Wednesday, July 1, 2020

July 2020

Good gods its already July. Well let's get to it shall we?

Okay first news is that Luck's Voice was well received. It has done more than enough to earn it's spot in being written. I have been very happy that you have all enjoyed it as much as you have. I was worried the themes might not be a big hit, but the Western OP Harem looks like it'll work out.

In a week or three the next book will be released. It's Binding Words 5: Flame of War. The beta readers have finished with it, and the proofer is working on it. It'll get handed off to the compiler/formatter at that point, then I'll get it.
I really enjoyed this one I think it helps get the story moving into some of the bigger plot points. My beta readers were upset that the books ended, but every story has to break at some point, so the next one can be written.
The audio for it will of course be done by Andie, but it's going to be a bit for her to get to it.

Speaking of Andie, she's started recording Aether's Revival 1. If you wonder about how much work goes into the polish gem she gives us, you should hop over to her discord for a listen.
Staying on the topic of Aether's I'm getting to the end of book 2. It's taken me a bit longer then anticipated to get there, 122,000+ words and counting, and I'm still not done. It's probably going to clock in right near the same length of the first book. I've really been enjoying the series and hope you all do too.

As for what comes after AR2 for me...AG7. AG7 is going to mark the shift in how AG gets handled. It'll be going to a once a year release, until the story reaches a point where I'm happy with setting it down for a bit. I know this is sad news for a lot of you, but frankly, it's become my least loved series by sales and reads. It was going to happen eventually, little sad it's already starting to decline as harshly as it has. But I will get them to finish the America Story Arcs I had planned if nothing else.

Luck's Voice 2 will be slotted into rotation after AG7, and then it will take over a full rotation spot. While the 4th spot will get rotated between AG and something else for me to test style of books.
Oh before I forget, remember that AG7 audio is already on preorder, and goes live in mid July. If you love the audio and want it, grab it soon.

Different news. With all the shit going on in the world right now. I'll be missing Dragoncon, if the con even goes forward. There's just too much uncertainty to put in the money and time for it, if things all fall apart. So for those who were looking forward to catching me at it, I won't be there this year. Hopefully next year things have stabilized enough for it to happen.

The live chat on Facebook is going to be held July 15th, a Wednesday, at 7PM PDT. If you can stop by for it you should, people get free swag from me.

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Thanks for checking in with me. Stay safe, and I'll be back next month.
Daniel Schinhofen