Sunday, May 1, 2022

May 2022

 Five months into the year, and still pushing along.

Let's jump right in with a brief recap of what just passed. AG8 audio was pushed out a week ago. The last installment of the series wraps up in audio format, and I'm really looking forward to hearing Tess voice them all, including the new members of the family. Link here for you if you haven't grabbed it yet.

We also have Aether's Revival 4 audio that is out, talk about hot off the press for it too. I hope you all enjoy this installment of a much beloved series. Andie once again brings her talented voice to the fore, giving life to the cast.

Okay, now onto new business. Most of you are likely looking forward to Aether's Revival 5: Mages of Buldoun. It was originally slated for June 1st, but I can update that now. We're now tentative for May 21st and might possibly bring it even closer to the start of the month. The editing and proofing need to wrap before I can give a better date, but pay attention to Discord and Facebook as the FAQs on both will be updated.

I'm currently hard at work on writing Dungeon Walkers 3. Picking back up the story of Stern and crew as they advance north again, with open spots in their roster for new members. I really hope you all enjoy the story, I really love writing this most softer take on my standard stories.

May also brings us an anniversary for Patreon. May 10th marks my fifth year on the platform. It's been a ride, with some changes of tiers and offerings over that time span. I am humbled and happy to have so many of you go above and beyond with the extra support. The sad news for Patreon supports is that a lot of my extra artists have stepped away. That means the extra art won't be every week like it has been. I understand if that means some of you step away. Thank you for being here for however long you were. I'm currently trying out other artists to see if I can find people who mesh with me.

May also happens to be the month i started writing fulltime. May 21st to be honest. I'll be having a contest on Facebook and Discord for challenge coins and possibly redshirt-cameo appearances. So check out the channel, I'll likely be posting them around the 14th, a week before the anniversary, with winners picked on the 21st.

I also want to touch on an amazing meet and greet right near DragonCon. On September 1st in Atlanta, at the Medieval Times, there is a special event. Arranged originally by me and joined by a couple of other authors we are holding a Meet & Greet Dinner and Show. I'll be posting how to attend on Discord and Facebook. If interested in coming to this private event, stay turned to those forums to hear how to be involved.

And as for the monthly live chat, Twitch has been working out well, so we'll be staying on that platform. May's live chat will be on the 15th at 12pm Pacific time, 3pm Eastern, and like 7pm GMT. So if you want the chance to win even more things, I'll see you there.

That about wraps up this month's blog, those contests will be hopping. Hope to see you all enter.

Daniel Schinhofen

Friday, April 1, 2022

April 2022

 No fools here, well besides me, so you're safe.

We do have some news to cover so let's jump in. Binding Words 8: Accorded Nobility was released last month. The tale of Sean and his family dealing with the aftermath of Hearthglen and doing as they said in the last book, moving on to Accord. It's been out a couple of weeks at this point and looks to have been well received for the most part. So, thank you for continuing to love the story. Oh right, here's the link in case you haven't snagged it yet. Accorded Nobility (Binding Words Book 8) eBook : Schinhofen, Daniel: Kindle Store

I'm currently writing Aether's Revival 5: Mages of Buldoun. It's going to be a chunky book. Pretty sure it's going toward 160k by the time I finish it. And it'll explain why the Buldoun tournament was added to book 4. Been a lot of fun writing it though, I hope you all enjoy reading it when it comes out in June.

Staying with the Aether news, Andie finished recording AR4. It's with her proofer, and I should be getting it right after that to go over. Once I do, she'll get the corrections made and we'll hand it off to ACX. If we're lucky it might drop in early May.

In more audio news the preorder for AG8 is up from Podium. It releases on the 26th of the month, but you can preorder it now. The conclusion of AG, well soft conclusion of the series, it ends the North American arc. Maybe someday in the future I'll pick it up again, but it's unlikely. Here is the link for the preorder.

Okay new news, once I finish with AR5, I'll be moving onto DW3. Been looking forward to getting back to Stern and Pawly. A lot to have happen there, and it should be a load of fun. I'm interested in to see how you all feel about the continuation of the series.

