Saturday, November 9, 2019

Novemeber 2019 update

Two things...

AW8 audio is going to be released December 10th.


Just a quick note folks, the Apocalypse Gates series will be going on sale from the 17th to the 29th of November. Each book will be on sale in sequence for 3 days each. With the price climbing back to normal each day the book is on sale. Bonus news the UK versions will also be on sale.
AG1- 17th @0001 to 20th @0001
AG2- 20th @0001 to 23rd @0001
AG3- 23rd @0001 to 26th @0001
AG4- 26th @0001 to 29th@0001
If you haven't picked up the books yet this is a grand time to do it. It's the led up to releasing AG5 on December 5th or sooner.

Friday, November 1, 2019

November 2019

Holy fucking hell it's already November? Well guess I should update you'll on what the hell is going on with me and my books.

Okay so let's recap first:
October saw the release of Resurrection Quest 1: Greenways Goblins as an ebook, pssst the audio is with Podium. It also saw the relase of BW3: Hearthglen Audio. I'll drop the links here just incase they are needed.

Okay now some bad news, RQ1 isn't living up to expectations, so it very well might get the coveted 3rd rotation slot. I'm holding out hope, and I'll be writing the second one next, but right now it might be an occasional book release instead of twice a year. The reviews just aren't coming in, and some who say they are dedicated readers of mine have hammered it with low star reviews which hurt it more. We'll see how it goes from here.

At the moment I'm writing the first of a different series, which was slated to be my free slot, to see if people like the premise. If they do and it does well it'll take up the 3rd slot instead. Again, time will tell. It's a magic academy, wuxia mash-up, my alpha readers have said it has good world building, we will see how you'll like it.

Patreon right now is getting chapters of AG5, as that is my next book release looking at early December. Fun story but it's a bit different then what some might expect. I loved it and my editors are hard at work on it. Beta readers should get it around mid November so we can meet the goal of release.

BW4 is done, and waiting for the editors, for when they finish AG5. I loved writing this one, and I'm eager to see how you all like it. BW5 is going to be so much fun to write when I get there, but I have other books to write before then.

Other Patreon news, I've got a poll up over there about restructuring the tiers and rewards to give a bigger selection, but also ones that build up, so the more you support the more you get. A lot of feedback so far, but feel free to drop in and give me your views. Restructure won't happen until the new year, as I want to close out as we started the year.

Discord has been quiet and that makes me a little sad. I do giveaways there, so drop by say hi, and let's see if we can't make it a busier place. Also the mailing list is good, but I think more of you should join if you haven't. Not only do you get a exclusive short story, you will only get email when a new ebook or audio book comes out, for those who aren't as obsessive about checking the internet for releases it's a great way to go.

Okay I think that covers all the book related news. On non-book news, life has been kicking me for the last month plus, and looks like it's going to keep doing so for the short term at least. I'm keeping things going but same days, it's hard. Okay enough complaining from me.

I'll see you all next month,
Daniel Schinhofen