Friday, May 1, 2020

May 2020

This month had both drug, and flew by, for various reasons, but here we are in May of 2020.

Let's recap what might have been missed recently, first off Binding Words 4 audio...
It clocks in just shy of 15 hours of goodness, with Andie again narrating the story.

Apocalypse Gates 6: Can of worms is out in ebook and up for preorder on audio:

That's the big news from between the last blog and this one. I think it's pretty damned exciting. Now let's move onto new news.

The next book published will be Luck's Voice 1: Suited for Luck. It is my weird west gamelit series, it will feature harem and occasional explicit scenes. It's not your standard gunslinger western, the main character takes a different track for his new life. I really enjoyed writing this one, and so far my editors, alpha readers, and Patreons have all been enjoying it as well.
I'm currently looking at an early June release for it, though my stated date at the moment is June 15th, I'm fairly certain it'll be out before that.

I'm almost done writing Binding Words 5: Title TBD. It's been good, and well over 100k already, with at least 2 more chapters to go. It gets dark for a bit, gets sexy for a bit, and also gets bloody as well. I really hope you're all looking forward to some of what is coming. Speculation had been high on the Facebook fan page.

As soon as I finish writing BW5, I'll be going into Aether's Revival 2. Man am I looking forward to this one, and it looks like you are as well. Aether's was very well received which was a huge relief for me. So much to tell for that series, and I'm eager to sink my teeth back into it.

I know you're all wondering about audio for Aether's Revival 1 as well. Andrea is going to be recording it. Sadly, she got sick for a few weeks, possibly Covid-19 as it wrecked her voice while she was down. She's back up and running again though, and the book is slated to be worked on. She's currently narrating one of Arand's, plus Wandering Inn 2. When she wraps the Arand book she'll be fitting AR1 into that slot. Long story short, too late, it's coming just be patient with us please.

There's a giveaway on Patreon for Patrons to partake in. What's up for grabs you wonder. Just signed copies of physical books. If that's something that has your attention, you should go check it out.

This month is also the 2nd anniversary of me being a fulltime writer. I'll likely be doing a giveaway on Discord, and Facebook for that. Stay tuned there to find out the details.

And that is everything I can think of currently. Thank you all for taking the time to read this far down if you have. The next Facebook live chat will be held on May 16th @ 12 PM PST. That should give a lot of you a chance to be there.

Until next time, stay safe.
Daniel Schinhofen