Now in non-book news. The live chats have been shifted over to Twitch, and then the videos are being uploaded onto YouTube. I'll add the links in a moment. This has worked out better from a technical standpoint than what Facebook was allowing, and we seem to pull more people in this way, which is good. Now this month's live chat is on the 15th, a Friday at 8PM PDT. With it being the weekend, I hope that even though it'll be a late night we might still have people show up. We'll have to see.

DJSchinhofen - Twitch
Daniel Schinhofen - YouTube

Okay that wraps up everything I can think of. Have a great month, and stay safe out there.

Daniel Schinhofen

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March 2022

 Hey, we made it through February. Even if war has broken out in some parts of the world.

Okay so let's cover the news of books. Well first off, we didn't publish a book since the last blog, so nothing big to drop on you on that front. Which is bad, but also mean that the next book is coming that much sooner now.

The next book of course is Binding Words 8: Accorded Nobility. It's projected release date says April 1st. I know some of you have worried it is an April Fool's joke. Don't worry it's not. I can say the book will be out before April 1st, but I'm not sure how much earlier yet. My beta readers have enjoyed the book, so I have high hopes for you all enjoying it too. My proofer has to get through it, then it has to be compiled, and gone through for one final pass. So sometime this month it will be published. Probably later in the month, so don't start whacking F5 for a bit.

Now some of you are already thinking, well what comes next. The answer is Aether's Revival 5: Title to be determined. I started on writing it not too long ago, but I think it's a great book so far, yes, I'm biased. There's going to be tears in the book, possibly some laughs, and maybe some WTFs.

As for audio, because I know I have some audio only fans. Podium hasn't given me a firm date for AG8 yet. As soon as they do, I'll spread it around to all of you. They should get me a date in the near future, I hope. Now for those of us who adore Andie, she should be working on AR4 in March. She's finishing up one of Will's books right now, then has another book for an author that's been waiting far longer than mine. Then she'll be recording AR4. I believe once she hits AR4, she hits another one or two smaller books, then might hit another of mine again. But not positive, her schedule is hers. Do not bug her for more, she will get to them, and I think we'd all love to keep hearing her very talented voice producing the quality we've grown accustomed to.

In other news there are Luck's Voice shirts up for sale in the store. As always limited numbers and sizes, so if you really want one grab them quick. All of my shirts are single prints only. I don't make money on them folks, I make them for the diehard fans who absolutely want a piece of merch, that's all.

Staying with other news, the Live Chats have left Facebook. We'll be doing them on Twitch then sending the video to Youtube after a day or three. The number of problems from viewers was drastically cut down by the switch over, and we nearly doubled my highest view count during the first one. Twitch Mobile can be a bit...laggy at times so it's not perfect either, but it looked better overall.

The next live chat is going to be March 15th at 12Pm PDT. Let me help some that's 3 PM EST, or 8 PM UTC. And the one in April will be held on April 15th, aka Good Friday, at 8 PM PDT- 11 PM EST, or 4 AM UTC on the 16th. The Live chats are one of the few ways to grab a challenge coin. All you have to do is pop in, chat with us, and give me something to talk about, if you do, then your name goes in the random drawing list. Not a guarantee, but normally you end up with a 5%-10% chance to win.

I think that's it for the month. Next month I'll be able to post links of BW8 and talk about its release so that'll be nice. You know if we don't have a world war by then. I'll post links to other places to find me below.

Stay safe, the world hasn't stopped playing silly buggers yet,

Daniel Schinhofen

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

February 2022

 We made it to February, good.

A bit of personal news first. January saw me down for weeks after my trip with Covid. I struggled through the worst of it but have been feeling better the last few days. It did slow me up for a bit, brain fog is no joke to writing. Anyway, onto book news.

If you haven't heard yet Binding Words 7: Noble Solutions is out on audio. Andie had given us another great performance to tug on the heart and to make the blood boil.

In other audio news Andie will be tackling AR4 for me next. I think she'll do it in February, but not positive on that as January for her was filled with The Wandering Inn. We'll find out soon. LV3 audio will go after that, and then she'll be going in rotation.

