's recording it in February, you should consider it a 60 day window, at least, until it's out for you. Which gives us an early May possibility.

In more Audio news, NPC Lives 1 came out on Audible at the end of last month.

That's not all though, AG5: Downtime and Death is with ACX and should be out mid February, hopefully. We have no control over when they okay things, they normally just tell us up to 15 business days, and it's been a week so far.

And one more audio news, RQ1: Greenways Goblins, which is being done by podium with Travis Baldree Narrating is slated for early March. I can't wait to hear his talented voice giving life to this group of gamers who ended up in another world.

Okay so that was old news and audio...Oh right what's up next.

The next book to be released is going to be Aether's Blessing book 1 of Aether's Revival. This is my magic academy/cultivation series. The MC is going to be OP, but he's going to have to work up for it. The first book is not Harem, but I'm not saying the story isn't going that way. It might take a long time like AG did, or it might not. It should be out in early March. Early chapters are up on Patreon now though.

I'm almost done writing AG6, and man it's been so much fun, so much to see and do in this book. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am writing it.

I'll be starting on RQ2 as soon as I finish with AG6, then I'll be on to BW5. That's what my current writing schedule looks like. I'll of course update if things change. I have a dozen other series I want to get to, and yes that includes more Bananas and Delta World. With only 4 slots to hit twice a year though, it's going to be a while before some of them see the light of day.

Oh and one last bit of news before we end. The next live chat on Facebook is going to be Feb 15th, I'm thinking around 10 AM PST. That should give people a good chance to attend.

Until next month, may the sun smile upon you.
Daniel Schinhofen

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Janurary 2020

Holy hell it's 2020. I want to make a joke about looking back on this year in 2021 with perfect vision, but, that seems to easy.

Okay let's get going, with the news of the month. First off there will be a sale on the Binding Words series. It's for US and UK the only two places they let me do sales.
BW1- Jan 6 to Jan 9, the price goes up each day, so jump on it early.
BW2- Jan 9 to Jan 12, same deal price slowly climbs back to normal.
BW3- Jan 12 to Jan 16, same as above.
The sale is because BW4 is coming out mid month. It's slated for Jan 20, but if things go real smooth I might, maybe, perhaps, be able to get it out a few days ahead of that.

In Audio news NPC's Lives will be coming out on Jan 28th. Peter Berkrot does the narration for this book as all the short stories are in Alpha World. I can't thank Peter enough for the hard work and heart he put into Alpha World for me.

For those wondering about audio for BW4, Andie is the one who will be recording it. She'll likely be starting it late Jan to early February which means it'll possibly be out in April sometime, or May.

I've heard that Resurrection Quest audio will be either late February or in March, but that's not set firmly yet. Audio for the series is being done by Travis Baldree, who does the audio for Will Wright's Cradle series.
Audio for AG5 is with Tess, I hope to have it out as soon as I can, likely sometime in February or March as well. I can't thank her enough for all she's done to keep the audio for this series going.

Okay that covers all the audio what else is there...
Oh Patreon is getting a slight overhaul this year. The higher tiers will be getting extra chapters, The switch will be mid month when I switch from preview chapters of BW4 to preview chapters of AR1.

AR1 you ask? Aether's Revival it's the series name for my magic academy-cultivation series. The first book is Aether's Blessing. It's currently looking at a March release. Audio is going to be in the hands of the amazing and talented Andrea Parsneau, but will run later as she'll be doing audio for the Wandering Inn 2 when the ebook goes live. I'm more then willing to wait though, as Andie is worth the wait.

As for what I'm currently writing, it's AG6. I jumped to it a book early, as I need to split AG and BW apart so they don't come out back to back. I'll hopefully be finishing up AG6 this month and starting on my next book which will be RQ2. I'm giving RQ a second book to see if it can help the series come up, or if I need to set the series aside and write it maybe 1 book a year to 2 years. I really don't want to do that but I can't have failing books in a set rotation. After that I'll be writing BW5, and then hopefully if you all enjoyed and supported it Aether's Revival 2.

I think that about covers everything I had to talk about.
Let me thank everyone who has been following me and supporting me. It's the start of a brand new year, and I'm still humbled that I'm able to follow my dream, because of all of you. I hope this year is better then last year for all of you.

Respectfully humbled,
Daniel Schinhofen