Thursday, October 1, 2020

October 2020

 Goodness gracious, is it really already the month of Halloween? Well let's get to it before i have to write next months, as the months seem to sneak up on me awful quick.

Okay first news, Aether's Revival 2: Aether's Guard did amazingly well. My deepest thanks to all of you who read it, and enjoyed it. An extra special thanks if you left a review. I'm stoked that the series is doing so well, and am really looking forward to getting back to it when it comes up in rotation.

For those who missed it, a quick link for you: Aether's Revival 2: Aether's Guard.

The other news around that series is that AR1 audio came out, and Andie killed it, as she always does. I'm glad you all enjoy the bloopers at the end too. AR2 audio will also be done by Andie, but it's in a long queue, as Andie is in high demand, for good reason.

If you haven't gotten AR1 audio, here's a link: Aether's Revival 1: Aether's Blessing...Audio

Okay we've talked AR, what should we cover next? Maybe The next book to be coming out?

Apocalypse Gates 7: Unexpected Dev-elopments, will be coming out this month and not next. When this month is still not nailed down, as it's with the proofer right now, but before the end of the month, maybe even as soon as the middle of the month.

This one is different from the others in the series for a few reasons, but since that would be spoilers, I'll let you read it instead. I'm looking forward to hearing what you all thought of it. Also I'm looking at getting the series to a soft ending with the next book. I think it'll work out, and that is my current plan. it'll end with my plotted arc of what i thought of as the "America Tour". Hope you like the twists in this one.

I'll of course post in all the usual places when the book goes live. So just keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, or Patreon for news that the book is out. here are links to those handy places:

Since that book is almost out what am I working on now, you ask? Well it's the second book of Luck's Voice of course. I don't have a working title for LV2 yet, but the book is coming along nicely. Like many of my books it isn't packed with action, but man is the story moving along. I'm looking forward to how this one finishes, should be a blast. Estimated release for it is late December or early Janurary currently, but I do love to get them out before I say they should be ready.

Some of you are wondering about where the audio to LV1 is. The answer is Andie is going to do it, and she'll be working on it soon. Again, she is busy, and I'm willing to wait if it means getting her talented, dedicated voice to preform the book. So, for those who only do audio, I am sorry, but wouldn't you rather wait for the best?

With that said, there's only one series left to talk about and that is Binding Words. I've heard from you all about the cliffhanger, and I'll do my best not to do it again, at least not for book 6, but I can't promise it, as I'm never sure where the story will go until it's written. The good news is that I'll be working on BW6 as soon as I finish LV2.

I know 6 months is a long time for some, but compared to traditional author's I'm a speed machine, and even compared to a number of other indie's I'm still damned quick. maybe not as fast as some, but I don't try for speed, I try for story. I'm nearly chomping at the bit to get back to it, but every story gets it's time when it comes up, so no rushing what I'm working on, as they all need their special time.

To reiterate an above sentiment about audio for BW5. Andie is doing it, that kind of special magic takes time, and I'm going to give her all she needs.

Okay that covers all the series. Is there anything else to cover? Two things one of them author related and one not.
Author first: This month arks my 4th year as a published author. Damn it seems so long ago, and also like it was yesterday. October 3rd 2016, the date Last Horizon: Beta was published, and that was after six months of trying to edit it with no idea of how to do it. So thank you to all of you who are helping keep me going, 4 years strong so far, and I hope many more.

The second which is not author related but is gaming related. I play in a Battletech game on Tuesday nights. It features my artist, my bestfriend, the guy I called Millhouse in AG, an innocent bystander as he likes to be called, and myself. The five of us have been playing for a bit, but my bestfriend and Millhouse have been trying to get a YouTube channel going for their off-road stuff, and now also our battletech game. So if you want to see us move giant robots around a map and try to kill each other, take the link and watch the videos, and if you find them entertaining, maybe subscribe to their channel.
H&G Adventures

And that is everything for this month. I hope you all stay safe and we'll see you in November.
Stay safe,
Daniel Schinhofen