As for book news well, Luck's Voice 4: Dangerous Gamble just hit the shelves a few days ago. Doc's continued story in Deep Gulch with the foes he has arrayed before him. People seem to be enjoying it, so I hope you do too.

Dangerous Gamble (Luck's Voice Book 4) - Kindle edition by Schinhofen, Daniel. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

That leaves me with my current writing which has been hampered as I said previously. I'm working on Binding Words 8: Accorded Nobility. I've loved the story to this point, and I'm sure most if not all of you will as well.

Since BW8 is the next book to be published Patreon has been getting the advanced chapters already. The reactions have been right along as I thought they would be. I can't wait to see how people feel as the chapters keep coming. For those who wish to see at least chapter one, which is open to the public. Here is the link.

Daniel Schinhofen is creating E-Books | Patreon

Once I wrap up BW8, I'll be moving onto AR5. I'm really looking forward to it. So much to do there, then again there's always so much to do it my books since they follow the characters.

I think that wraps up the update. I won't be taking trips anywhere for a few months at least, call me gun shy if you wish, but this linger sickness is bullshit. Unless something happens though I will be going to DragonCon still, too much networking and meeting of fans to do there to miss it.

Here's to hoping the year starts to improve.

Be safe out there.

Daniel Schinhofen

Saturday, January 1, 2022

January 2022

 Well, here we are, 2022...Can we have a good year, please?

Okay let's dig right in with what came before. Apocalypse Gates 8: One Nation, Under... was released. And we've set it aside for the foreseeable future. I hope you enjoyed it if you read it. I'm just going to drop the link here, just in case. One Nation, Under... (Apocalypse Gates Author's Cut Book 8)

December also saw Luck's Voice 2: Cashing In come out in audio format. Andie gave another mega performance with this one, but she always does. Audible screwed me by placing it erotica, and I'm still fighting with them over that. Maybe it'll be out of the erotica dungeon over there soon, or they'll deny my request He's the easy way to find the book currently:

That is the old what about the new, well, let's keep it in audio for the moment. Andie finished recording Binding Words 7: Noble Solutions, just before her Christmas break. It's in the hands of her proofer now. When I get it, I'll give it a going over, and then it'll be on to ACX. Maybe, if we're really lucky, we'll have it out later this month.

What else is coming up? Luck's Voice 4: Dangerous Gamble, is being edited. We're looking at mid-February currently for its release. I do try to get them out a little earlier through, so maybe we can move it up to early-February.

I know you'll all asking about what the rotation looks like now that AG is done. So, the rotation going forward is Luck's Voice, Binding Words, Aether's Revival, Dungeon Walkers. Some ask about when x book of y series is coming out. My rough estimate is always 6-8 months from the last book of y series. Is it entirely accurate, no, but it'll give you a rough ballpark.

I should mention that audio for AG8 is with Podium. They are working with Tess for it to get recorded. I do not have a solid date for this yet. Once they tell me, I can tell you. It will be done, but likely is late 1st quarter or sometime 2nd quarter.

I should totally mention, if you are reading this on the 1st, that I'm holding a Q&A on Facebook. The questions will mostly be pulled from the post I put up in December, but we might take live questions too. So if you want to see me answer more questions, come on over.

The normal monthly live chat is going to be held on the 16th at 10 AM Pacific time. For those who would like to win one of the challenge coins. Still being held on Facebook at this time.

Some of you are wondering what I'm working on right now. That's easy, BW8. Yup I'm digging back into Sean's life and seeing what he is doing. Should be fun considering the end of book 7. Time will tell.

That pretty much wraps up all the who, what, where, why, and how. I will mention that I am taking a small vacation to go see some old gaming friends. My old WoW buddies who live in Texas. If you've read Last Horizons, it's some of them. It's only a few days, so it won't delay anything. Haven't seen them in years and can't wait to meet up with them. Might see some posts about board games or BattleTech during the month because of that.

See you next month.

Daniel Schinhofen