Wednesday, September 4, 2019

September 2019

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay with the September blog but Dragoncon was right in the window of the normal release and I was a bit tied up.

Dragoncon was fun Discord is going to have the few photos I took. Well I can upload them to patreon too, so look for them there as well. I had an amazing dinner with a majority of my officer team, and hope that next year the others will be ale to come as well.

Onto the news about books. Let's start with audio. Biding Words 3 starts being recorded tomorrow as long as nothing goes FUBAR. That does mean the release of the audio is likely to be pushed back to the end of October or even into November. I'm okay with that as it means I get to keep Andrea Parsneau as narrator, but it does mean you all have to wait a bit longer, sorry. I'd suggest hoping over to her discord over the next few weeks and listening in as she narrates and finds the voices fot the characters. If you haven't done it yet, you'll get a better appreciation for all the hard work she puts into them.

Onto E-book news. Alpha World 8: Gamer for Love is looking at a September 15th release if nothing goes wrong. Both my editors were at Dragoncon as well so things got a little crazy with the editing schedule. We should be on track for the 15th though.

The next book to follow that is going to be Resurrection Quest 1. Chapters of that story are starting to appear on Patreon now. So if you want a sneak peak at the next series in the rotation this is your chance. I'll be looking at a mid October release for that book. Oh a note, Podium is under contract for the audio of RQ series. Something to look forward to.

Apocalypse Gates 5 will follow RQ1. It is waiting for the editors behind RQ1, and it's a book with two parts. I don't want to ruin any of it, but I think it was a fun book. No tentative date for that besides before the end of the year for now.

Binding Words 4 is currently being written and will be the first book in 2020. I'm already 60K+ into it and the story is coming along as I thought it would. You'll either love me or hate me, time will tell.

That about wraps up all the news on stories. Life is a bit hectic for me as I help my parents move houses, but they are getting ready for retirement and I owe them a lot for all they've done for me over the last forty-ish years. It shouldn't affect my production but thought you might like to know.

Until next month, may the road rise up to meet you,
Daniel Schinhofen