Tuesday, December 1, 2020

December 2020

 We have reached December, amazing really considering everything going on.

Anyway let's get to the news, shall we?

Things that happened last month:

Luck's Voice 2: Cashing In, came out on the 25th. It was plastered in the usual areas, but I'm going to toss the links up here. It's been about a week and it's doing alright. Has over a hundred reviews already, and most of them positive. So thank you, if you were one of them. I'm looking forward to continuing my weird western in the future.

amazon.com/dp/B08P4BKYBT amazon.co.UK/dp/B08P4BKYBT amazon.de/dp/B08P4BKYBT amazon.ca/dp/B08P4BKYBT amazon.com.au/dp/B08P4BKYBT

What else has been going on? Well Binding Words 6: Lost Bonds, is nearly done being written, and the first chapter is up on Patreon for everyone to see, yes it is viewable by anyone. The preview chapters have started up as well for those who want more than just that first chapter. I'll be handing the book off to editors in a day or two and they will get hard to work on it. If you want to go read the chapter, here is the Patreon link:

Daniel Schinhofen is creating E-Books | Patreon

Hmm, what else might you be interested in? Maybe the fact that Andie has started recording BW5? She's cracking through it at a good clip too, even with all my rollcall chapters. If you want to hear a bit of the magic being made, I fully support you. And yes before you ask she is going to do LV1 soon as well. AR3 is slated for next year, so don't ask her. Here's the link to her discord, just be nice, or else...


Okay, we covered what just came out, what is coming out next, and audio in progress. Oh, Podium has AG7 for audio, I have no idea where that is, once they tell me I'll post about it in the usual places.

Hell, I think that's it. Maybe just a note that after AR3 I should be starting AG8...but it's not going to happen. I want to take a trip to see the places I'm going to cover in that book, and well travel right now is not in the cards. I'm hoping for a trip in March, but that's up in the air too. So where does that leave the schedule after AR3? Good question, I'm not certain yet. I won't finish AR3 until sometime in Janurary at the earliest. Which is a few months gap from when I think, hopefully, I'll be traveling. I could flip LV3 into that spot, and hope I can get the trip done and then hit AG8. But if that doesn't happen I might write the first book of the series to replace AG, and then just shove Ag into the schedule when I can after it.

TLDR; schedule in flux after AR3. I'll update once I know more.

And that's it folks. The next blog post is after this year ends. Say good bye to 2020, but that means we have to admit 20201...and read that out loud, it makes me laugh.

Daniel Schinhofen