Monday, November 1, 2021

November 2021

 Holy shit, it's November already. The year crawls by and yet vanishes when I turn my back. Okay let's get to the reason you're all here.

Things of note, first Dungeon Walkers 2, went out mid October. The continued journey of Stern, Cyra, Trish, and of course Pawly, as they run dungeons and try to find more crew mates. I enjoyed fleshing out the characters more, adding in a bit more world lore, and brining new friends into the mix. For those who haven't grabbed it yet, here is a link.
Dungeon Walkers 2 - Kindle edition by Schinhofen, Daniel. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

Funnily enough Travis had a spot open up in his schedule right as I handed the book off to Mountain Dale Press. Which let him jump on recording it. Between his speed and MDP's in with ACX/Audible, well it's already out in audio too.

That covers what has come previously, let's jump into the now and future news.

Andie finished recording Aether's Revival 3: Magi's Path. I've finished proofing it, and given it back to her for corrections. Which means ACX/Audible will have it in a couple of days. If they don't faff about too much you might have it before the end of the month.

She has other books, for Will, and another author or two to still get through, but the next book of mine she gets to will be LV2. Mine in order for her will be LV2, BW7, AR4, LV3. I'm hoping she can crunch them all before Janurary, but we will see.

As for me, I'm hard at work on Apocalypse Gates 8: One Nation, Under... The cover art is done, and I'm well into the book already. Still slated for a December release, and Patreon is already getting preview chapters. This will be the soft end for AG, Alvin and his wives will get to a good place for the story to pause. It's the end of the America arc that I had in mind when I planned out the series. I hope you all love it.

When I finish with AG8, I'll be sliding into LV4. That will get me back to my 4 book rotation; LV, BW, AR, DW. And I am eager to give you more of each series. The stories for each are just waiting to get put down onto paper, as it were.

On an unrelated note, I have paid a couple of people to put work into the wiki for me. This should mean it'll start to become friendlier and more useful in the coming months. For those who've asked me for a place for character information, it's being worked on. I'll also remind those who use kindle, that I try to always use the X-ray feature in my books, well the last years books, so you can tap a name and get a small blurb about who they are. The wiki will be there for audio listeners, or anyone who has a 2nd device handy.

For the few of you who like to attend the live chats I'll be aiming for November 14th this month, at 2pm PST. I'll post the links as normal in Discord and Twitter on the day of. So if you want the chance at one of the Challenge coins, stop by, hang out, and ask me questions.

That about wraps it up for me. I hope you all have a safe and good month, see you in December.

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